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wild_native_sunflowerSo. You want to live forever. Don’t we all. Are you not content with existing in an infinite line from the beginning to the end of time? Are you not content, knowing you exist, timeless and technically indestructible, outside of the River of Time? Greedy little bastards, aren’t we?

Ooohhhh. You want your human flesh to continue for as long as possible. Well, that’s tricky. Life and Death, like every other paradox in the River of Time, must be resolved by standing in the center of its whirlwind of Truth and groking both sides of the conflict. It is like the Chariot card in tarot. You have the reins of two wild stallions wanting to go in two different directions. You can only win if you tame them both. You can only win if you can understand there is order in the center of all that Chaos.

What does that mean? It means you have to love Death wholeheartedly and without reservations as much as you love Life. It is the ultimate lesson of Zen, that you cannot truly live until you are truly unafraid of dying.

The overwhelming drive to live forever stems from the time sensitive contract you set for yourself before you passed through the veil and chose to be born human. You were born and all memory was erased except for one: You have something to do, something to learn, something to change and the clock is ticking. Tick tock tick tock.

Don’t panic. Usually, your very existence in the human reality well effects the change you meant to accomplish. Or perhaps you merely meant to witness and report home. You do what you meant to do, you accomplish what you came to accomplish, the clock runs out, and you go home. Back into the infinite Bliss of the ecstasy of the Oneverse, where things such as time and aloneness and separation do not exist. As simple as that. A sane being would not resist this transition. Most of the time, thankfully, this whole process does not require the individual to become self aware or sentient in the greater meaning of the word.

But what if you resist your contract? What if you forgot you who you really were? What if, at every juncture in the path of your life, you chose the path that led you further and further away from that moment when your mission is realized? The clock is still ticking, but the job is not done. You will go home, but I am thinking the reception will be less than celebratory. You don’t want to die with your mission undone. You know this will be a bad thing, because, as the clock ticks down to the end, you begin to remember other things from the life across the veil.

You remember that if you are not successful in this life, you will have to repeat the process again, in the next and the next. There you will stand, back at the starting line, with the memories of all the failed missions slipping through your fingers and fading into nothingness as you look down the long path you have walked over and over again. Your own failings will be as bitter as ash in your mouth, if you cannot learn from the past mistakes and accomplish something different this time. All that work for nothing.

But wait. There is still hope. There is a magic to this human life. You do not get one shot at success. You get many. Around every proverbial corner, an opportunity awaits. Grab it, get your shiat done, and go home, already, ferchristesake!

Still want to know how to live forever? Ok. Fine. But you are not going to like it. You have to figure out how to stay filled with the infinite bliss of the Oneverse. That means you have to let go of everything but that which is the manifestation of Light and Life and Love. That means you can never think a negative thought. That means you cannot invest your attention or your energy or your time in negative energy.

This is not impossible. It is just very, very difficult. It takes a lot of practice and an innate trust in your Higher Self. Try commuting during rush hour down a busy freeway in the state of joyful bliss. It is lovely and surreal and very magical but the logical part of your brain will want to crawl out your ear and cower in the back seat. Not for the faint of heart.

Death cannot find you in the Light. Decay only happens when you stop growing upwards, little sunflower.


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free-stuffSignWhen did we go from not valuing anything that is given away for free, to expecting, no wanting what is free and holding anything that we have to pay for as having “strings attached” or “having agendas”, the least of which is wanting to manipulate us into buying whatever it might be that they are selling?

Perhaps we have been disappointed too many times. Have we become jaded because the presents under the tree have, upon closer inspection, turned out to be illusions, the boxes more glittery paper and shiny bow, than substance? We open them up wishing for a brand new red wagon and find what is inside is merely a cardboard cut out of a red wagon. Merry Phreakin Xmas. Betrayed trust is trust never easily granted again.

On the other hand, perhaps we suddenly remembered that the Oneverse, the OneMother, the Gaia, all give “it” away for free, the only catch being we have to keep on growing, moving, evolving. Infinite power and abundance goes to those who are least afraid to listen to the song coming out of the Void, where all things exist as One.

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nymphsI find it curious that men of a certain age, when describing a break up, tend to shrug their shoulders and say “Well that’s life”, as if to say they were just victims of circumstance instead of ham handed actors in the play of their own life and that nothing they could have possibly done could have changed the outcome. Are they secretly apologizing for their own inadequacies, I wonder? Do they really blame “life” for making them emotionally broken? Or perhaps the truth is that they are cowards and to admit that would take an extreme amount of bravery, a personality trait that cowards do not seem to have. Hmmm. There is a paradox in there somewhere but I do not care enough to explore it.

Relationships fail for a lot of reasons but it is usually because people hedge their bets. How can you love a lover as a lover deserves to be loved if you have kept half of your heart safe and uncommitted.

Love is not a wading pool for children. It is a deep dark watery pit. You cannot dip a toe in and say you have loved.  You must step off into the deep and risk drowning, that is love.

Women should expect no less and demand the most, instead of settling on inadequate lovers. Your men get lazy if you set the bar too low.

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earth_mother1243016971….and if we are indeed, standing on the shore, looking off into the ocean of the cosmos, listening to the song of the Oneverse as it tugs at the core of our being, as it inflames our imaginations and drives the communal mind of our species to do seemingly incomprehensible things, one then wonders how, exactly, are we going to make it happen, this transformation.

would it not be much like any other birth, any other catalyzed reaction, any other step up the evolutionary awareness ladder? Would not the idea, the awareness, the energy start with one mote, one molecule, one individual in the colony of man? Are not stars born from the tiniest of sparks? The biggest explosions come from a single point of ignition.

But how do we know? How should we act? There are no play books, no instruction manuals for this life we call human. But wait. What is a prophet or a visionary or a dreamer or an artist but an apologist for the species’ transformation? Have they not already painted us a map? It is all there if we are willing to listen. What do they tell us, over and over again? That there is a Gatekeeper who holds the way forward open for us, a Mother who guards us in our vulnerable moments, a vessel in which change must initiate and gestate and birth itself, while safely tucked inside.

Every change needs a point where the Oneverse can walk in. A magical vessel that fills and fills until it bursts open to spill out. From this vessel a river flows that feeds the dormant seeds laying hidden in the parched ground of our malaise and discontent. The river gathers us up in a flood and flushes us through the doorway into the next place.

But the Gatekeeper is not without mercy and the Mother of our evolution does not wish us ill. The duty of the Gatekeeper is to create a bubble on the threshold of transformation. Within the bubble all things exist: Creation, the Oneverse, Nothingness, that which was, that which is, that which will be. It is a bubble in which all possibilities exist but in which there is only one possible outcome. We will walk through that door. That choice has been taken from you. Do not be afraid. The Mother would not toss her baby out into the world, all raw and fragile and tender. No. She holds you within the bubble of the Gate, showing you the past and promising you a future. She lets you dream, clinging to your old life while forging you in the fires that will prepare you for the next. Harsh but necessary. In the end, when the bubble bursts and you are spilled out into the mud of a new world, you will be prepared. A few wobbly steps, a moment of disorientation, but then you will be up and running, excited with the newness and entranced by the possibility of adventure.

Birth, of big things or small, of frogs or babies or stars, is a universal commonality.

Blessed be the Mother who has agreed to gestate this turbulent species called Human, that it might be born into a new day and a new place, with a new direction and a new point of view. It is she who will tell you your purpose, kiss you on your cheek and toss you out of the nest.

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life in the ashesIn the battle between Light and Dark, Good and Evil, and all the other dichotomus, divisive contention on this planet, Life always wins. This is a very useful thing to understand when you face an opponent.

To put it another way; the best place to stand within a paradox is at its center.

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samurai3I will paraphrase a recent pundit’s opinion piece, here, by repeating his conclusion: The current hysteria in the health care debate is not about not having access to medical care so much as it is about our fear of dying, dying alone, dying in agony, dying without drugs to ease the pain and the fear. We have convinced ourselves that going to a doctor is the only way to keep the grim reaper at bay.

Everyone’s solution seems to be “Well, lets just throw more money at the problem and maybe it will go away”. Hence a 1500 page bill in Congress to modify our current system and create another excuse to print more money.

Doctors and placebos have a lot in common. If I can convince you that the sugar pill (the placebo) I give you will make you live forever, then somewhere between 15% and 45% of the people who take it will, in fact, live forever, such is the power of the mind to change our physical reality.  Doctors, as titular heads of the health care system, have absconded with our inner healer, and now sit as final arbiters to our peace of mind when it comes to our body  and our minds. How is it that sixty seconds of conversation with a guy with a degree can make us feel better? Why do we give them so much power, when they do so little for us?

Perhaps the solution to the health care problem or the lack thereof is to reintroduce the idea of an Inner Healer.

Let’s start:

Dealing with death: You exist. You have existed, in one form or another, since the Oneverse exploded into being. You will exist, in one form or another, until the last star gutters and goes out at the end of time. This is a very, very long time and you will have a whole lot of fun along the way. That you have chosen to enter the Earth School and animate a human body is pretty cool, but it is not the end of your journey through space/time. Do not cling to this place. Do not seek death, but do not cling overlong to a life you have finished living. As with any school, the lessons learned here must be taken out into the greater whole of life and passed on.  In Earth School, death is our greatest teacher. Live fiercely and die with grace. This is the way of the warrior.

Now that we have put the fear of death to bed, let’s take the next step. Staying healthy. What the placebo effect tells us is that our minds are our final arbiter of what is real and what is not. Your body is clay, your mind is the tool that shapes it. Fear destroys that mind/body connection. First. Fear nothing. Next. Listen.

Listening: First time listeners have a hard time with this. Sit somewhere quiet, turn off your left brain, access the right brain and listen for the song of the Oneverse (It helps to be a little high the first couple of times, hence the popularity of medical marijuana. Psilosybin works as well, but only if you are hard of hearing, metaphorically speaking). The song is all around you, so this part is not hard. Now listen for the song inside your body. This can be hard if you live a toxic lifestyle. Until you have cleansed yourself of fear and jealousy and lust for things that are not good for you, your internal song with be the song of dark chaos. This is the song of death. You will be able to hear your body dying. Uck! Not fun.

Breaking down the walls: How do we get rid of the song of chaos? Hmmm. Outside the wall you have built around yourself is the wholeness of the Oneverse. Inside is fear and dark death. We need to bring the Oneverse inside to wash out the dark chaos. This sounds simple. It can be very hard. You love your walls. Your walls have kept you safe. Bad things want to eat you, outside those walls, you think. Well, yes, but you are stronger and more powerful than those bad things. You built the walls as a temporary shield while you learned the ropes here in Earth School. But you are grown now. The walls must come down if you are to do what you intended yourself to do when you first contracted to come here. You must hear the Song of the Oneverse if this is to happen.

What happens when you listen to the song? See it in your mind’s eye? The Oneverse becomes whole and continuous, the threads of it running through you, touching all of reality.  You become aware of your connection to everything. Grok this. You are as powerful as that which you can grok. This is the way of the warrior.

Once you have grokked the Oneverse, you will be able to listen to the human body you use as avatar. It will tell you many things. What to eat. What to drink. When to play. When to make love. When to sleep. It will even tell you when you are having toxic thoughts. Watch young children. They have this ability but lose it as society beats them into a different shape. Do what your inner child tells you. You will make mistakes, at first. Don’t worry. It is very forgiving, this human clay. You can use it roughly and put it away wet and it will heal itself, because you believe it will and because you are listening to it, thereby placing the light of your awareness and your good intention where light needs to shine. Shine that light into all your dark corners. Ever so slowly, those places will heal.

Staying healthy: Think non-toxic thoughts. This is also a little tricky. Sort of like walking a long narrow path with a sheer cliff on one side. I could tell you to never look at the edge, never see the drop into oblivion, and your mind, being a creature of attention and intention, will follow your eyes to the edge and start gibbering about falling to your death. You have to force yourself, train yourself to see only the path. Force your eyes and your mind into seeing the positive and the constructive. That does not mean you are not aware of the danger. You are. But you let that danger hang off on the edge of knowing, trusting that if you keep your mind pointed in the place you want to go, you will get there.

In modern society, that means you must stop listening to the Chicken Littles and the Fear Mongers. You have to divorce yourself from people and organizations that lay blame or induce guilt. You have to shed the institutions that nurture your fear and powerlessness. All these people are busy shouting “Look out, the cliff is right there, you are going to fall, stop, turn back, be afraid, be very afraid, here, give me your money, close your eyes, I will lead you down the path.”

With your eyes closed, your safety is just an illusion. And can you really trust someone else to guide your feet safely down the path? Recent events have proved that no one can be trusted to take care of your vested interests except yourself. No one sees your path as well as you. No one knows your heart and your soul and your body as well as you. No one loves your life as much as you. You must become aware. You must keep your eyes open. You must keep your mind open. Self actualize. Self educate. Self care.

You have a path. Your path. No one can tell you how to make your journey. Let no one stand in your way, those who would tell you it is unwise or unsafe or unholy or unjust. No one can be the arbiter of your journey but you. Ignore the rules and laws that keep you from that journey. There are higher rules and only one law. That of the Oneverse.

Would a warrior, living a warrior’s life, give his sword to another? No. Neither would he allow anyone to fight his battle for him.

Remember. Most importantly. No fear.

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