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if we truly wanted to change the status quo, if we recognized that the system we lived in was irreparably flawed, if we wanted to shift this crazy world into the next level of understanding, we would seek to live in a matriarchal society in which women as well as men could self actualize, embracing the power of their true selves. If we lived in a truly matriarchal society, there would be separate laws governing men and women. In fact, right now, if we wanted to shift the consciousness of our civilization, there are a few easy steps we could take.

Rule of Law

First: Recognize that all laws are laws made by men to govern the behavior of men and that none of these laws actually pertain to the female consciousness. Separate out the women offenders from the male offenders. create a court system separate and unconnected to the male law system. (akin to Juvenile Court)

Second: Recognize that women who deviate from the social order do so for very profound reasons and therefore must be judged, not by an arbitrary set of rules, but by female peers who understand how her heart has been broken and her soul has been shattered, a wounding that has backed her into a physical, emotional and psychic corner from which her only course of action is violence against society in the form of violence against herself or another individual.

Women’s Court would not have judges and lawyers. Women offenders would have advocates. Instead of judges, there would be a panel of wise women. Elder women in service to their community would volunteer to sit on these tribunals and decide the best course of action that would facilitate the healing of the broken and injured women who come before them.

Prostitution would be legal, going back to the honored profession it once was. Prostitutes would be set free with a cautionary warning to get regular medical check ups and to report abusive male behavior to the proper authorities and encouraged to take a small business course. (I see a Prostitution Guild with a universal database of costumers. ID cards for johns would enable blacklisting the offending males. they would have to appear before the Women’s Tribunal to get reinstated. But that is another article….)

Thieves would be either allowed to make restitution and appointed a mentor or placed in educational classes that would teach job skills, business skills, and be asked to join a neighborhood cooperative of women who were facilitating female run businesses, daycare and elder care, education, etc.

Assaults and Murderers would have to be weighed on a case by case basis. Some people deserve killing. Some people deserve to be killed by the people who they have tortured the most. Such volcanic episodes in women are singular events, therefore there is no reason to lock such a person up for the rest of her life. the person who has done her wrong is now dead. So too with euthanasia and mercy killings. Women, after all, must be the final arbiter of their own population control. It would even be conceivable that the Women’s Tribunal would sanction such killings. (yes, women, left to their own devices can be ruthlessly pragmatic, which is why men are frightened to death by these ideas and which is also why the last matriarchy was wiped off the planet thousands of years ago. the idea of culling for the common good appalls them.)

There would, of course, be no prisons for women. (prisons are a crime against the OneMother, after all.) There would be no walls, no soul destroying jobs, no male guards to remind her of the system of male dominance that is responsible for the tortured state of her soul. For the truly shattered women, there would be self supporting communal farms maintained by a core group of Elder Women volunteers. The fences would be to keep the men out, not to keep the women in.

No men would be allowed in without a two member escort. Inside these compounds, a broken woman would be given space and time to breath free. She would get a room of her own in which to meditate, a place to bring her children when she was ready, a daily routine of exercise, meals and food preparation, laundry, child care, gardening, farming, animal husbandry. She would be given one thing to nurture, whether it be plant or animal and be tasked with keeping it alive and helping it thrive. She would be outside in the sun, under the sky, watching things grow, every single day. she would get touch therapy to bring her back into her body. she would be taught to enjoy her body and thereby learn to enjoy the planet that birthed it. she would be encouraged to find one beautiful thing every day to love.

Through communal interaction, she would be encouraged to find the strength to delve into her past history, learn from her past choices and encouraged to make healthy choices in the future. She would be encouraged to find an identity that was not defined by others. (ie. you are not someone’s girlfriend, mother, wife, employee. You are not your body or your sexuality or your politics. you are not defined by the things that you own that own you. you are a sentient being with point and purpose who deserves to be happy.)

She would be given a piece of cloth or a piece of yarn or a hunk of clay or a piece of paper and encouraged to create something beautiful.

She would receive a proportional part of any profit of the farm accrued during her stay. She could choose to stay forever and help. She could choose to stay until her heart was healed and she had acquired the skills to survive outside, away from the safety of a women’s company.

for the women who, after all this nurturing love, could not find her true self again, well….did I not say the Women’s Tribunals would have to be ruthlessly pragmatic? They, more than any other force on the planet, would be responsible for the common good.

and who knows, perhaps men could learn by example and create a Men’s Country in which all men were encouraged to self actualized. One can only imagine the delights of mind and flesh that could be created, there at the border between countries.


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does the worm on the hook think about the process of fishing? Is it conscious of being part of the grand scheme of the fisherman to catch his dinner? Does he think about acting the part of a desperate worm trying not to drown?

I think not. The worm is a worm. the hook is truly sunk into its guts and the air is running thin in its blood. The need to escape is all-consuming.

such, sometimes, is the lot of those who move the agenda of the Uberconsciousness, the Onemind, forward, along the path intended.  the worm has no possible way of understanding his part in the greater process, a bit part in the drama between fish and fisherman, hunter and prey.

sigh. but this is no comfort, is it, when the times are troubled and the earth beneath your feet shakes you to your knees.

but then again, the fish and the fisherman are not any less compelled. there will always be hunters and there will always be prey who throw themselves upon the hunter’s arrow.  How else can the world continue?

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evolution, especially in the planet’s oceans, has always been about an arms race. the fossil records are full of the things of nightmare. it is a record of stimulus/response. Big teeth created heavier armor created bigger teeth. Increased size created bigger predators created even larger prey created social hunting created gargantuan plankton eaters. when the limits of teeth and speed and size were reached, they went into jungle warfare. Camouflage and stealth replaced the brutish and mindless.

some say the first fin turned into a forelimb so that the fleeing prey species might retreat to the shallows and then retreat even further up onto the muddy bank. (I, personally, don’t buy that. the fossil they have run up the flagpole as an example has forward and upward pointing eyes. Predatorial traits. I think the first land animal happened because something with teeth got tired of waiting for all those fat, juicy bugs to come flying over the water and got proactive. Why, I wonder, is everyone so afraid of pointing out the fact that our ancestors were part of the food chain, and therefore very good hunters? why are we afraid of our ancestral teeth?)

in the modern oceans of today, the finest killers are those who have extended their senses beyond the mundane five. they can hunt in the dark and see under sand and mud.


what if…..

what if that was not the end of the finesse of nature. what if, not wanting to be found, one could go one step beyond camouflage and use your neurology to produce the illusion of “not there”? Does the elk calf, frozen in the tall grass, close its eyes and think “nothing” thoughts as hard as it can?

what if…..

not being satisfied with a bio-luminescence lure in the deep dark oceans, the angler fish began thinking “food” thoughts as hard as it could, sucking in the prey that heard the psychic lure?

what if….

a wary fish stuck somewhere in the middle of the eat-or-be-eaten ladder needed to make sure the thing it was about to strike was actually what it appeared to be and not something far more menacing with a bigger set of teeth and an endlessly expanding stomach?

what if….

that muddy fish with the rudimentary forelimbs crawled out of the seas with a fully developed psychic sense about what things were beyond the illusion of sight and smell?

what if….

humans did not descend from trees but being predators with big teeth hunting in the high grass, rose up on two legs and developed thumbs that they might more successfully hunt and kill the prey we have been pursuing across billions and billions of years of planet history.

what if….

what it is to be human is not as nice as we would all like to think?

what if….

the human species woke up one day and remembered who they were, shook off our docile sheep’s clothing, and took back the power and the responsibility that entails, of being human.

this is not as far fetched as one would believe. After all, we have the ability to control our brain chemistry. We also control the DNA triggers that control our physiology. To what extent is still undetermined.

but what if…..

you were truly limitless and history, even prehistoric history, did not control who you are? could you not become anything you wanted, if you thought it hard enough?

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