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When the Great Alien Overlord, or the Wyrm inside your gut, or the parasite sucking the light out of your life

begins to nibble on the edges of your soul

what was once an exercise in philosophy becomes a very personal

life and death struggle

do not listen to the old voices for advice

there is no sin that requires this much suffering

there is no crime that cannot be forgiven

there is no disease that cannot be cured.


is just a reminder

that the world pushes too hard

in places you wish to call your own

take out your sword or your staff or your frying pan

and beat them back

Even shadows

will respect your boundaries.

Shout your defiance.

you are a sword

in the hands of the Oneverse

whose edge can make even time and space



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Merlin, it is said, kept a journal in which he noted all his explorations in the arcane and the occult. It was called The Book of Shadows. Whether you believe Merlin to be fact, myth or legend is not important, here. What is interesting is the title. What would be considered by others to be a recipe book to power and greatness, was, to Merlin, or to the inventors of Merlin, a written account describing, measuring, and quantifying the ineffable.

Walking around corners, into other dimensions, using all the powers of your right brain and your Uber-etheric self, you stumble upon the most amazing things. Profound wisdom. Simple truths. Unsolvable conundrums. You walk into the heart of the OneParadox and are destroyed and remade by it. Earth shattering, profound insight is yours for the taking. You grok all this with all the powers of your pristinely beautiful, diamond faceted left brain. Knowing becomes an act of Creation.

Then you try to describe this experience, try to pass on that wisdom, try to explain why everything is just so damned cool,….. and things come to a crashing halt.

It is nearly impossible to describe a pan-dimensionless concept in a language invented to describe a three dimensional planet full of three dimensional humans whose senses were meant to grasp the tangible.

It is as if you held in your hand one of those insanely intricate 3D solids, the ones so complicated they need computers to aid in their design. Shine a light on the solid from any one of one, two or three directions and the light turns a tortured lump of matter into a magical shadow dancer. (The solid becomes insanely complex with the addition of every image. Three seems to be a limiting number.)

What are you smiling about, you ask. I speak. You say, oh, yeah, I understand, pointing out the shadow of the lion. I say, no, no, you are only seeing part of the picture. Here, let me shine the light from a different direction. Ohhh, you say. Now I see it. It’s a lamb. I sigh. Let me try one more time, I say. Wow, you say. That is amazing. Now I see a bunny. Cool trick. Do another one.


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Does the caterpillar

have Armageddon dreams

as the crystalline walls

encase its transformation?

Or is it awake

as the mushroom clouds of change


turning its flesh to jelly?

Can you rest so easy

in Eden’s idyllic embrace

once you hear

the chrysalis screams?

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Let’s pretend. Let’s pretend that you have stepped through the door and embraced your own evolution.

So, there you are, looking about you, at this place you used to call home, with your new and improved eyes, with your evolved perception of what is real, and you shake your head. How did it get this bad? Where did it all go wrong? How can I fix what appears to be patently unfix-able?

Well, the answer to that questions is problematic, (paradoxical, if you will).

We are like a snake having just shed our skin. Exhausted. Cranky. Soft skinned and overly sensitive. Just plain pissed off and not sure who to blame.

We’ve been slithering along thinking we had learned to accommodate a skin that pinched under the arms and stretched tight over our ass, making us look fat, thinking we could learn to live with just about anything, even this, when, damn, our nose starts peeling and everything starts coming loose all at once and there is nothing to be done but hook the loose bits into something solid so we can work our way free. A wise snake slithers free and never looks back.

But we are humans, not snakes. We think we need to look back, to understand why.

So we turn and look. There it lies, that empty skin, along with any tick or parasite that we happened to pick up along the journey, and we think, wow, what is that? That looks nothing like me. Why did I resist the change for so long?

That’s the healthy response.

But some of us want to cling to the old form of being. The ones who are good at denial and self delusion try to wiggle back into the skin, to no avail. Perhaps we gather it up, staple it back together, and duct tape it back on, hoping no one will notice the frayed edges and the new skin peaking out. When that does not work, we get angry at the skin. Stupid skin, getting all small and constraining. Why couldn’t it keep on doing what it was meant to do?

There are those who say that humans seek their own demise, that all our behaviors, no matter what the intent, take us inevitably towards that point of dissolution between snake and skin. Negative labels are applied this inevitable change, because all change is bad. Right? Right? They point fingers at the corrupt and dysfunctional institutions and social systems as the cause of this change. They say the belief in Armageddon becomes a self fulfilling prophesy, ensuring that we are doomed to the future that we fear the most.

Perhaps it would be better to think the opposite. Perhaps it is the tick tock clock of our own evolution that has caused the failure of the social order. If you look around and discover that things have ceased to serve their function, rejoice. The change is upon you.

In the face of epic change, let the broke stay broke. Trying to fix the unfix-able only postpones the inevitable outcome.

Be the snake. Slither free and don’t look back.

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Humans are not slime mold although we at times pretend we are and play a very vicious economic game of, not survival of the fittest, but survival of the single spore in one last desperate tactical move to insure against extinction. How that plays out in the current economic system is very easy to see. A very few individuals contain and control all of the abundance. In the primitive thinking of the slime mold mind, which is the mode heavily testosterone poisoned brains seem to function in, everyone puts all their chips in the pot and calls “All In” and only one person walks away with money in their pocket.

This is not a healthy economic system. Nor is it survivable. Intuitively, instinctively we know this. We abhor the obscenely wealthy, not because of jealousy or avarice or covetousness but because we are connected to the human hive mind in which all things are valued in relationship to the health of the whole organism. It is a state of intuitive understanding that is hardwired into every human (and exploited and subverted by the charlatans and the con men). Wealth hoarded by the King Midas-like money barons, locked away in useless objects whose value lays only in the fact that people with money have created a value system for them, is not money that is accessible to the greater whole nor adding to the greater good.

Abundance is a river. It must flow unfettered else it dies a putrid death in the pockets of those who cling to it for unhealthy reasons.

The god of money, the deva of human abundance, does not want to be a bad guy. We just made him that way.

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Knowing all this (see below), knowing that the human brain is an ever evolving instrument of change; knowing that the human species is divided into three basic camps locked in a mortal battle for control of the planet; knowing that the last 10,000 years of evolution has had a direction and a purpose and trusting that it will not end in ignoble extinction, knowing that you stand upon the threshold of a new way of perceiving and are about to step up into a higher state of awareness; knowing all this, one then asks, so what? What does that mean to the average ordinary guy on the street?

It is about choosing. It has always been about choosing.

Here is an ananogy: You walk into a room, a room you have been in a thousand times before, familiar to you as your own heartbeat. Someone takes your candle away and turns on the lights, lights that, until that moment, you were not aware existed. Light floods the room, filling up even the shadowy corners, illuminating all the cockroaches and spiders, and silverfish and slugs and mice and rats and bats that have been hiding there. They scatter, seeking the dark. They are not gone. They have just hidden themselves a little better.

You stand there shaking, horrified that what you thought was just the ordinary background noise of your room had, in fact, been the dry rasp of wings and the soft clicks of claws. The bad things, the monsters under the bed, the ghouls in the closets are now part of your awareness. What do you do? What do you do?

Take the karma quiz (see below). The choices are very much the same.

A) Do nothing. Turn out the lights using whatever means necessary and convince yourself that the dark whispering in the corners is just the wind. Pretend you never saw what you know you saw.

B) Go find your biggest, heaviest stomping boots and go critter hunting.

C) Start a business selling cockroach killer to Group B, but breed an uber cockroach that is resistant to your spray to insure a long and lucrative market for your product. Then start another business selling products to help Group A stay blind and deaf but remind them in a vague and sinister way that one should be afraid of the dark.  There is a market for anything, they say.

Let’s take that analogy one step further.  Now that the lights are on and everyone has assessed the situation and figured out how they want to solve it and joined whatever camp they are most comfortable with, the conflict arises.

Group A wants everyone to act like the lights are still off. They deny the existence of the critters in the shadows but at the same time insist that you not dust under the bed or sweep the cobwebs out of the corners for fear of disturbing the very things they insist do not exist, (Denial. Schizophrenic vapor lock of the mind) or even worse still, believing that they are meant to be prey to these predators by some inscrutable cosmic design, they accept their victimhood, encouraging everyone to do the same.

Group B is busy designing better stomping boots and has a light in development that can shine through walls. (resisting group A’s attempts to tie pillows to thier feet and group C’s attempts to steal the boots, claiming patent infringement.) They are also busy sweeping up the rat droppings and wiping cockroach poop off the walls. The room was dark for a very, very long time, after all.

Group C protests that a guy has to make a living, as they pass legislation that makes it a criminal offense not to buy their products.  OMG, are those antennae growing out of the tops of their heads and why does the sound of insect wings fill the air when they rub their hands together in anticipation of their profits?

The lights are on. Look around. What do you think needs doing? It’s like “roommate rules”. If you see a mess, clean it up. Don’t wait around for someone else to do it because if they cared enough to clean it up, it would be done already.

Did that answer your question?

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There are three kinds of people. Here is a simple test to tell which one you are:
an 80 yr old blind dude is walking down the street. Nobody else is looking. Should you
A) ignore him. life is hard but shit happens. (neutral karma)
B) ask him is he needs help and offer assistance. Life is hard and you hope that good deeds get paid forward. (positive karma)
C) sneak up behind him, knock him down, steal his wallet, and kick him in the head as you leave. It’s a dog eat dog world and you deserve anything you can take by wit, guile or force. (Hedge Fund Managers)

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