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There is a new definition making the rounds in the psychology circles. It seems we are WEIRD. (Western Educated Industrial Rich Democratic)  96% of modern psychological theories are based on studies taken exclusively from a test group that comprises only 12% of the world’s population. (of which 68% of them were American and of those American subjects 67% are psychology undergraduates.)

Hmmmm. Is that sort of like having the pharmaceutical companies do all their testing on young white males in order to ameliorate those broad swings in data samples from people who might have a different physiology? Goodness. How surprising.

Of course, as usual, not understanding the results and not having redone any of the studies using a broader spectrum of the human population, they attribute the divergent results to the oddest of things like living in environments full of 90 degree angles.


Let’s break it down:

Western is just a euphemism for the white Anglo-Saxon powered elite and those who believe they belong somewhere in the hierarchy of this exclusive club. (Western. The word is so twentieth century. Why has it not died the death it deserves? We are so painfully politically correct its amazing we can relax enough to take a crap.) There are those who believe they deserve to live in their shining ivory towers while the peasants toil for them out beyond the barbed wire fences in places so far away they cannot find them on any map, in lands full of people whose skin color is different, whose dress and language and customs vary so radically different from their own that it is easy to view their short, tragic lives in an aloof and passionless manner and it becomes almost impossible for them to understand that choices made in high places reverberate around the planet with dire consequences in the most out of the way places.  The internet, having torn down the barbed wire and infected the minds of all those little brown people, has made this idea seem ever so quaint. The human species is becoming borderless.

Education controls family size, parenting skills and the belief in science instead of faith. Education also connotes the unfortunate result of modern education, that is, the compartmentalization of the human persona, thus giving us all sorts of conundrums such as engineering without art, art without divine spark, and human resource departments without compassion for humanity. Again, a quaint twentieth century concept. This is the information age. One is hard pressed to find a place where one is not ‘connected’ 24/7. Educated is rapidly being replaced with informed.

Industrialization led to production lines, standardization, and uniformity. We designed cities and work places and factories to maximize the process instead of the people and then shoved all us wibbly-wobbly humans into all those little square holes and forced us to conform. As horrific as this might seem, they were mere lightweights when compared to the agenda of our new corporate overlords.  Normal is being redefined every day to exclude more and more of the vagaries of human existence. Is it laziness or just the hidden Ebeneezer Scrooges at the heart of our corporate empires who finds it easier to declare a certain standard “normal” and then force people to meet the impossibility of it, instead of designing a system that is organic, malleable, free flowing, and creative into which all of humanity can fit and function while still holding on to their uniqueness? Thank all the gods that this business model is being ground into dust by the current economic downturn. Human friendly companies will rise from the ashes of this upheaval like the proverbial phoenix and rewrite human destiny.

Rich leads one to consider how diet affects brain development. Rich also alters one view of abundance. For some, not only is the glass is half empty, but winter is coming and there will be nothing to feed the babies. For others the glass is half full, but the check is in the mail and papa has a good job so there is nothing to worry about. Abundance is such a relative thing. Who has more? The baby who is born on the high steppes of Mongolia who is adored and loved and protected within a tight family group, who never lacks for food because the tribe, through diligence and hard work, makes sure no one goes hungry, who has friends and pets and a blue sky over her head. Or. The baby born to a wealthy family in New York, who has a nanny and a house keeper and a cook and a chauffeur and private tutors and private schools and friends handpicked from the best of the other wealthy families, none of whom actually love it, and whose every waking hour is mapped out for the next twenty years and who must make an appointment to have the briefest of interactions with a parent who has forgotten that children are not status symbols or accessories or mindless adornments. Ten years of horrific reality TV has taught us that Rich people really do suck and that abundance is a state of mind.

Democratic. Sigh. Really? Have we not killed that illusion dead, yet? Have we not yanked the curtain back and revealed the man behind the curtain pushing all the buttons. Fairy tales are for children who are not quite ready to face reality. The world has come to despise political ideologies and we are abandoning them with the same distaste as we did with the theocracies they replaced. What should we call this thing that is replacing them? How about The Human Hive.

The scientist behind the WEIRD concept would have you believe the old studies are invalid because of the lack of diversity in the test subjects. I would argue that the entire field of psychology is suspect because the human organism no longer bears any resemblance to those quaint old days before the internet, before the information age, before 8 billion people found themselves crammed cheek to jowl on a planet that groans under the weight of human need, and that if you plunked yourself down at random any where on the planet and started asking questions, you would find that the human species has grown far more unified than anyone thought possible and that species evolution is just a matter of changing to fill a niche and exploit a newly discovered resource called the human mind.

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I did an energy adjustment on someone the other day and an observer commented afterward saying “Oh, thank goodness you can’t read me. You need my permission before you go inside my head, right?”


Empaths do not abide by some arcane code like fictional vampires. You cannot ward us off with wooden crosses. We do not need permission to cross your psychic threshold. (Nor do any energy beings, light or dark, good or bad. Unless you have actively drawn a line in the ethereal sand around yourself or your house or your possessions, or invoked some sort of protector spirit, you are fair game to any stray being who might wander by and think it needs a midnight snack.)

The amusing part about the conversation was that the person saying those words was broadcasting such achingly negative energy that it was literally impossible to ignore, having just opened up all the doors in my head to do the reading.

People, totally unconsciously and without malicious intent, broadcast who they are and what they are feeling out into the universe.  We are hardwired to do this. It is encoded in our genes to ensure our survival as a species. Everyone, from the moment they are born, sings their song into the vast watery depths of the human hive mind, thus adding their signature sound to the incredibly complicated song that already exists. This personal song is like a great sticky wave that precedes the individual into the future and lingers behind them in the past like a stink that cannot be washed off.

Most healthy people, thankfully, are totally unaware of this except in the deep subconscious of the lizard brain and go about their lives blissfully unaware of the behind the scenes plumbing of their everyday lives. (and, as in the plumbing analogy, no one bothers to think about what happens when the toilet flushes until it backs up and overflows)

An adept empath must learn to block this energy in order to stay healthy in all the levels of her existence.

The first thing every empath does upon entering into a room in which she plans on spending any length of time is to test the etheric air and scrub off the stink left by negative songs full of hate and rage and fear and greed. (That would be her, the one wandering around the room, touching walls and furniture at random, looking a little distracted.)

After that, there are two ways to approach the problem of etheric protection. One can build etheric walls and/or psychic armor. (Effective for creating an oasis within the human chaos but it must be reinforced regularly and is subject to failure through malicious attack, both on the physical plane and on the etheric level and requires constant vigilance.) The risk is that you can literally build your walls too well. One must not disconnect totally from the human network. We are a herd animal. Isolated from our herd we become like the solitary male elephant: Proddy and subject to fits of insanity. A house sealed against the outside world is uncomfortable to be in, even for the most unconscious and un-sensitive people, who have no claims to being even slightly psychic.

The other way to approach the problem of keeping out unwanted energies is called a ward. Think of it as mosquito repellent. Knowing that intense emotions and psychic energies linger long after a person has left, a person can mark her person and her territory psychically using her will and the energy of the Oneverse. Intent is everything. You merely infuse yourself and your vicinity with the highest energy possible. It becomes a bubble through which anyone can pass who has benign intent while repelling any negative energies that might be associated with them but it also becomes a leg trap, catching up invasive energies and sucking them away into the infinite pattern of the Oneverse.

When an empath agrees to let you into her life, your diffuse wave becomes a focused thread between you and her. (Again, intent is everything. One must consciously severe this connection for it to go away.) It is her boundaries and her threshold that controls the exchange of energies. An empath can literally hear you coming down the time-line towards her for days and days. By the time you actually meet face to face it will seem rather anticlimactic for her, as  she will have been warding and cleansing and shifting energy for quite some time.

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Is is not curious that in a world where predators and parasites have hijacked our social systems, where toxic capitalism is the norm and not the aberration, where the nanny state is hell bent on making sure everyone is treated as equals by making sure no one can excel beyond mediocre, that something as benign as altruism can be viewed with such hostility?

Why is it that love, given without strings, unconditionally, and with an open heart, seems to frighten even the fiercest of warriors?

Some would tell you that perfection, in any realm of human endeavor, manifest and modeled by those who are divinely inspired, cannot be admired nor celebrated, because it makes everyone else seem less perfect by comparison. Guilt at not being better, shame for not trying harder, jealousy of the admiration focused on a single individual seem to be the reasons given for the unreasonable rage felt towards these individuals.

And lo and behold, through the magic of the acid tongued wit of the nihilist, whose words can make ‘up’ seem like ‘down’ and ‘white’ seem like ‘black’, there is a language for those we wish to denigrate. Do gooder. Attention Whore. Feel good junkie.

Beware toxic language. It can turn even the greatest of heroes, held up as a shining example to the ordinary human,  into a Don Quixote, a figure to be pitied.

To give you some perspective on how the climate has changed in regards to altruism, one need only imagine Jesus casting himself in front of the double engined train of politics and religion in the world of today.

(Was not Jesus handed over to the Romans, not because he dared to encourage people to find their own divine spark, but because he dared to challenge the status quo and point out that those whose job it was to serve humanity were instead busy making service, both civil and religious, a profiteering enterprise? Do not bother quoting the bible to me. History is written by the victors and the Christian and Hebrew bibles are a perfect example of this. The popes of Rome, well on their way to becoming the largest holder of wealth on the planet, could ill afford a figurehead who was more political rabble-rouser than magical demigod. They needed a bible that kept the downtrodden complacent, not a manual on civil disobedience.)

Imagine someone approaching you on the street tomorrow, declaring “Bob (or Barb…a modern day Jesus could very well be female) died for your sins.”

Let’s be honest. Your initial reaction would be, “F*ck that! Who the h*ll asked him to? Who does he think he is? I don’t need saving. What makes him think I need saving? Well, if he wants me to be grateful or say thank you, he can just suck my d*ck!”

My, my. What angry little children, (even though one one must admire the healthy skepticism as it is the mark of true sentience.)

Let’s pretend that the only memories you have are the ones that start after your human birth. You probably do not remember your mother looking into your eyes for the first time. This moment is the first act of true altruism you would have experienced. You see, inside her head, she was saying something like this: “Holy crap! Who the h*ll thought up this whole birth thing! Squeezing something the size of a large grapefruit out through my pelvic bones, fergawdsake! What is this thing they are handing me? That can’t be my baby! Its all covered in goo. Dear god, what is wrong with its head? It barely looks human. How the hell am I supposed to love this thing? I want to read the fine print on that contract again!”

Every morning after that, she probably woke up and looked into the crib and thought, “OK, maybe I won’t drown this thing and start over. Maybe I will give it one more chance, one more day.”

Everyday, after that, as you got less swollen and the birth bruises faded and your brain began to grow and your skull bones took on a more normal appearance, it became easier for her to find a place for you in her life. Then one day, when at long last, your brain and your eyes and your facial muscles began to sync, you smiled at her and all the dopamine receptors in her brain fired all at once and somewhere down in the dark recesses of her heart she came to the surprising conclusion that she just might die for this fragile, silly little thing, and then, in a moment of prescient intuition, she knew that she would love you unconditionally for the rest of her life and she cried, because the thought terrified her.

Now take that act of altruistic love and multiply it a million plus times over and you get some idea where life on this planet lies within the heart of the OneMother. I am sure a day does not go by that she does not wonder why she does not drown the human species in their sleep, but every day one of us manages to pull our collective asses out of the fire by doing something so beautiful, so precious, so precocious, so creative, so perfect, so divinely inspired, or so purely altruistic, that she is forced to reconsider the ruthlessness of her pragmatism.

So, despite the bad press given to altruists by those who would have you believe that if a thing is given away for free it is valueless, and that you get what you pay for in life, and that the only way to survive being human is to become a nihilist, love, given freely without expectation of any kind of return, is the most blessed of acts, becoming a celebration of our own birth within the OneVerse and an act of faith that the OneVerse will love you back.

And if you are on the receiving end of this love, do not mistrust the hand that offers you this cup of cold, clean water. Clean water is clean water (the source of which can only be the OneVerse). One should grab it when one can find it. Be glad for the gift and pass it on.

So, to correct the phrasing of an old truism, giving and receiving are equally blessed. In a closed system, you must have both to achieve balanced. Abundance cannot exist as abundance unless it flows freely.

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Do you wonder at the mechanics of evolutionary leaps that turn hands into flippers and noses into blowholes? I do. I always find the scientific explanations lacking, as if the experts were working with only half the information and assuming the other half, using a wrong headed approach to fill in the blanks that denies their own divine spark.

I do not think these changes are as complicated nor as time consuming as the experts would have you believe. I think DNA is pliable, like putty, in the hands of an expert dreamer. Faith and magic wins out over the physical reality every time. Chromosomes may be like cards in a poker game and the pragmatist in us tells us that we must play the hand we are dealt but in truth, we have the ability to alter the modality of the on/off switches that control which part of a gene is active and which is not. It is akin to playing poker with a handful of aces up your sleeve. This is a thing that perplexes the neat and tidy scientific minds, who believe a thing should always be that thing and not have the ability to shapeshift.

This is the power of an individual, not gender specific. In women, magically minded women in particular, not only do they manifest their own physical reality using the complex code of their malleable bodies, they can also influence the outcome of their pregnancies. Wishes, their roots sunk deep into a woman’s dissatisfaction and yearning, reach into her womb and influence the nature of the children she will bear.

Here is where it gets supernatural, and why, by the way, all the matrilineal societies were stomped out of existence by the Sun/Son God religions.

Mothers make daughters who will birth children who can be so far up the evolutionary ladder as to be considered a different species.

The process is quite simple, really. First, you birth children who will become the vessels for your dreams. Then, all one need do is pour all your hopes and fears and dreams and wishes into your children’s ears as they grow up. They will grow up, leave home and forget, but at the moment of conception, the seeds you have sown will spring to life. Your daughters will choose the egg and sperm and begin to change the baby on a chromosomal level.

It is at this point that you will discover the true purpose of grandmothers. Grandmothers sing over the gravid bellies of their daughters, laying down a matrix of hopes and impossible dreams. The child is born already pregnant with the idea of the next generation.

Thus noses become blowholes and human children forever reach for that brass ring called sentience, which is why the children being born now hold the keys to the survival of the planet.

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It could be argued that the quest for fire, the ever striving to light up the dark places, the overwhelming need to sleep with the nightlight on, is not so much a need to see what lies in the shadows but more a need to hide what we are truly frightened of. There are things far more scary than the hungry things with teeth and claws waiting to pounce upon the unwary.

Without light pollution, at dusk, the benevolent blue blanket we call sky turns transparent and the true breadth and scope of the infinite universe blazes forth in mind numbing glory. Few can stand under the scrutiny of such immense creation and not feel humbled.

For the average human, there comes a moment of ego destroying understanding, when it is made clear that you are a speck of animated organic matter clinging to an insignificant ball of mud, kept alive by an almost invisible scum of atmosphere and the smallest of droplets of water you call oceans and that the forces that created all the stars in the heaven could crush you into nothingness like a bug under the wheels of an 18-wheeler on the freeway if you got in its way and if it weren’t for gravity, you would fall into this infinite void and no one would hear your screams.

It is in this moment of agoraphobia that our fingers search frantically for the light switch. The light comforts us. The thing we fear has not gone away. Turning on the lights just make us blind to the real nature of the universe. But if we can’t see it, maybe we can pretend it is not there.

For the claustrophobic, on the other hand, the lights create walls that close them in. It is only at night, on a moonless and cloudless night, that a one can truly be comforted, for there, just at the tip of your outstretched arms lies a dark star encrusted sea of night. It is the infinite that comforts us. The burden of gravity can be forgotten. The leg shackles of the plebeian and the mundane can be thrown off for a time.

It is here that one discovers the true nature of the being you are.

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“The first words that are read by seekers of enlightenment in the secret, gong-banging, yeti-haunted valleys near the hub of the world, are when they look into The Life of Wen the Eternally Surprised. The first question they ask is: ‘Why was he eternally surprised?’ And they are told: ‘Wen considered the nature of time and understood that the universe is, instant by instant, recreated anew. Therefore, he understood, there is in truth no past, only a memory of the past. Blink your eyes, and the world you see next did not exist when you closed them. Therefore, he said, the only appropriate state of the mind is surprise. The only appropriate state of the heart is joy. The sky you see now, you have never seen before. The perfect moment is now. Be glad of it.’ The first words read by the young Lu-Tze when he sought perplexity in the dark, teeming, rain-soaked city of Ankh-Morpork were: ‘Rooms For Rent, Very Reasonable’. And he was glad of it. ” Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

Terry Pratchett, by accident or design, has encapsulated, in a few very humorous sentences, how the human brain perceives time. Human’s are funny creatures. Their very complex brains lead them to do all sorts of irrational things. Our history is replete with examples, hence Terry’s other statement:

“Some humans would do anything to see if it was possible to do it. If you put a large switch in some cave somewhere, with a sign on it saying ‘End-of-the-World Switch. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH’, the paint wouldn’t even have time to dry.” Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

If one were a warrior empath busy doing irrational things and one wanted to practice quantum witchcraft which is equivalent of pushing every button marked “danger”, one would, of course, start with the bubble of time called “now”. In this instant, the past does not exist and the future, not yet created, awaits its birth.

One can influence the “now” but it is almost impossible to radically alter its course, due to the presence of other witches, wizards , warlocks and other random dealers in magic whose agendas pull the “now” in a thousand different directions, effectively canceling each other out. Add this to the already hardwired, DNA encoded  ability of every living thing to be a nascent magical source, thereby giving all wishes the weight of a puff of wind, which by itself, could not even shift a small feather, but in harmony with the entirety of the living biomass of the planet, seems to keep the whole mess on course, set deep in the main stream of the river of life.

Then there is the human brain’s skill at ignoring what it chooses not to see and clinging to its own version of reality, no matter how insane that might be.

“Women weren’t allowed in the club at all except under Rule Thirty-four B, which grudgingly allowed for female members of the family or respectable married ladies over thirty to be entertained to tea  in the Green Drawing Room between 3:15 and 4:30 P.M., provided at least one member of staff was present at all times. This had been the case for so long that many members now interpreted it as being the only seventy-five minutes in the day when women were actually allowed to exist and, therefore, any women seen in the club at any other time were a figment of their imaginations.” Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

It is a measurable fact that people’s brains filter out a vast majority of the information available, choosing to store into memory what amounts to a Cliff Notes version of any instant of the “now”. (This is all well and good for day to day survival, but if it becomes urgently necessary to alter one’s course and wrench oneself out of the rut one has become stuck in, one must first start seeing more than the highly dumbed down version of reality you’ve told your brain to deliver to your conscious mind.) A practitioner of quantum witchcraft can use this blind spot to their advantage, working undisturbed and anonymously under the very noses of the unconscious masses, knowing with absolute confidence that the ripples of one’s magic will be ignore by people’s conscious minds and be immediately forgotten.

Having been frustrated in one’s attempts at manipulating the present, a quantum witch turns her attention to the past and the future. (Ok. Quick refresher course on the nature of time. “Now” is a bubble. Between “now” and the beginning of time is an uninterrupted string of bubbles representing every moment that has led up to this “now”. Likewise, between “now” and the end of time. This is important: the brain perceives both the past and the future bubbles as memories and treats them identically. Since the future is in a constant state of flux, these memories form and dissolve quickly. The brain has been trained from a very young age to ignore these memories.) One simply expands the breadth and depth of ones bubble of “now” to include past and future. Voila. Problem solved. The present will catch up to the future and all the magic will explode in the moment, but you were there first and it is your matrix of magic that becomes the foundation upon which all others might build. But more importantly, you have gone back in time, laid down a matrix of power and altered the perception of the past, thereby editing the species Cliff Notes. Think of it as retroactively healing the blindness of the collective consciousness.

There ya go. I’ve just explained time travel without once mentioning math or physics or quantum mechanics or pan-dimensional cross shifting. Also embedded in this explanation is the solution to how you fit the human body through the eye of the proverbial needle in order to explore the multi-dimensional universe. Happy?

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