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There is a child’s game where everyone sits in a circle and one person whispers a secret into the ear of the person next to him who turns and repeats the secret until the secret comes full circle and is whispered into the initiator’s ear. The first secret is never the same as the last. Ever. Children, who love word games, find the faulty translation hilarious.

The problem with relying on information or guidance or instruction from persons who have long since died and turned to dust is that one can no longer ask them to clarify their words or statements when confusion arises or disambiguation needs to take place.

To read something 50 years old, or 100 years old, or 200 years old, without reading it within the context of the culture and history in which it was written risks misunderstanding and misinterpretation. We, as humans, very rarely speak in absolutes. Language precludes it. The layering of ascending levels of the energies of space/time make it impossible. Truth, after all, is a paradox with many faces in which all things are true simultaneously.

The older the text, the more egregious the errors. Texts thousands of years old have passed through too many filters; Translations from language to language. Errors in transcribing. Purposeful ‘corrections’ in the editorial room, well intended or not, influenced by the political and religious storms that blow through the collective consciousness from generation to generations. With the authors dead and the editors dead as well, recreating the original works become an unsolvable puzzle.

Sometimes, we cannot manage to get the message right, even with the author still living. How many movies have you seen in which your favorite book was eviscerated and hung out to dry? How could they read a book with so much heart and humor and understanding and then turn around and produce a script that stripped away all that rings true with our human heart and leaves only the bones of the ‘doing’ and none of the ‘being’?

So too, with ancient scripts. We want to believe that the blueprint for our future lies in the wisdom of our past but again, we get lost in the mist of misinterpretation. There are leg-traps in the chasms between words.

Imagine this scenario: If a plague of grasshoppers happen only once every fifth generation, then the people who experienced it firsthand would want to write down their wisdom, garnered in the battle for survival, so that their future generations  might be more prepared for the next invasion. This Almanac of land stewardship would include things that would foretell and forewarn of the coming holocaust. “Watch for the plague of giant dragonflies,” it might say. “Their life cycle is timed to precede the grasshopper plague, the adult phase emerging from the pupae state just before the grasshoppers emerge from theirs. They will devour the grasshoppers and save you.”

Now it is the future. Imagine that somehow, most of the text of the Almanac is lost. All that remains is the line that reads “Watch for the plague of giant dragonflies”. The son of the fifth generation, alarmed at the sudden appearance of millions of dragonflies, runs to his ancient and tattered Almanac and reads those words. Watch? What does that mean, he wonders. It sounds like a warning. A warning about dragonflies. So he goes out to his fields and destroys every dragonfly he can see. Pleased with himself, he returns home, unaware that a plague of grasshoppers is rising from the soil and devouring his crops.

Only a few tattered remnants of the wisdom of our forefathers remain, most incomplete, all of them suspect. The links to our human past have been broken, burned in the fires of superstition and ignorance. Which is all for the better. Sometimes forgetting is a good thing. If you have no history but the history of this moment, then you are unburdened by the entropy of your past. Thus the future becomes an empty page upon which you are free to write whatever you want.

Truly, you stand at your front door, dressed in your finest clothes, a feast laid out in the formal dinning room, waiting expectantly for a great visitor, but the visitor has already come to the back door, dressed in rags, asking for the kindness of food and drink. That’s him, eating jelly sandwiches with the cook.

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The Placebo Effect is the bane of the pharmaceutical companies. It is getting worse. (a placebo is any thing or event that is theoretically ‘effect neutral’ to the condition for which it is applied. The Placebo Effect is this insanely curious ability of humans to effect change based on sheer belief that since the change must happen, change happens.)

This is how placebos function. In a blind study, in which there are subjects who get nothing (the control group), subjects who get the drug du jour, and subjects who get what basically amounts to a sugar pill, statistically, 15% to 25% of the sugar pill subjects will get better.

There are a lot of explanations as to why this happens, but since these explanations choose to ignore the infinitely magical things that happen when the human awareness merges with the depths of the subconscious, the logic comes off as limp and bitter.

What has the drug companies worried is that in recent years, the placebo effect has grown in influence. Sometimes as many as 60% of the placebo takers report feeling better. (It could be argued, here, that the error lies with the lab techs asking the questions. If you had three groups, one of which was ill and receiving no comfort or aid, one of which was receiving what passes for modern medicine in the form of some horrifically toxic chemical,  and one who thought they were getting help but had dodged the toxic bullet, then talking to the placebo group just might influence your observations. The techs would be happy because they were talking to healthier people. The placebo group would naturally be the happy, since they were being forced to become hyper-aware of their body. As an added bonus they would also have a captive audience who listened ad nauseum to a list of their aches and pains. Together, these two happy, happy people would create a synergy of happiness that would alter perceptions and change answers.)((I also imagine that the poison takers would be encouraged to view their discomfort as psychosomatic, thus being encouraged NOT to become hyper-aware of their body’s functionality and ignore all the warning signs of imminent death. After all, if the answers are vetted by those whose self interest lies with the positive answer, then the answers will be positive.)) Is it any wonder that the studies come across as confused and counter-intuitive.

So. What do we know for sure? Awareness of your body increases your well being. Sharing this awareness with a sympathetic and compassionate listener also increases your well being. But that was always true. Why is the placebo effect skewing so wildly from ‘statistical anomaly’ to ‘just frickin strange’?

Perhaps one could argue that the individual, tucked safely within the confines of the newly ascended and ever evolving hive mind (produced by the combination of the close confines of a dense population, the rapid demise of borders in a global media empire, and the primitive, instinctive empathic drive to suss out every stranger we meet in this world chock full of strangers, thus frying the receptors perpetually open) has access to greater and greater levels of energy as they learn to navigate within its confines. Self awareness turns from ‘ouch, my leg hurts’ to ‘discomfort lies within my leg, but is but a drop of water in the great sea of the subconscious.’

From here, it is only a tiny step to the next place; to the place in your unconscious mind that says ‘legs, not just my leg, exist, whole and healthy, within the infinite and timeless Oneverse. Pain and dis-ease are an illusion’. Ta da! Spontaneous healing.

There you go. Awareness and where you place it;  the answer to all life’s conundrums.

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The human eye can perceive wavelengths between 360 – 780 nanometers. Bees and bats see into the ultraviolet range. Snakes and some insects see into the infrared ranges. The limiting factor here is not the brain’s ability to perceive. What limits us is that we have reached the evolutionary apex of eyeballs. There are only so many ways to put a bunch of cones and rods into a jelly filled sack and hard wire it into the brain and still have it function as a tool for the promotion of survival. But you can train your brain to take the information available and construct a deeper, more varied, richer world.

The human ear can hear between 20-20000 Hz. but elephants and bats can hear far beyond us in both the lower and upper ranges. An ordinary human’s voice ranges across one octave, two if they are a trained singer. An elephant sings across 10 octaves. Noise in the lower ranges ceases to be heard by the mechanics of the human ear and is felt as vibration in the body instead. In hearing, you cannot train yourself to hear beyond the limits of the ear, but you can fine tune your perception to perceive order within chaos and tame the cacophony of everyday living.

Then there are the senses of taste and smell. We have rudimentary noses compared to that of dogs. We can expand this through training, as professional smellers have, just as we can expand our sense of taste through the constant quest to experience the ever more subtle overtones of the foods we eat. Limited by evolution, frustrated by our bodies, our brain quests for more and more detail within those limits.

It used to be that we stood in the dark, with only the torch of our senses to light the space around us and we were content with that, with living within the space the light allowed us. But we have wandered afar and found ourselves on the edge of a vast and unknowable sea and our light cannot tell us what we need to know.

What we do know is this: The stones we have thrown out into the dark have sent ripples back to shore but some of those ripples are not from our stones, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that we must teach ourselves to see in the dark if we are to survive what is coming.

The sense of the future will be the mind sense, the one that can perceive the spark of quantum particles as they rip through the fabric of reality, the one that can see around corners and walk across time. All it takes is one mind, to act as catalyst, to reach the new state of knowing and infect the hive mind.

This has already happened. Don’t look now. I think the darkness is fading.

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This guy is interesting but his ultimate conclusion is flawed. Cut to the last five minutes to get the gist, if you are short on time.

Oh, he is probably right about predicting the future of the green Ikea boxes but his assumptions about the blue Ikea box is short sighted and limited by his Euro-centric life style. Really? Getting on an airplane and going somewhere exotic on vacation is the culmination all human aspiration? Wow. Your Aryan Overlord slip is showing.

No, that is mean. Perhaps all Scandinavians, stuck in a world of perpetual light deprivation for half the year, dream of going somewhere sunny to ease their low-light induced depression. Let’s just assume that his scientific mindset will not allow him to imagine any further than what his logical mind can see and measure and he cannot imagine, with his scientific left frontal cortex, something better.

First of all, the human drive to invent is a means to an end. Look about you and be reassured that what you see in the modern world is not the culmination of human evolution. Technology is not our goal but our tool. All that stuff, all those inventions and patents and gadgets and games and machines are not what we aspire to. They are merely booster rockets that are taking us where we need to go. Think of them as the stalk of the slime mold. A bridge to someplace new.

Perhaps the slime mold analogy is too simple (and a little too ooky). Let’s take an example from science fiction.  After all, it is only in science fiction that we can find the images and ideas of the future our hive mind aspires to.

In the Star Gate television series, the stargates were created by the Ancients, a mysterious group of humanoid creatures who have since morphed into a higher level of energetic existence. Through hard work, self sacrifice and the expenditure of massive amounts of energy and raw materials, a handful of Ancients traveled to millions of planets and installed a stargate on every planet with a viable environment, thus connecting the universe together like strands of pearls. One has to imagine they had to sort through a lot of rocks to find just one pearl, and it took many, many lifetimes to complete the process, and that the endless travel would have seemed excruciatingly tedious after a while, but considering the results, I am sure they thought the effort was worth it.

Why? Because after that, what had been done using the resources of entire solar systems, could be done with a bit of power and one simple step through space/time. Thus, the many benefit from the toil of the few:  Star travel for the masses achieved without trying to do the impossible, IE, having everyone arrive at the goal simultaneously.

So, going back to the analog example of Ikea boxes, the assumption was made that the green boxes are trying to catch up with the blue boxes. This is actually a flawed assumption, as well. The blue boxes have been working diligently to get a green box underneath them to act as a place holder so they can step out of their comfort zone and shift over into the next new place.

What took a massive effort of many generations and much trial and error and the resources of an entire planet (becoming a blue box) now only takes ten years. All the mistakes have already been made, for any green box to see and avoid, and the winner will be the green box who learns from that history. The wasteful technologies have fallen by the wayside, having served their purpose. Our tiny little planet can now support 8 billion people using the same resources once used by half that many.

So, where is the blue Ikea box headed? What are the aspirations of the humans of the next level of evolution. One need only look at what our current toys do for us.

Here are a few examples: We can are one touch away from any human on the planet. For the first time in history, all of human history is available to anyone with an internet connection and a reader. Distance means nothing. We travel to get away from our toys but the toys follow us. We are loosing our penchant for games of war and arenas of conflict through our constant immersion in the virtual realities of on-line video games. (We have reduced to 80 hours of game time a hundred lifetimes of effort. Think of another iconic scifi moment: the computer in Wargames frenetically playing itself to arrive at the inevitable conclusion.) The walls have come down and the borders are dissolving between countries and people. Language is no longer a barrier. (yes, I am waiting for the invention of the babel fish, by the way)

Eventually, the gadgets will get smaller and more efficient. Perhaps, eventually, we will begin to view them as crutches, and they will fall by the wayside, as the booster rocket drops away from the space vessel. Then, true harmony will descend upon the human species, as we embrace our hive mind and become at peace with our new nature.

Because the point of all this effort, is taking us to one inevitable conclusion. We, the planet, the stars, all the Universe and everything we can imagine beyond that, we are all part and parcel of the same system. We are all one. This is our core belief, the engine that drives all invention, and the place we are going, despite every effort to the contrary.

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Animals self medication is a common fact in the animal husbandry circles.  There is a lichen that is legendary for its psychoactive qualities that seems irresistible to most ruminants. See this. The problem is, they destroy their teeth  scraping lichen off the rocks and they damage their liver and kidneys, trying to process it internally. The upside is that once cleansed of toxins, the drug comes out pure in their urine In the shamanic circles, they like to tell this tale about eating yellow snow.

From the shamanic caribou’s point of view, she is just getting rid of shiat she can’t use. To the other caribou, its a free ride on the happy train.

Whether it be manna from heaven, dragons shiating piles of gold, the Book of Revelations, or a shaman taking a walk through the veils and across the Void and then coming back to tell tales of it around the campfire, one should understand that the shiat is shiat, and that you consume it at your own risk.

Any shaman worth his salt will confess to this. Ultimately, one cannot translate a pan-dimensional concept into a two dimensional language. All you get is shadows.

This site is not a free ride on the happy train. But it can get you started.

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If I were to be your tour guide, if I were to stand at the door and encouraging you to walk through, there arises a certain sense of conflict.

Should I coddle you, treat you as an infant, as religions might, telling you only of the golden path? “Step right this way. Joy and Bliss at every turn. Just keep your hands inside the car and watch your step. Do not look into the shadows, for surely you will loose your soul.”

That sounds more like a carnival barker standing in front of the Fun House, doesn’t it? The only difference is, on a certain gut level, we know we are being conned and the Fun House is nothing more than a hall of mirrors with a shaky floor and that the thing we face in there, in the darkness, is our own fears.

Religion was invented to keep you safe and as blind religious fervor goes, this ploy, this blissful ignorance, works, but at a price. Kept infantile and ignorant, one can never grow up. One is forced to cling to a caretaker in the form of a priest or wizard or iman, trusting, as only the infantile can trust, must trust, that the caretaker does, in fact, know all about the leg traps out there in the shadows and knows how to deal with them. But, of course, they do not. A village priest is no more trained to handle the vagaries of the shadowlands than the people of his flock. He is merely the goatherd; he who raises the alarm but is the first one to fall under the teeth when the wolf comes after the flock.

Eventually children must grow up. As self actualized adults, they recognize that their caretakers, despite the best of intentions, are not god-like, but human just as they are. Self actualized adults know that they are responsible for their own health and safety. Truly, would you trust the life and death decisions about your life to anyone else?

If you were a child who woke from a dream, screaming and I was the parent who chose the path of blindness, believing that ignorance is bliss, that denying a thing’s existence somehow magically makes it so, forever stuck in my own Never Never Land of fuzzy logic,  I would soothe you by telling you that it was only a dream and dreams are not real.

But you are not children and I do not believe that encouraging ignorance is a kindness, for it harms more than it helps. The dreams are real. There really are things moving about out in the shadows and being forewarned is being forearmed.

But know this: The doors do not open until you are ready. You cannot walk through them by sheer force of will. If you can see the things in the shadows, it means it is time to deal with them. Man up, come to terms with your own power and get to work.

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“Magic, Magic, do as you will,” Schmendrik, The Last Unicorn

The first mistake made by the novice witch is to expect magic to do what you tell it to do.  Magic, by that I mean the Etheric Potential Energy that lies waiting, expectantly, behind the walls and doors we built to protect ourselves while we were children, is like water. It flows downhill into the low spots, fills them up and then rushes away, back to the sea from which it came and from which it will rise again. You can neither push the river nor shove magic into spaces that do not need filling.

The second most common mistake made by a young witch is not recognizing the magic when it manifests itself in the corporeal world. You may have opened the door, you may have felt the energies rush out but it is sometimes unclear what hole the magic found to fill. A witch must become an acute observer of the minutia around her.

The third mistake made by those who like to play with power is to think they are powerful. Magic is ephemeral. The minute you try to capture it, bottle it, hold it in your hands, consume it to the point of gluttony, fill yourself up with it without letting it flow out, it ceases to be magic and turns to dust. It is good to remember that the first place the magic goes when you open the door is into you, into your empty vessel and it is from that empty vessel that all your good intentions flow.

Intention is everything.

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