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One of the weird ancillary side effects of inhabiting an avatar with certain abilities (Human Design) and then filling that avatar with a Higher Self that is a lens  that magnifies a thousand fold is you get strange super powers. Like smellovision. I can smell things around corners and across space/time. It is an odd and quirky ability that amuses me but seems to serve no discernible purpose.

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I love the excuses people give for not supporting social welfare reform, for not voting for school bonds, for using every means possible to evade their social duty, including evading taxes, charging what the market will bear instead of opting for a reasonable profit, price fixing, manipulating markets, and the general rape and pillage mentality that accompanies most endeavors done in the name of the Dark Lord of Capitalism. There is always an excuse for turning a blind eye to the plight of the jobless, the homeless, the hungry, the sick and the downtrodden. Every good business model now includes a fund to cover the inevitable fees from wrongful death lawsuits. Even the chief of the Federal Reserve admitted that his economic models and practices calculated a certain percentage of the population dying from poverty related causes. Capitalism: all about the cost of doing business.

It’s a dog eat dog world. Me first. Get a job. Every man for himself. Survival of the fittest, baby. Let them pull themselves up by their bootstraps. I got mine, the heck with the rest of you. If I can rip you off, its your fault for being stupid, (honorable, moral, honest), gullible, vulnerable. There are winners and there are losers. Somebody has to be a loser.

This is fuzzy logic at its best. As in all fuzzy logic, it is based on false assumptions and ignorance.

One can ignore the plight of other human beings on this planet if one lived in a bubble in which the death of a child from starvation did not send ripples into your own existence. But this is not true. Protective bubbles fail for silly reasons: the lack of health care, the lack of good nutrition, the lack of a teacher or books. Ignorance kills. Ignorant people breed ignorant children. Ignorance breeds divisiveness and wars. Ignorance creates over-population and famine. Ignorance creates isolation from the planet and the Oneverse. It is the butterfly effect. The flap of the wings of a butterfly half way around the world can send ripples up and down the time line and through the fabric of reality, causing the foundations of seemingly unassailable fortresses to crumble.

The irony embedded in a system in which the wealthy become wealthier and the poorer become more marginalized is that it really does encourage the aggressive, destructive mode of survival of the fittest but it is the poor, those who have the least to lose, who become the dominant life form in this little shark pool. How long can your little bubble last in the face of wave after wave of suicidal automatons, be they assassins, thieves or deadly plagues, beating at its thin skin? How high are your walls to keep the contagions from blowing in on the breezes? How safe would you be if hunger and unhappiness triggered a plague in the segment of the population whose immune systems were the most compromised? How much of your wealth are you willing to spend to keep the hoards from your doorstep?

Your downfall will not be one event but a series of events, one leading to another. Like the current outbreaks of Ebola. Ebola is not new. It just made the jump into the human population like avian flu and swine flu. Because. Because humans chose to ignore the fact they are only a few steps away from the rest of the mammals on the planet on the DNA tree. Because leaders chose to ignore their advisers who have been telling them for 50 years that the earth is a finite place and that humans need to control their numbers. Because exploding human populations expanded into monkey domains. Because hungry men ate monkeys to replace the lost protein in their diet usually filled by fish and legumes. Because factory ships from industrialized countries have developed the technology to take every fish in the sea down to the fast sardine, leaving nothing for the subsistence fisheries. Because the lack of the keystone species in all the oceans has created dead zones that erupt methane and sulfur dioxide, hurrying the process of global warming and altering the weather and ocean currents. Because the deforestation of the rain forests on one continent has altered the weather patterns across the oceans and onto the next continent causing massive crop failures and famine. Because the Dark Lord of Capitalism divided up the flesh of this planet and ordained that a person could own a chunk of it, doing with it what one willed without regard to ones neighbor, whether that neighbor lived next door or in the next county or the next country or the next continent. Because the role of stewardship was replaced with exploitation and profit margins.

Your downfall will start small. A proverbial straw on the camel’s back. A cascade of events that started long ago, down a timeline outside of your limited perception. You will not notice it at first but by the time you do it will be too late to stop it. The walls of your bubble will not protect you.

It would be best to unlock your doors, burst the bubble, tear down your walls and let the universe in. Give back to the Oneverse what is hers. Trust that as you let go of all your abundance, releasing it from the stagnant pond it has become inside your pent up heart, that an infinite river of abundance lies waiting to replace it, free flowing and full of life. Only then might some of you survive the tempest that is building in the heart of this planet. Only then might you find the thing you have been hunting so long.

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I’m a Projector. My Profile is right angle 1/3 (Investigator/Martyr). ((1/3’s are the foundation upon which all other personality types rest, as they are constantly testing the foundational truths, throwing out the used and seeking the new)). My authority is Spontaneous Recognition. Active channels: Curiosity, Transformation, & Struggle for Purpose . Having a defined anja, or 6th chakra connotes that I am hardwired to recognize ‘unconditional truth’ and am not constrained by space/time. That, and having it hardwired to my throat chakra means that I am a Speaker of this truth. An undefined crown chakra is a place where the infinite possibility of all questions exist.

Basically these terms are a shorthand notation of telling people who are familiar with the language who you are. Sort of like dogs sniffing each others butts when they say hello.

A Projector is a teacher and guide who must stand and wait for those who are true seekers. A projector must be the flame, waiting patiently for the moths.

I am reminded of a scene in Michael Crichton’s ‘The Thirteenth Warrior’ in which a ship moors just off shore and a boy stands upon it’s prow, silent and waiting to be noticed. Why does he stand there, it is asked. It is polite, they say, to show that he is real and not a demon come out of the mist to consume them. This is what is is to be a Projector.

Astoundingly accurate for something based on the position of the planets in the sky at your birth (or 88 days before your birth when you supposedly walk through the veil). I tend to view such things with a certain caution. Not skepticism, as I truly believe in the pattern of the energy systems into which we are born and the influence they can have on a person. But things such as this must be viewed as the warp and weft of the rug that is our life and that the design of the rug is our own choosing.

I have an oracle deck that reminds me constantly that, in the web that is the immutable part of my life,  the meat and gravy part of my existence is my own choosing. It says “Why are you asking me? You already know the answer. Make a choice and live with it.” (Yes, oracles can be brutal in their honesty which is why I avoid them when my energy is down. They tend to kick you when you are down.)

With that note of disclaimer, I do go back to these patterns at times when I feel stuck or am overwhelmed with choices. The patterns exist. It is best not to fight them. One learns, with practice, to work with them, as a sailor must learn to use the wind to his advantage instead of trying to battle against it. (It can be done, but one exhausts oneself in the constant battle.) The pattern is the pattern of my avatar, my meat puppet. Unconscious, the avatar runs me, conscious and aware, the true me, the ‘I’ of me, becomes a lens that magnifies all the good and bad a 1000x depending on the choices I make.

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In the escalation of the differences between the haves and the have-nots, one despairs at the obtuseness of those who would build walls around themselves to protect what they view as their birthright. But all it takes is one outbreak of Dengue fever in Miami to remind one that walls mean nothing to a planet that is one living breathing organism and that no matter where you live and how many armed guards you have at your door,  you cannot protect yourself from the folly of your own choices.

You see, Dengue fever is carried from person to person by the mosquito.  This would not be a problem in a country whose health care system ensured that everyone, no matter how poor, had free access to some sort of medical aid. In such a system, people would fall ill and be treated. The contagion’s vector pool is contained and eradicated.

But in a system where most people have either no coverage or inadequate coverage, a simple trip to the emergency room becomes a burden most households cannot bear. The sick stay sick. The contagion’s vector pool becomes immense. The opportunity for that stray insect to flit over the wall and infect the wealthy and the privileged increases exponentially.

The plague of the Middle Ages did not keep to the slums and the servant’s quarters. It killed indiscriminately regardless of class or status.  Fleas infested everyone back then. Hygiene was viewed with suspicion. They could be forgiven their ignorance. But do not think the Black Death is an illness relegated to history. I would venture to say that any house with a pet in modern times has flea problems. Insects are equal opportunity offenders. Wealth does not insulate you from their encroachment on human territories. Madonna’s very public and frustrating battle to eradicate head lice from her household is a prime example.

Listen. You are human. You live on a very small planet overburdened with +6 billion people. Nowhere is safe. You are at risk, no matter your lifestyle, no matter your wealth, if the least of your population, the poorest and the most downtrodden is at risk. Health is not just the result of medical access. Poor health is partly caused by ignorance. The lack of education in the poor becomes the problem of the wealthy when that ignorance endangers everyone. The group health is only as good as its weakest link. To sit behind your fortified walls and pretend any different is a fool’s delusion.

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In September of 2007, officials at Nepal’s state-run airline sacrificed two goats to appease Akash Bhairab, the Hindu sky god, following technical problems with one of its Boeing 757 aircraft. The long standing and apparently unsolvable electrical problem was subsequently fixed and the airline was back in business.

I do not doubt for a second that the demon tangled up in the wiring of the airplane was suitably appeased and went on its merry way. Nepal is that sort of place.

Superstition, as defined by modern thinking, says that it is the belief that events can be influenced by certain acts that have no discernible connection to each other.  A very arrogant and denigrating way of saying that there is an unseen world out beyond the edge of human senses that cannot be measured by any modern technology and that, being thus denied by science then it surely cannot exist and that therefore any human act surely cannot bear any sort of weight to influence it.


Superstition is merely the belief in the supernatural and that one can, indeed, interact with said supernatural energies and that exchange can be a two way street.

Superstition has its place. It can run the extreme gamut from horrifically brutal,–they still murder inconvenient women in horrific ways in Africa and the Middle East under the guise of witch burning but I don’t think anyone has seriously considered throwing a bunch of virgins into the volcanoes in Indonesia to appease the fire gods–to merely lip service and symbolic sacrifices–there is an entire industry in Asia that sells paper money and cars and other representations of real world objects that are meant to be sacrificially burned to appease the ancestors and bribe the demons to prevent their negative incursions into the process. Goat sacrifice lies somewhere in between and must be taken in context. In an agrarian society, animal ownership is a measure of wealth. These are not pets. They are animals raised to be food. There is no emotional attachment to the animal except of that as another living being on the planet.  They are killed humanely just as if they were being slaughtered for food. To put it in modern terms, a village sacrificing a goat to appease a deity is the same as a city taking a portion  of the money out of its coffers and handing it out to the widows and orphans in the name of what ever deity they wish to hear their prayers. What is charity but a bribe to the gods to grease our way into heaven, after all?

As in all things supernatural, it is not the act but the intent that bears weight. In the world of the higher gods, it is what you risk in your sacrifice that attracts their attention. The Oneverse is not barbaric. She would rather you did not cut out the heart of your first born son or throw your virgin daughters into a volcanic caldera. She does not require animal sacrifice. You honor her with a thought. If it helps that that thought be connected to the real world, then give a little change to the beggar in the parking lot of your local grocery store.

But if you are really dedicated, then kneel on the brink of the caldera at the beginning of time, humbly anoint your head with the dust of your own existence and dedicate yourself and your being to the will of the Oneverse. All other sacrifices pale in comparison. The true wealth of the human species lies not in the things we acquire nor the money we hold in our bank accounts, but in the weight of the passion of our hearts and minds. You can avoid this ultimate sacrifice all you want, ignore the worlds beyond the edges of your senses, scoff at superstition, live as if nothing you do matters, but She gets us all in the end. Death is the great equalizer.

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Although I have nothing good to say of Monsanto and other businesses of its ilk, and would hesitate if someone offered me a potato with scorpion poison engineered into its flesh to repel the ravages of the Colorado potato beetle, (even though it is very likely that I have already eaten it, as the FDA does not think scorpion venom would interest the average potato eater), I cannot help but think that given a world without pesticides and herbicides and growth hormones and antibiotics, the things we grow for food, whether they be plant or animal, would be something else entirely.

We have been modifying the genetics of domesticated plants and animals since that fateful day somewhere in the Middle East when some enterprising hunter-gatherer plucked the biggest and fattest seed head from a wild grass with the intent of planting it nearer to their encampment to guarantee a future harvest. With each drought, with each plant disease, with each insect pest that has risen up to take advantage of the agrarian monoculture, those original genetics have been altered. Every time the farmer walked his fields and plucked out the too small, the deformed or the diseased individual plant or animal, the genetic pool became altered. Species unable to fight off the ravages of insects were abandoned in the dust bins of history. Plants unable to withstand heat and drought were replaced by those which could.

But we lost our way, somehow. Corporations like Monsanto laid claims of ownership to a wide range of species and then set the chains of slavery on modern farming, ensuring that only their seeds get planted. We were locked into a genetic diversity that is becoming narrower and narrower with every species they “invented”. This, ultimately, would lead to their corporate doom. The handwriting was on the wall. In the arms race between chemical solutions and the pests they were meant to eradicate, the pests were winning.

The choice became clear. Genetically modify the monoculture or begin the long downward spiral into human starvation. The early GMO’s were a primitive mashing together of genes borrowed from everywhere. Scorpions and jellyfish, to name a few. But the scientists have become more knowledgeable and their genetic surgeries more subtle. Now, genes from bacteria and viruses have been inserted in virtually every domestic crop in the developed world. More than 90% of the crops produced today are GMO. If you are eating non-organic food, you are eating GMO’s as we speak.

This would not be alarming if Monsanto and its ilk were benevolent corporations intent on insuring the food supply of a planet full of hungry people, but this is not the case. A good portion of their modifications go hand in hand with the chemicals they create and sell to be applied to food crops. Like alfalfa (animal feed) engineered to be used with herbicides that would normally kill it.

What if we had never embraced farming though chemistry? What if we made better choices back in the days before DDT? What if the stewards of the planet’s fields had gone about their business the old fashioned way; plucking and pruning and discarding the failed genes, choosing only those plants that seemed to thrive in the ever changing environments on planet Earth? What if we had rejected the corporate-think that demanded uniformity and conformity in every species including the human kind?

There would be no monoculture. Every region would grow species, selected over time by the habitat and the farmer, that were best suited for that region, ignoring the demands of the corporate monotheism who rampage though the countryside like a medieval inquisition, stomping out the mutants and the sports and the hardy rogues who insist on awakening no matter how adverse the conditions. We would be consuming genetically modified organisms, but they would be the friendly kind, arrived at through human-plant cooperation. The human species would be better prepared for catastrophic shifts in climate, both of the political and weather kind,  and the planet would be much, much happier.

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there are places one should fear to tread

places where the death of a thing has soaked into all the spaces between neutrons, protons and electrons

where the air and the soil and the light tastes of that life, of its decline and its passing through the Veil

there is a ghost in Mars

a ghost that remembers running water and green expanses

and life, abundant and diverse as anything Earth has ever laid claim to

we disturb its peace and invite the attention of the dead

just as surely as if we were to open a tomb and disinter the mummies within

defiling their sacred sleep with our cameras and our x-ray machines

and our MRI imagers.

this is no benign ghost, oh, no

this is a ghost who covets its solitude

who embraces the totality of silence

who wears its memories like a dark cloak

and despises all things Earthly and human

finding our attempts to seize its planet and make it our own intrusive and despicable

we tread on dangerous ground

placing robots on Mars

and yet we learn nothing

Is Mars any different from Earth?

Once they were the same

Yet Mars has been laid bare to the ravages of the solar winds

its oceans and its atmosphere blown into space

while we remain hidden and protected by the sentient energy system that abides in the heart of our planet

all the while treading upon the very thing that grants us life.

we are destroying the life force of this planet,

one bit at a time.

on some level we know this

but toxic logic lays the blame on the symptoms, not the illness.

it is not the things you do but the things you believe that burn away the life-force of the planet

do you breed hatred and divisiveness in your hearts?

do you enslave and degrade other living things?

are your children tortured and ignorant?

this is acid upon the flesh of your Mother

drip by drip, you sterilize the Earth down to bare stone

with every life lived in utter despair and each agonizing death

it leaves its stink upon a place

seeping into the stones and rising up like a miasma

to fill the noses of the unwary, the unconscious living

who stumble about thinking ghostly thoughts

of revenge and retribution

there is only one Earth Spirit.

where will you go when you have killed her off

and the winds of the sun begin drying up the oceans and sucking the air from your lungs?

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