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Our ideas of magic and god are all mixed up. That is understandable, as the definitions are almost identical. Both involved words like ‘supernatural’ and the ability to manipulate the universe.

But what is “supernatural”? Wouldn’t a cell phone be considered supernatural to a stone age man? One could argue that our instantly connected, global society has taken on god-like properties if one were to use the measuring sticks of the turn of the century industrial societies. Isn’t supernatural merely the catchall word that actually means “shit I don’t understand  and probably never will until we invent the technology to see it, the math to define it, and the language that describes it”? Whether in virtual reality or reality itself, we are busy remaking ourselves and our planet. We have not quite graduated to making stars or purposefully exploiting the universe on the quantum level, but surely that cannot be far off.

By this definition, plants are supernatural. Photosynthesis makes them either god like magicians or magicians with godlike abilities.  As we delved deeper into the magic act of turning the energy of the photon into chemical energy, we have discovered that plants have not only learned to exploit the existence of photons but have taken it to the edge of supernatural by exploiting all the possible states of a photon in space/time.  Link In other words, plants convert 95% of the energy they receive because they have constructed nets that can contain time traveling quantum particles.

Then there is our sense of smell. Like photosynthesis, we have explored deeper and deeper, seeking an explanation, discovering that our own body has receptors that exploit the existence of quantum particles to do their job. Could one then claim that a beagle has more god-like abilities than its owner?  Link

Curses. Our own bodies can do, unconsciously, what we would give our right arm to do: Manipulate the Universe.

Oh, come on. Admit it. You would love to be able to fly. Or time travel. Or jump instantaneously from here to Paris without the inconvenience of those rattling death traps called airplanes.

Perhaps we have that ability but we have just forgotten how. The last five thousand years of human history has documented the systematic hunting down and destruction of everything associated with the quantum skills inherent in the right brain. Being perceived as supernatural has always been a crime punishable by death. Even science, which should be fair and balanced, has not been. Thoughts and ideas that venture to give an alternate explanation of reality (differing from the rigid goose stepping left brain proponents) were only whispered behind closed doors. It has only been in the last few years that we have brought the dialogue into the open.

All because of quantum particles. Even Einstein hated them. They offended his linear, logical, left brain sensibilities. They just made everything so…. messy. But quantum physics is the closest any of us will get to understanding the true definition of supernatural.

This will be the next frontier in science and technology. The frontier of the magician. The forerunners will be those who have not denied their basic nature and have gone exploring, using the infinite perceptions and abilities of a right brain open to all the possibilities of space/time.

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Cancer, in a simplistic explanation of tumors, is merely a cell who has forgotten that it is mortal.

Or perhaps it is a cell infused with the insanity of megalomania.

Sane cells remember that in order for renewal to take place, the old and exhausted must die to be replaced by the new, the fresh, the strong. They know that they are living in synergy with a choir of other cells, toiling away at doing whatever duty was assigned them, having inherited that assignment from an ancestor tens of thousand generations in the past. You live, you work, you die. Such is the lot in life for most. Think of it as the Mindless state of Being.

Sane cells turn crazy for all sorts of reasons. Toxins, radiation, the sheer perversity of Chaos as it tries to insinuate itself into the Pattern of the Oneverse.  The reasons are endless. But these things are just triggers, catalysts. It is like getting mugged. Some big bad thing comes along, hits you over the head, kicks you while you are down and then steals your watch. Or your purse. Or your amino acids. You spend a month in the hospital, healing but when you come out, sometimes things are never the same. You walk with a permanent limp. You forget the names of things. You start coding for proteins unlike all the other cells around you.

Oh, you might be crazy but you are still a healthy cell. You still replicate and function as a cell. You even pass on your new nature to your children. It’s not like you became a mutant zombie. Cells who suffer catastrophic change die. They become the road kill of life. No, it is the subtle shifts, the shifts that do not destroy the nature of being a cell, that survive.

What if you got mugged and the only thing that is different is that you start remembering things that you had forgotten. Or what if you became old and exhausted and bored with playing the “I am the lining of Joe’s stomach” game and you begin to reminisce about the good old days when you were just a gooey mass of cells, the journey of endless possibilities stretching before you. Simple memories from that time before everything got divvied up and complicated. Theses are not foreign memories. They are your memories. Memories embedded in your own coded network.

What are these memories? Where do they come from? Think of the Planet Earth as an enormous galactic library filled with all the information of the Oneverse. Think of DNA as the language. All those tiny little spirals of amino acids embedded in every living thing in this library is a bit of that data base. Humans contain within themselves the infinite possibility of every permutation of the idea of “animal”. Human, although the most complex of the fauna, cannot approach the complexity of most plants. Trees contain within themselves, the infinite possibility of every possible permutation of the idea of “plant”. Plants, its seems, have not suffered from the memory erasure of mass extinctions, so it could be said that their memories are more intact.

We are “homo sapien” not because we access and read all this data but because we ignore more than 90% it, thus relieving ourselves of the burden of having tails or gills or webbed feet. Even when the protein decoders get a little confused and give us those pesky tails or webbed feet, the body as a whole does not treat this as “wrong”.

Thus, all the defenses, all the little robotic cleaners, all the minute hall monitors that roam the halls picking off the non-conformists and the malcontents go whizzing right on by, seeing order when, deep down inside, there is none.

A cell that does not die? Sure. Why not? Immortality, it seems, is part of that code, and there are no safe guards against it. The problem with immortality in an enclosed wholistic environment is that immortal things no longer need to replace themselves. Whether it be single cells or highly evolved beings, immortality without awareness and compassion becomes thuggery. Replicating endlessly crushes the fragile underfoot and destroys the synergy of the whole. Perhaps some cells remember to turn off the cell division code. You never hear about those guys. It’s the thug cells that grow and grow and grow that get all the press.

Complicated? Sure. But I haven’t mentioned the truly complex part yet.

The “I” of you, that part that exists in infinite dimension, timeless and immortal, that part of “You” that you have inserted into this place, the one that is animating your DNA meat puppet, this being can influence what and how your DNA is read. Think of it as the uber double helix. One that supersedes all others. Even in meat puppet code, nothing is written that cannot be bypassed. Some beings manifest Chaos. Others choose to cling to the One Pattern. This “higher nature” bleeds through into their bodies as time progresses. Neither is bad or good. The Oneverse will balance it all out in the end.

Healing comes when the body recognizes the higher state of “I” and follows its lead. With thought and intention, one can tame the thug cells, acknowledge their existence, recognize them as an aspect of the Divine Whole, open ourselves to the memory of their place in our cellular history, embrace them as part of yourself but also reminding them that they are part and parcel of an unseen whole, and in the process, turn off their uncontrolled procreation, and then, with a little encouragement, reabsorb their craziness by insisting on order.

Think of this as a cheat code. There you are. Playing the “I am the lining of Joe’s stomach” game, living only in the moment, too busy to think about the past or conjecture much about the future and you hear a rumor that you can download a cheat code for this virtual reality game. There are consequences and responsibilities that go along with the cheat code but, hey, you are an adrenaline junkie from way back.  Infinite possibilities are just a thought away. What do you do?

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