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There is an understandable frustration of those who require their logic to be linear and without gaps when it comes to conversing with those of us who have leaped off the edge of the Abyss and gone swimming in the cloud thinking of the Universal Hive Mind. The left frontal cortex needs all the whys answered, all the t’s crossed, all the i’s dotted,  while the right brain is content to know with absolute certainty that a thing just is.

Hive mind thinking, that place we go in our minds in which all information exists simultaneously, is not diametrically opposed to logic despite its appearance of  being unorganized Chaos. The certainty garnered there becomes the seed for all avenues of logical exploration, after all.

Consider Aristotle. He was the first to collate the existing philosophies of his time and come up with a unifying theory. The theory was based on observation. Life, it seemed, sprang up spontaneously from things like mud and rotting meat.  This theory held sway for more than two thousand years. It was not until the invention of the microscope and the studies of Louis Pasteur that science and philosophy finally caught up with reality. We like to laugh about it now. How silly our ancestors must have been, to believe that rotting meat could spontaneously generate maggots.

But consider the nature of the belief from the view of the Universal Hive Mind. Without knowing anything about the role of bacteria in decomposition, or the that the life cycle of the house fly goes from egg to maggot to pupae to adult fly, all one knows is that if meat, left to its own devices, becomes maggoty. Without knowing anything about the life cycles of frogs, one could honesty not be faulted if one believed that if you poured water onto earth that eventually tadpoles would form. (I would venture to guess that the understanding of the natural world was a little more complete than what was written by philosophers and scientists. Great men of the intellectual bent tend not to discuss their avenues of study with the illiterate. But small boys and old women who live upon the land surely could have helped them flesh out their theories with a lifetime of observation.)

Spontaneous Generation was not a bad theory considering the level of scientific understanding at the time. It was cloud thinking. One asks a question, leaps off the edge of the Abyss, and falls into a swarm of answers, none of which are obviously connected to the next and then one comes back with answers that seem crazy. Like meat creates maggots. Like mud makes frogs. A fool would shake his head and walk away from the gift of truth. Someone who is fearless would share the truth, despite its apparent insanity.

You would think that as small as this planet seems, with so many humans operating solely out of the logical left brain, that there would be nothing left to discover. Nothing could be further from the truth. The planet and the universe beyond still manages to surprise us. Experts still scratch their heads in confusion, trying to sound learned while they scramble to come up with logical explanations to things that seemingly, on the surface, defy explanation. The real danger in listening to the supposed experts is that if we think there is an answer, we stop asking more questions.

Consider the ocean of air above your head. Do you think you know all there is to know? What more is to know? It is transparent and can hide nothing. We look through it to see into space. But only now do we think to turn our instruments on it and look without blinders.  Surprising answers are filtering out of the scientific community.

Listen to the cloud thinkers. Do not laugh when they tell you that maggots come from meat and frogs come from mud and that there are frontiers we have not yet explored. We ignore their wisdom at our own peril. If the Universal Hive Mind wants to give us an Answer, then it seems imperative that we find the right Question.


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There is a certain level of tragic comedy in the creation of bureaucratic entities like the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department and the DEA. Call it pre-ordained obsolescence.

The logic loop goes something like this: The Human Hive Mind is made aware of an imbalance in the Yin/Yang flow of the human endeavors. “Hmmm,” it says to itself, “Somebody ought to do something about this.” The monstrously senile beast that is the sentience within the bureaucratic construct within the government slowly awakens, creates a law, spawns off a bud of bureaucratic group think, forms a department to address the imbalance and immediately goes back to sleep or more likely, continues fapping itself in the dark recesses of the bureaucratic caves, smugly content in its belief that it is fighting the good fight.

The problem with this stimulus/response loop is that the Human Hive Mind has become uber efficient at solving its own problems and that senile old bureaucratic beast has long since ceased to serve a purpose and has been co-opted by the very forces they were meant to be battling.

Here is an analogy:

The “I” of the Hive Mind lives in an ancient house. It has lived here as long as it can remember. Most of the time the “I” accepts things on face value. Things just are, for no apparent reason. Shit happens. Why? Just because. But every once in a while, as the Hive Mind matures and grows into its power, it becomes aware of things. Like the sound of scurrying feet behind the walls. We can ignore it, but usually at our own peril. So we look at the wall. And in turning the awareness of “I” towards the wall, the light of our perceptions cause the wall to disappear and we see, much to our horror, that the space behind the wall is full of vermin.

There is much wringing of the hands inside the Hive Mind. Oh, shit. What a mess! What is to be done? Well, nothing. Nothing is usually best … unless you want to do some stomping as the vermin scatter in the presence of the light suddenly pouring into their hiding places.  You see, the awareness of the problem has altered the status quo. Therefore, by definition, the status quo has been changed forever. The Hive Mind has evolved. This is quantum theory at its finest.

But, oh dear, in all that hand wringing, we have triggered a response in the bureaucracy. Something, indeed, is being done, even though it is no longer necessary. It is like the human body’s immune system after a cold. The machines of the immune system go into overdrive to produce antibodies for a virus that no longer exists, said virus having ransacked the body’s own DNA to modify itself and move on, as something new and different.

So too, with the vermin behind the wall. They have scattered. It would seem, on the surface, that the Hive Mind has won. The forces of Chaos and Disintegration are on the run. But this is only a temporary condition while the shadow forces formulate a new strategy and find a new hidey hole from which to mount their next assault. It’s the same as that old cold virus with a brand new coat of DNA borrowed from its host. Off it goes, sneezed out into the air, gone off to work its mayhem on the next unsuspecting victim. We will see it again, never fear.

The Hive Mind knows this and is ever vigilant. Existing outside of the flow of space/time on certain levels, the Hive Mind has already moved on to the next threat and is preparing for the next battle in which the status quo will change once again. This is the dynamic flow of the evolution of the sentience of the Hive Mind.

But, oh dear, we have forgotten to tell our immune system. There it is, churning away with nothing and no one to fight but itself. We forgot to tell it to stand down. Now it is an autoimmune disease in the waiting. Such is the life of a bureaucracy and those who live within it.

Take the Department of Homeland Security. Invented as a knee jerk reaction akin to shutting the barn door after the barn has burnt down with all the horses still inside. Obsolete from the moment of inception. A sane being, saddled with the agenda of searching out terrorism amongst the body politic, would look around and upon seeing that the vermin had moved on to bigger and better agendas, would tender their resignation and go find a real job.

But bureaucracies are not sane, nor are the people who get sucked into the vortex of their insanity. A bureaucrat must first and foremost, protect his position. With nothing to do and no one to fight, this becomes problematic. What the DEA and its larger cousin, Homeland Security (having learned at the knew of the military industrial complex) did was invent threats.

This is how you protect your cushy job sucking from the public tit: Invent a problem. Create the problem. Use your considerable resources to manipulate the body politic to make it appear as if the problem exists. Solve the problem. Throw a few gullible, clueless and/or innocent people to the wolves of expediency. Hold a press conference and parade the invented dog and pony show in front of the media, who eat it whole and puke it up on the evening news for everyone to see.  Get a commendation, a bonus, a pay raise, a promotion. Use the dog and pony show to increase the funding for your department. Hire your son/cousin/uncle to fill the new positions. Profit.

This has always been a problem. It is the nature of the beast when it comes to human endeavors. The bones of old bureaucracies lie everywhere for all to see who wish to learn their lessons. It is not hard to imagine that the cities of Babylon and Tripoli and Alexandria and Machu Picchu and the civilizations centered around the Egyptian and Mayan and Aztecian pyramids died not through bad leadership but from being crushed to death by the weight of their own bureaucracies.

But those are old examples, from ancient times, when the Human Hive Mind was a vague dream. This is now. There are 7 billion humans on this very tiny planet and a good percentage of them are wired into the Grid. All action and reaction has become instantaneous.

What is the grid? It is the connection, mind to mind, of every individual unit of the Hive Mind. We were always softwired into the communal thought processes of our human herd.

Now, the Grid has become more immediate because we have hard wired the connections. Those connections used to be simple and slow. Mail. Newspapers. Then we invented radio. Telephones. Television followed. We liked being connected. Everyone wanted it. Things started to speed up. We invented computers and the internet and cell phones. We shed our land lines because they were not immediate enough for our needs. We needed instantaneous connections. We invented Myspace and Facebook and Twitter. We needed to go international so we invented Fark and Reddit and Google. We erased the boundaries of language and culture and defied the gods from the Tower of Babel legends to invent translator programs so seamless it has become difficult to tell what language the posts have originated in.

The Grid has become so integral to the functioning of the Hive Mind that every attempt to turn off or control the hard lines has failed. Any attempt to subvert the transparency of the communication along these lines has been met with intense hostility on the part of those who use them. What was once only a vague dream accessible only by the most creative in fugue with the softwired Grid now has become real and visceral and accessible to everyone. Even if you stripped away all the hardware, that connection would never go away.  The genie is out of the bottle and there is no way to get it back in.

We, as a species, are learning to solve our problems in a new way. That way is not linear or logical. It is cloud computing using 7 billion minds as the processing units. Most importantly, since this cloud computer operates outside of space/time, we have already started solving the problems of the future.  The days of politics and governments and bureaucracies are numbered. Somewhere between the invention of the radio and Google Translator they became obsolete. We just haven’t had the heart to let them know.

Perhaps we should consider this, before another civilization crumbles into the dustheap of history under the weight of that autoimmune disease called bureaucracy.

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During World War II, while the planet was busy shrugging off somewhere up to 70 million people, the elite scientists and physicians of Nazi Germany took advantage of camps full of superfluous human lives by performing human experiments. As an afterthought to his human eugenics endeavors, Hitler had created a scientist’s wet dream. An unlimited source of human test subjects. The accounts of these experiments are horrific, yet the data was invaluable. For many reasons, much care was taken to make sure those records were not lost. The German data is still sited in areas of study such as human endurance and survival.

After the war, the trials in Nuremberg became a cautionary tale for every scientist on the planet. Most took heed and kept their tortures to the animal kingdom. Some, under the blanket of top secret cloaks, did not.

For the most part, after the war and before 1966 and the passage  of the Laboratory Animal Welfare Act, scientists in the US had carte blanche when it came to animal experimentation. It was not as pristine as human experimentation. One had to torture the animals and then extrapolate the data to the human matrix. The closest we came to human experimentation was in the triage and surgeries of battle front hospitals in the time of war. There was never a shortage of wars.

Those were the halcyon days of scientific research. Animal life was cheap and plentiful. There was no oversight except by the individual  scientists and the people in control of the grant money. Scientists were limited only by their own creativity and their lack of empathic connection to the animals they used. PETA would not be created until 1980.

John B. Calhoun was a psychologist and an environmentalist. In 1958-1692 he changed psychology forever when he shoved a bunch of Norway rats into a box, giving them everything they needed for survival except space. Calhoun had created Rat Hell. There was the expected aggression. Murder and cannibalism became the norm, but there were surprise behaviors. He coined the word behavioral sink to describe counter intuitive behavior learned under stress that overrides survival instincts.  Think of it as an induced neurosis.

Rats naturally control their birth rate when put into socially stressful situations, so Calhoun switched to mice. In 1963 Calhoun started the Mouse Universe study in which he introduced 4 pairs of mice into a mouse utopia (all needs met without predatorial aggression). As could be expected, the population exploded. It reached 620 by day 315, but between day 315 and day 600 chaos reigned. The the last survivable birth occurred at day 600.  After day 600 the population collapsed into extinction. Extinction. Even after the numbers dropped below stress level, the mice never returned to normal behavior.

The individual mice took on different neurosis. There were the aggressive males who fought all the time, there were the females who after a period of infanticide, ceased producing young all together despite the presence of fertile males,  (Neat trick, that. We need to figure out how to do that in the human population) and then there were the “beautiful ones”, males who did nothing but eat, drink, sleep, and groom themselves, refusing to fight, refusing to engage in the insane social matrix and content to be antisocial. (Wow. I know some guys just like that.)

From these studies they learned that it was not necessarily the lack of space that induced aberrant behavior. It was the frequency of social interactions. Sometimes a rat just wants to be alone and it really pisses us off when other rats mess with our shiat.

As important as these early studies were, they were still primitive and brutal. Gradually, animal rights activists quashed the blatant torture and abuse. Public grants dried up for experimentation on higher orders of fauna after public outcries. Behind the scenes, the US military was the only one experimenting on humans and the results of those test were so secret it would take half a century for them to come to light and in retrospect seemed comically pointless.

The Mouse Universe studies were not the beginning nor were they the end of the study of social groups under stress. Perhaps Calhoun modeled his Mouse Universe after the Warsaw Ghetto. Wall up a city, throw food in occasionally and then sit back and watch what happens. Psychologists of Calhoun’s generation were fascinated by the behaviors that came out of the extremes of the human condition during the war.

The data from these studies did not go unnoticed. The study of human behavior in enclosed systems was more than an avocation for anyone who wanted to play in the big leagues of money and power. The Rothschild empire has over two hundred and fifty years of experience in economic manipulation. They are the Calhoun’s of the money world, perched above the killing field, looking down, fine tuning their skills to maximize their benefit from the least amount of effort while still maintaining their mouse population on the brink of collapse so that they might return to play another day. They became the role models for the banking systems and the  military industrial complex that grew up out of profits of WWII. It was like a beast that sank its tendrils into every corner of the globe.  And like all energy systems with a rudimentary sentience, the beast could only thrive if they continued to grow. The need for ‘fresh meat’ grew like a bad cocaine addiction. The third world became their playground. The power players staked out their little Mouse Universes in every country on the planet. Borders became walls to keep the mouse subjects contained. The great social experiment took off and grew out of control.

Now take a leap forward to present day and look around. A rift exists between the upper and lower limits of human society. The wealthy, the powerful, the privileged, the bankers and financial mavens, along with every dictator, despot, president and prime minister alike all have one true agenda. To maintain the status quo. To extract as much as they can from the lower echelons of human civilization to support lifestyles of excess without triggering catastrophic, systemic collapse. They are all expert at creating  “behavior sinks” in human populations using disinformation and false scarcity and then exploiting the resulting insanity.

Like all good mice, we submit to the localized rules of whatever Mouse Universe we find ourselves in, adapting to the next extreme set of circumstances induced by the god-like beings who run it. We are hardwired to do so and it is a trait fully exploited by our handlers.

Then there is the Mouse Universe called the United States. Subtle is the hand of the demi-god manipulator who controls this place. The lessons of modern psychology lies at the heart of all mob control. The science of getting people to do what you want them to do, despite all their instincts to the contrary. This is where the big bucks are. Only statisticians have more prestige. Everything, even being human, has been reduced down to numbers. Every head of state, every CEO, every banker, has a back room somewhere full of accountants and actuaries and doctors of psychology who crunch numbers and predict outcomes. They all have the same question. How far can I push it before it breaks?

Take the monetary system. Allan Greenspan admitted in one of his exit interviews that his monetary formula had a “dead baby” factor. How many dead babies does it take to drive a population to react? How far can you push people before they push back? Where do you think he came up with that number?

From careful observation of years of human history, taking special note of every failed policy, every ruined economy, every despotic misstep. The planet is the Uber Mouse Universe.

CEO’s play this game every day. Watch the price of gasoline fluctuate. It is not supply and demand that runs this number. It is the oil companies fine tuning their numbers. It’s the “whatever the market will bear” number. They overstep the bounds of consumer tolerance, more and more of late. Commodities, even those that are considered essential, can become too expensive and consumers learn, adapt and invent alternatives. It is detrimental to your bottom line if you trigger a reaction in your intended victims.

CEO’s and dictators have a lot in common. Every despot worth his salt is a student of history. Every dictator has all the other dictators on speed dial. They watch each other. What policies failed? How much oppression is too much? How heavy can you tax an economy before it collapses? They network, sharing their successes, learning from their failures.

Do you wonder why we do nothing about North Korea, where their despot is insane and the people eat dirt and bark to stay alive? Where is our outrage? If they were animals, we would be up in arms. I wonder if it is because we are all secretly curious about how it will all turn out. There is dearth of compassion for humans who find themselves locked away in a Mouse Universes.  We stand back and watch, waiting. Waiting for what? Is it our belief that the true nature and goodness of humans can only shine forth under extreme duress? Or are we just waiting for something, anything to happen. Do we thirst for the pains of change, wishing it upon others instead of ourselves?

Look at the creation of Israel. It does not take a huge leap of the imagination to see that it is a country of walls, not unlike the Warsaw ghetto. Was it not jumping from the frying pan into the fire, going from war torn Europe to a state carved out of other Arab nations where every neighbor hates your guts and wants to kill you? One wonders at the wisdom of the Jews who fled there. Are they just naturally masochistic or is there something more subtle at play here? Is it the zealot’s insanity, to seek the fires of duress in hopes that some imagined god might save us or do we sit on our hands, holding our breath, waiting for the forces against us to trigger a cataclysmic change, preordained and embedded on our genome, that only extreme can bring out, like a tree that can only seed itself in the presence of fire?

Are we not all watching the endeavors of human beings seeking change in the Arab world with high anticipation?

One could believe that this is day 600 in our Mouse Universe and give up to the inevitable extinction.  Or one could believe that Calhoun stopped his experiments too soon and that given the right set of circumstances, instead of extinction, one might stumble upon the next step in the evolution of rat society.

The art of survival in times of cataclysmic change is not to fight the forces ranked against you, but to see them as tools to aide you on your way, remembering always to stay focused, not on where you have been or where you are now, but where you wish to be. Then dream the impossible.

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