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Rules are made to be broken and laws are made to be randomly enforced so they therefore can be randomly ignored. One can operate outside the rule of law and the bounds of morality with impunity, with only a minor caveat. Don’t get caught. You hear this a lot from the Wall Street tigers, the political lions and the world bankers. Do whatever you can get away with. Why? Because I can.

But there are things out there that you cannot ignore, alter, or lie about. The Proofs of Mathematics. The laws of physics.  The inevitability of karma. The certainty of Death.

If there is one thing that is absolutely true, 100% of the time, it is that all things are connected to all other things. Nothing, absolutely nothing, operates in a vacuum, not even the vacuum itself. Every energy system, every seemingly isolated or self-sustaining organism, exists and functions as part of a greater whole. That you cannot perceive this connection does not mean that it does not exist.

The Ayn Randians, the capitalist purists, the libertarians, the free market advocates all ignore this. They will argue with an idealist’s heart, spouting talking points based on assumptions that are delusional at best and dishonest at their worst. The arguments are replete with buzz words and catch phrases. The Trickle Down theory is one of my all time favorites. An idea laden with all the weight of human emotional baggage but having absolutely no basis in reality.

Humans might be able to run a business, control the world monetary system or run governments if left to their own resources and not subjected to the influence of competitive forces from other humans, (or energy systems, governments, businesses, etc) but the minute competition enters the picture, ugly things happen to humans: greed, pride, pettiness, self-centered egotistical hubris. The seven deadly sins pretty much describe everything that happens around a high-powered conference table.

If everything is connected than how could a handful of men be allowed to single-handedly destroy a planetary economy?

The hive mind allows it because the group think cannot even conceive that an individual WHO IS A PART OF THE HIVE MIND would actually do something as stupidly self destructive as pissing in the drinking water. (It’s like the Jews during WWII, upon being told where all those trains were going and what was happening to the people at the end of the line, refusing to believe it, refusing to pass the word, refusing to organize resistance, the autocratic hierarchy of their own religion going so far as to aid and abet the Germans,  helping to facilitate the genocide of their own people. The hardest thing about saving them was convincing them that they needed saving. They could not believe that another human being could disassociate themselves so far from the common good as to use the ingenuity and creative powers granted them by their gods to industrialize murder on a global scale.)

But individuals can and do become disassociated from the hive mind. They refuse to see the forest for the trees, so to speak. Being blind is very convenient. One can operate, unburdened by conscience or guilt or shame, working under the assumption that no one is being harmed.

So here we are again. History repeating itself. But instead of cattle cars, gas chambers and industrial incinerators, we have governments printing money by the truck load to finance the infinite greed of the few, while convincing the hive mind that a healthy economy can only happen if the few, that top 1%, can operate with impunity and that we might kill the goose who lays the golden eggs if we try to force them into any kind of physical, moral or social responsibility.

How did things get so bad?

Think of it like the human body. Everything works well and efficiently with an almost magical synergy. The heart pumps blood to every part of the body and the brain listens to every nerve message and responds accordingly, while the digestive system supplies the energy and the lymph system is the recycling pump and the liver works like a factory churning out the chemicals that we need, all of it surrounded and protected by the protective armor of the skin and supported by the skeletal system. Oh, sure. things go wrong. The body can get sick. It can get too cold or too hot. But it can handle that. There are systems in place. Contingency plans. Emergency shut down codes that kick in until the system can reset itself.

Except when cancer gets a foothold. All it takes is one cell, thinking it is special, thinking the rules don’t apply to it, refusing to work as a synergistic whole, refusing to see the pattern of its connection to everything else, trying to be immortal, feeling needy and greedy, convinced that there is not enough to go around so ya gotta grab all you can get, taking the resources given to it by the whole commune of cells, taking its fair share, holding on to it, grabbing more, using these resources to build walls and surround itself with moats, creating defenses to keep out the will of the hive mind, the intentions of the whole body, taking more and more, growing larger and larger. The larger it becomes the better it becomes at stealing more of the resources of the hive, sucking the body dry until the whole organism must spend every moment feeding the cancer while starving off the very system that is keeping them all alive.

The hive can do nothing because by its very nature and the definition of communal cooperation, it must offer freely all that it holds to all it contains. To do otherwise would mean death. Gangrene of the soul, perhaps.

The planetary economy is a cancer patient. Emaciated, skin and bones, with an enormous 50 pound tumor sitting in its gut, sucking the system dry and crushing the every organs that are keeping it alive. If you were a doctor, I think the cure would be obvious. It’s either surgery and chemotherapy or we just let the patient die.

It might be fun to let it all collapse and replace it with something more self-sustaining. Hmm, I wonder what it would be like to live in a world without borders or banks or money? If we sit around and do nothing, that is exactly what we will find out.

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Embrace the Chaos.  As advice goes, it seems to be counter intuitive. Perhaps we need to explore the ineffable paradox that lies at its core.

On the one hand, this connotes the seemingly foolhardy act of leaping off a cliff into what appears to be an elemental cataract that will surely rip you limb from limb. Embrace your own death, it seems to imply. Do you need to be suicidal or insanely brave to follow this advice? Every gut instinct, every genetically hardwired response, every lesson learned upon the plains of the human landscape where you were pooped out of your mother’s womb ready to run from the lions that had the smell of your birth up their noses tells you that you have to fight, you have to be clever,  you have to be proactive about your own survival. Letting go of all that seems not only silly but down right stupid.


On the other hand, every time you let go (OK, let’s be honest. We don’t willing let go. It usually takes someone standing on the edge of the cliff, beating on our fingers with a blunt object to work our claws out of the lip of the Void), every time we fall into the chaos and learn to cope with the apparently dissonant energies that reach out to rip the fabric of reality from our grasps, every time we fall and survive, every time we walk out of the cataract that tried to eat us,  cheating death and somehow managing to imposing our own order onto our new realities instead of the other way around, when we pause to look back we discover that what we thought as Chaos was really a very well ordered pattern, a pattern that we only can perceive in retrospect and those who played it safe in order to survive, did not survive after all and it was only those who risked everything who won the game.

So, no, embracing the chaos is not an invitation to suicide. It is not for people with a death wish. It is the act of total trust based on the unalterable belief that all that we know and all that we can only guess at and all that exists beyond the limits of even our wildest imaginings is a part of something infinite and well ordered and that that something is in the act of reinventing itself from moment to moment and that if you expect to survive, you have to keep up.  Sorta like dancing on quicksand. You will be fine as long as you don’t stop to rest. Is this not the true definition of life on Planet Earth?

Embrace the Chaos

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Despite everything you have ever been told about the fallacious arguments centered around the current state in which mankind finds themselves, Free Will does not, in fact, exist nor does it bear any weight in the current predicament.

You, your species, and everything alive and dead upon this planet, in this solar system, in this universe, to the length and breadth of all that is possible to perceive,  is a cog inside an ineffable machine chugging along at light speed toward a penultimate destination that has absolutely nothing to do with you or your species or the planet you live on. That you perceive yourself to be the center of your own personal universe, free and able to choose the course of your journey is a result of faulty perception.

Does a single cell on your finger decide to pick up a rock and toss it through a window? No, although from the cell’s point of view, it feels like it. This, in fact, is how to tell if you have really made a unique and singular choice, separate from consensus reality. Step out of your rut, fly off on a tangent, take the road less traveled then stop for a moment and look behind you.  Are you alone? Or have a thousand people followed close behind you? How many people had the very same idea at the exact same time? Trust me, there was nothing free about it.

If Jesus Christ had truly been a god he would have looked into the eyes of the men who were nailing him to the cross and begged their forgiveness. “Forgive me,” he would have said. “Forgive me for taking you to this place where you are forced to perform the unthinkable. Forgive me for forcing you to act like animals, that you must chew off your own leg to escape my traps. Forgive me for involving you in a feud that is billions of years old, turning you into cannon fodder for the amusement of beings who consume your suffering like heroin. Forgive me for co-opting your hive mind and forcing you to goose step right off the edge of the cliff. Forgive me for feeding you my shit and telling you it was manna. Forgive me, because in the end, very few of you were ever meant to survive. Cruel is the hand of god, ruthless is his choosing, and damned are those who play the game, for it is rigged against the very thing it professes to promote.”

If you can believe this, if you can wrap your head around the fact that you are powerless, totally and absolutely, that nothing you do, nothing you say, nothing you think will alter the outcome of your life, that all the strife and striving and suffering is for nothing, that heaven and hell and true love are fairy tales told to children to make them behave, then you, my friend, are free. Truly free. Absolutely free. Baggage free. Shooting off in a wild tangent outside of space and time quark free.

That is the definition of freedom. The gods are amused that you would long for such a thing.

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Robert A. Heinlein had a cat that would go from door to door to door, meowing to be let out but refusing to go out any door that had snow.  His wife said the cat was looking for the door into summer. The comment triggered a fugue in Heinlein’s brain and not long after he wrote one of his best stories. It was pulp fiction at its finest, full of time travel and paradox and post apoclolyptic worlds, where the hero gets the girl, the cat, wealth, fame and revenge. Very male. Very left brained.

In truth, human’s are much like Heinlein’s cat. Half our brain functions outside space/time, able to turn the corner into other dimensions with just a thought. It is how we test all the possibilities of our choices without consequence. It’s our “Get out of Jail Free” card. We do not jump blind. We have never jumped blind. As individuals and as a species, we always look before we make the leap. We are very, very good at the art of projecting ourselves into the future. We are so good at making the right choices, we have turned less than 5000 humans into 7 billion in the blink of the eye, in earth time.

But, you say, look around. We are on a train with a one way ticket with “extinction” written on the back in fine print. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are just gathering ourselves for the leap across the Void to the next place. At long last, everything we need is in place. Earth is a flower billions of years in the blooming. All that work just to produce one crop of seeds humans to establish a foothold in the next place. Think of yourself as the human equivalent of exploding wisteria seed pods. The ill wind blows, hot as an oven, dry as the desert, triggers the release, sending seeds out into the universe.

But we are not a mindless seed, victim to the forces that work to cast us out. We are sentient beings playing house with our own godhood. We know what we are looking for and we know what we want and we will keep opening doors until we find it. It is not summer that we are looking for, but the halcyon days of our existence .

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