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There is this mistaken assumption that if some force, be it god or the President or the UN or Iron Man and all his ilk, were to come down and remove all the despots and torturers and enslavers and oppressors, that everything would be so much better.

But the truth is that all the altruism and philanthropy and well intentioned intervention does nothing but make the giver feel good about himself.

It is akin to the urge, when watching a chick being born or a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, that urge to reach out and help them in their immense struggle. Resist that urge. Both the chick and the butterfly will die from your good intentions.

It is much the same for humans. You could take away the men with the guns and the bullwhips, the overlords who stand over the slaves, working them to death, but as is ever the case, the slaves, not yet ready to become free men, will allow one of their own to pick up the guns and the whips and fill the void created by your philanthropy.

Until men and women choose to become autonomous and self actualized they cannot be self governing. The only way to facilitate their freedom is to educate every man, woman and child on the true nature of power and inter-connectedness of life on this very tiny planet.

Who would do this? There is no profit to be made and the payoff for the do-gooders is a generation away, when the all the children of the planet, raised in the manner of that was intended from the beginning of time, finally take up the task of running the planet, irregardless of past traditions and the urging of father, country or religion.

The impetus must come from within the hive mind. There is a logic and an order and a pattern and a rhythm to the hive mind. It is the great tick tock clock in the heart of the human species. Change will happen. It is not a question of if, but when.

When the time is right, the slaves will simply walk away from the system that no longer serves their purpose, leaving the men with guns standing alone in the fields with no one to oppress.

Until then, there will be men with guns and the slaves who are owned by them.

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I am sorry. There is no polite way to say this. There is no, dare I say it, Politically Correct way of stating the obvious. Only cable television comics and late night talk show hosts can get away with it.  – (I abhor the whole politically correct movement. But that is a rant for another post. Suffice it to say, we endeavor to reinvent language, dumbing it down so as not to offend anyone in our insane, nanny state quest to be all inclusive and egalitarian. I mean, honestly, if you looked at anything in the natural world, would you find any system in which all members were identical and played the same role. Holy Ch**st, not even sponges or jellyfish, the uber examples of colonies of single celled organism living communally, make all the cells be the same or play the same roles. Language should celebrate diversity, not ignore it like a giant invisible elephant in the living room, taking up all the seating on the couch.)

We have created a cult of stupid, in which all our childish, no more than childish, downright infantile instincts are encouraged, catered to and allowed to dominate our culture. I will not call it civilization, because children are not civilized and infants are not social creatures.

If our current social insanity were to be compared to anything it would be like the mother trying to teach her children table manners. Not only have we given up on trying to get the kids to keep their elbows off the table, we have given up on the very idea of china and cloth napkins and fine silver cultery on white table clothes. No. The kids are in the living room on the floor eating mystery meat nuggets with their fingers off paper plates, not even aware that food was not meant to be mindlessly shoved into your mouth while you did a dozen other things. They will never know what it is to eat a sublime meal in a beautiful setting around a table full of adults whose intelligent conversations can take delightful turns and reveal the expansive grace of the human species. They will never understand that HOW you do something means more than the DOING and that sublime grace can turn anything, even hot dogs on a stick, into a celebration of the divinely sublime creature that is man.

The choices made in honor of the cult of stupid, disguised as adoration of the young, mindless and pretty are suicidal for a species, a country, a planet. Youth passes in the blink of an eye and pretty fades. It does not bode well for our survival if  we hire and fire based on youth and appearance all the while ignoring intelligence, experience and wisdom. A system is unsustainable if the majority of your children are raised in poverty and ignorance and dispose of elders like you toss aside the Styrofoam containers that used to contain your Happy Meal. People are not cogs in a machine, uniform, identical, easily replaceable.

All of this creates a strange atmosphere of entitlement, a private club, where those who are have jobs and money and power set the entrance requirements higher and higher to keep out the riff raff. Within these protective walls one begins to believe that you are invincible and, dare I say it, immortal. It is an illusion. A pool full of hungry sharks in a feeding frenzy would be a friendlier place than the halls of power, education and business are at present. The first sign of weakness brings out the predator, like blood in the water. No one is safe. Because, there is one truth, no matter where you go, under all the lies and bullsh*t. Stupid is fatal.

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It is a puzzling thing, to see the transformation of a child, some mother’s son (or daughter; this malady is not gender specific,) into a brutal and soulless being who with the mere addition of a uniform and a gun, (or a suit and tie and infinite access to the power to screw with people’s lives,) can kill with purpose and intent, without pity, to stand about and watch a body or an economy bleed out slowly onto the pavement, cries for help unheeded, the perpetrators so emotionally broken that they cannot or will not or are unable to empathize with their victim’s pain and suffering.

One can only assume that they believe in nothing. If they spout the dogma of some religion I can only believe it is a lie to cover up the darkness of a soul consumed by its own nihilism. They cannot do what they do and still believe in a higher state of consciousness and connection. No. In order to do what they do, all connections to the greater Whole have to be severed. It is as if the torment of their own lives has driven nails into their eyes, blinding them to everything but the pain. Do they think causing pain in others will negate their own, I wonder?

Babies are not born soulless nor are sociopaths instantly made. It is a death of a thousand cuts, each one severing a small piece of the connection to who they were when they walked through the veil. Religions are certainly only part of the cause, though they have a strong hand in it, distancing you from the power as well as the glory of being holy, wholly connected and in tune with the universe and the hive mind. If you depend on the external to prove your self worth, you are doomed. Only those who have an unassailable inner life can survive when the worlds strips you of everything else.

This is the state of our human condition then, that people with even the merest vestiges of power walk about like zombies whose brains have been lobotomized as surely as if someone took a hot spike and drove it into their right brain and gave it a good stir.

Were this a virus that caused people to turn into sociopaths, we would work night and day to find an antivirus. Instead we shrug and look away, glad that it is not us, on the sidewalk, bleeding to death.

Are they testing their god? Are they trying to prove he exists? Do they stand over the bodies and watch them transform from living to dead meat, waiting? But they are blind. If Death itself showed up to collect their victims, they would be unable to see it. There is no cure for nihilism, it seems, but death itself. There is a paradox and an irony buried in that somewhere.

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It came to me with an incontrovertible certainty, as these feelings always do, those gut feelings that are always right, you know the ones, the ones you always kick yourself for ignoring after the fact, that religion is merely the formalized ritual of hating god.

Whoa, you might be saying to yourself right now. Hang on there, Darkvstar, that is a real giant leap off the cliff of logic.

I know. I said the same thing to myself. How can you think that? These people are earnest and honest in their faith. They say they love god and do everything in the name of whatever entity they have labeled god. Their belief is absolute. Unshakable. They have the books, after all. They will bludgeon you about the ears with their favorite book to prove the weight of its veracity.

But everything they believe, the core precepts that the fanatics and fundamentalists of whatever religion you can name, those who know the books from front to back like the back of their hand, holding this to be the only Truth, trumping all other Truths, is excruciatingly wrong and/or just badly misunderstood.

Listen. If you find yourself locked in a dark room with a bunch of your like minded believers, waiting for the rapture for the umpteenth time, maybe you are missing the point. If your belief system cannot accommodate physics or quantum mechanics or the nature of life in all its glorious interconnectedness from the little virus to the sentient interaction of solar systems and galaxies (trust me on this one) then you need to re-evaluate that belief. If you can say with perfect certainty that your god is omnipotent and infinite and timeless then why does the concept of  pan-dimensional interaction outside of the constraints of time choke you so hard on the way down? Should we call beings who can play with space/time god? Probably not. Maybe Mother would be a better word. But it does not make such a being any less god-like, even if you have to describe it using science. Is not god, by human definition, anything that influences space/time towards less chaos and more order? Perhaps we should include in our language lexicon the word for being who has made that leap in evolution and has figured out how to manifest real change.

If your belief system must be limited by what is written by a bunch of philosophers grounded in theory but lacking real world experience and holy men whacked out on hallucinogens, writing things they can only guess at and whose imagery is as real as any dream, which is to say, highly alegorical and subject to the afore- mentioned disconnect induced by quantum thinking, and you know this, will freely admit to it, but cannot seem to admit that not everything in the universe is written down in your books and there may be some gaping holes in the information supplied therein. That writers from more two thousand years ago may not have yet had the language or the concepts to describe a state of being that we only just now have been able to guess at because we finally have the technology to study the infinitely small and the infinitely huge and we still, as humans, have yet to find the limits of space/time and still stand  and look up in awe and wonder under the midnight sky knowing we stand on the edge of an ocean of stars whose light was created billions of years in the past and that we still don’t have all the answers to the questions of how and why.

If your belief system has you ever on guard against evil and demons and Satan, threatening you with hellfire and damnation, it only forces me to believe that, like the pedophile who is the first to stand up and point fingers accusing others of perverted thoughts, or the cop who has spent a lifetime hunting down law breakers and who has become so toxic and infected by the association with the dregs of society that he has become just as evil as the evil doers, like the Inquisitors of Spain or the witch burners of the Dark Ages, stooping to torture and murder under the guise of holiness, surely your books have led you astray. A book that teaches you to hate and kill has already taken you down the path that is about as un-godlike as any human can get. No being, if they were truly god, would encourage its children into self destruction nor do they have favorites, granting privilege to the few over the many. Gods, unlike humans, do not eat their children. Perhaps you should use this as a measuring stick when considering your next god candidate.

Perhaps the most disturbing twisted logic that comes out of formalized religion is the belief that heaven is a closed club and only the key holders can enter. First off, the idea of heaven is just as toxic as the idea of hell. This is truly as wrong headed as the atheistic belief that this life is all there is and that when the lights go out, that’s it. Done. End of story. Really? Perhaps, the best way to describe the nature of your higher state of existence  is to say you are a white mouse akin to Douglas Adams’ mice in Hitchhiker’s Guide. A very big thing trying to fit in a very small place. Or you are an avatar in a game that you don’t remember agreeing to play, but here you are, so you must have signed on the dotted line somewhere, and the only way to get out of the game is to win. But there are all these hidden treasure and clues behind locked doors and you don’t have the keys. You gotta play the game over and over again until all the cookies have been found. Play the game, solve the puzzles, rescue the damsels in distress, ride the carousels, work hard, never give up and you will acquire the skills to unlock the doors and go home. Stuck? There are clues and cheat codes embedded in the fabric of this game/reality well. What kind of fool would you be if you just sat down and waited for the game matrix to set you free? Every time you died, you would find yourself back in the same spot, like an endless game of Portal, where you see the back of your body leaving the room as you enter. Gah! That is the scariest thing I can think of and I know a lot of scary things. (The Buddhists would argue that the room is the point and that you must find bliss within it. I would argue that if that was all you wanted, you could have just as easily been born a dolphin or a whale. The point of being Human is to strive. It is inherent in our nature, finding ourselves at the bottom of the stairway, to begin climbing.)

Life on this planet was not always as you see it now. Things of power used to walk freely here. Power aggregated in real spots. Those places of power still exist. Most of them have a temple or a church or a stone henge built upon it. (The priests and priestesses of old were not stupid. I can only imagine the first time a power site was fenced in and admission charges assessed to all the enlightenment seekers. Trust me. The Jews, Muslims and the Christians only mimicked their predecessors. It has taken more than 10,000 years to get this f*cked up.)

The Mother who incepted Life here never left. Anyone who had the inclination could hear her. Life was simple. Everyone knew they were intimately connected to all Life and made decisions accordingly. It was patently obvious where one stood amidst all this stuff and humans all took true joy in that knowledge. The planet never stopped loving us, talking to us, whispering in our ears. We just stopped listening to her. Before churches and temples, before priest and priestesses, before we bound the magic and burned Her teachers, before priest and sorcerer meant the same thing, we listened. Each and every one of us. We knew that no one was going to lead us by the hand or intercede on our behalf with our OneMother. We talked to our higher beings all the time, and through this, we touched god. There was no separation, no disconnect.

Oh, sure. Life was hard. The planet wanted to eat you and usually did in the end. You cursed god for your troubles and then created a religion to put that hate into play. But inventing religion made you blind and only postponed the inevitable

Oh, don’t get me wrong. Religions were not totally useless. Blinded as we were, perhaps we needed this time alone, here in the dark with nothing but our thoughts and the whispers out of the Chaos of the Void. Nobody really wants to grow up and take up responsibility when they are living at home and having all their needs met. Maybe we needed the tough love. Was this era of religious fervor like unto the kid getting no dessert or having to stand in the corner. Did we learned anything from it?

Here we are, the last room in Portal, you got your cake. Now you get to see what the game was really about. Perhaps you won’t have to die and hit the reset button to find out.

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