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Another Tibetan has set himself on fire. That makes 11 in 11 months and 16 since 2009.

So what, the rabid atheists say. Another fool seduced by another foolish religion. Thousands of people die everyday in far more horrific ways. Why should we care? (I cannot tell you how sad that makes me, knowing that anyone could become so casually indifferent to death and suffering.)

Of course, the protest in Tibet is not just about religious freedom. It is about the genocide of a people. It is about wiping a unique culture off the face of the planet and out of the minds of men. Oh, but then, those who have been Bible born and raised would not be shocked by this. It is no different than the Israelite armies, led by Moses, then Joshua, then Judah, marching through the Middle East and killing every man, woman and child that dared to be different from them, putting Genghis Khan to shame and making him seem a slacker. Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers is a proud recounting of a ruthless and bloodthirsty mob and all the societies they wiped from the planet forever. (Have I not said before that The Lord of the Flies was just a retelling of the story of Moses in the desert?)

Why should we care about Tibet? If Tibet were an animal it would be the tiger. (Few left in the wild, most in zoos.) There are Tibetans free to dress and act like Tibetans but they do not live in Tibet. What would we lose, if we allowed Tibet die? It might be a good question to ask BEFORE Tibet disappears under China’s bulldozers.

Actually Kurt Vonnegut explained it the best. In Slaughterhouse Five, the Tralfamadorians explain to Billy Pilgrim that they have five sexes but that humans have many more and that it takes all the sexes to make a baby. Humans don’t realize this because most of the sexual energy exists in other dimensions.

Too ironic?

Perhaps a study of the social dynamic of the Sioux horse culture would be better suited. Even the smallest of bands had a chief and a medicine woman and a shaman along with all the warriors and maidens and wives and wise old men. These leaders were not elected, nor were they self appointed. They were leaders because of all the members of the tribe, these were the ones best suited for the role. Nor were they autocratic and dictatorial. The people, having integrated their spirituality into their everyday life, only came to them in times of need. The leaders and holy people were not a drain on their society because they served a very real and valuable purpose. Like Tibet of the old days, the Sioux encouraged their people to regularly leave their rational, logic mind and explore the universe with the right brain.

The brain is like a house. The frontal cortex is the place where we build walls that keep the rest of the world out. There is no blurring of boundaries. The “I” of us is very clear. But the closer you get to the central core of the brain, the closer you get to the “back door” that is open to the pan-dimensional universe, the more you realize you are hanging bare-arsed and naked in the infinite void for all to see. The right brain seems to be the place we use most when we go “traveling”. It is the place where we connect to the rest of our “self” that we left behind when we crossed the veil into human birth.

All the knowledge of the infinite is available to you if you are willing to find that open door and fall out of your mind.

Vonnegut knew this. The Sioux knew this. Most of the ancient peoples knew this.  Tibet was one of those places where that idea was integrated into everyday life. Maybe because they were so far up into the sky, that much further away from the chaos of the fecundity of  life at sea level, that much closer to the stars, where the air is thinner and life is harder and the pattern of the circle of life was etched ever so much more deeply into every act and motion. Up at the top of the world where the air is thinner and gravity does not drag you down as much, they developed a way of life that acknowledged and celebrated the Patterning of the Oneverse. It was reflected in every aspect of the way they lived, right down to the color and pattern of their clothing. Mao knew this. The first thing he did when his men blitzkrieged their way into Tibet was ban the outward trappings of being a native Tibetan. (A devastating blow, as the Sioux will tell you, having had their children taken from them, long hair cut off, dressed in white man’s clothes and taught in white man’s schools, effectively wiping out a culture by erasing a language. Genocide is not just about body count.)

Why is Tibet important? Because mankind needed them to do what they did best, unnoticed yet important, like Vonnegut’s pan-dimensional sex.

Because, just by waking up and walking through their day, they were keeping the Patterning of the Oneverse alive in the universe.

What do they say about freedom? That you have to fight for it everyday otherwise it will be taken from you. Holding back the chaos is very much like that. It nibbles at the edges of your life, eroding it, day by day, minute by minute, until nothing is left. You keep it at bay with the little things you do every day. Wake up, brush your teeth, wash your face, eat, do the dishes, dust and sweep and mop and do the laundry, water the plants, mow the lawn, weed the flower beds, call your mom, read a bedtime story to your children before you kiss them goodnight. You mark you place in the universe with your intentions and your actions and your wishes. The cancer of the unending nothingness that is chaos cannot break this pattern, not easily anyway.

It has been over fifty years since China walked into Tibet and destroyed the Pattern Keepers. The magic was thousands of years in the making. It would take more than a little bit of genocide to wipe it away. But China has been diligent and everyone else has turned a blind eye to the destruction of something irreplaceable. It is only now, half a century later, that we look around and begin to notice that chaos is winning.

Who will beat back the chaos now?


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I used to study kung fu. I wanted to the modern version of an Amazon warrior. Why not, right? I had never thought of myself as limited by my sex. I grew up in an extended family of powerful, self actualized women, in which our mothers and grandmothers refused to stay in the safe little box society had given them, daring to go to college when most men had barely an eighth grade education, daring to travel into the wilds of Montana to become homesteaders and being successful at it against all odds, helping to build a state whose history was replete with women doing a man’s job and doing it well, long before anyone had invented the word suffragette.

Then came the feminist revolution and I watched while the really cool older girls burned their bras and I thought, yeah, the whole gender role thing is a bunch of hooey created by men to keep us subjugated. I figured, and rightly so, that the only limits were the ones I put on myself.

But the kung fu warrior thing just didn’t work out. I got all the way up to brown belt before I surrendered, forced to admit that maybe women aren’t meant to do certain things. Oh, I liked the sparring. I took on guys two feet tall and twice as heavy. I was fearless and when I was on the floor I felt no pain. It was afterward, as I stood in front of the mirror and inspected my bruises and groaned every time I got my hips in one position that I realized I was kidding myself. Women, during their reproductive years, cycle through a wonderful soup of hormones that help her be fertile. These hormones also soften connective tissue and cause extreme bruising from only minor contact. Full contact sports is twice as destructive on a female body as a man’s and can only be recommended for the under thirty crowd who heal faster.

Our bodies limit us in other ways. There is that pesky layer of fat and the internal thermostat that ensures our babies survivie for the nine months they need in the womb. It makes us better marathon runners and long distance hikers but it also makes us suseptible to heat stroke and heat exhaustion long before men succumb to the malady under the same conditions. Oh, you can diet and exercise until even that fat is gone but you loose your menses and get early onset menopause, in which your bones turn brittle like a 90 year old woman virtually overnight.

And that is just the physical differences. The differences in brain function are doubly dramatic. Every living person between the ages of 12 and 45 views the world through a haze of chemically induced delusions that ensure just one thing; that the species survives, thrives and like a virus, expands until it exploits every corner of planet. Women, because of the cycle of hormones, have  a window of sanity once a month where she can look around and check off the stuff on her list under “How am I doing?” Civilization was created for and by this sanity, not, as the men like to tell you, by the power of beer.

The power of logic demands order and those rules of order control our hormone poisoned brains and keep them from devolving humans back into a species as mindlessly violent as the chimp. They are not arbitrary rules but a formalized reiteration of our natural rules of engagement in a human group. We did not start out with the intent of marginalizing either males or females.

The rules of the group consensus gave rise to laws. Laws rose up out of the need to curb the human propensity to kill their brothers, f*ck their sisters, and eat their young in the fits of competitive aggression. Think of the rule of law as a formalized “kill switch” for the natural, aggressive, and extreme proclivities of human sexuality.

Rethink the biblical story of Moses. Here he was, a well educated member of the ruling class, burdened with thousands of freed slaves who had lived under the boots of their masters so long they had forgotten how to behave. They knew how to be slaves but they were absolutely clueless about how to be free men. Things started going all “Lord of the Flies” and Moses had to come up with something quick otherwise they were all going to die out in that desert. So he went up the mountain, cut himself a couple of rocks and chiseled a few basic no-brainer rules into the stone and called them the Ten Commandments. Ta dah! Civilization for Dummies.

Baby steps. That’s the only way to pull yourself out of muck at the bottom of the cesspool or the genetic pool.

Before the world rips their assumptions to threads, all little girls start out thinking that the only difference between girls and boys is the plumbing. We assume that our brains function in the same manner. That we approach problem solving with the same skill sets. We think we can be “just friends” with our male friend while the male friend, his brain the forever optimist, secretly always hopes for more.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I totally believe that children, while their brain is still developing (the under 25 crowd) should role play and allow their natural curiosity to lead them on explorations of every nook and cranny that is opened to them, be they sexual, social, or theological with no long term consequences. Experience is a better teacher than rule following, after all.

But I have become a realist. Experience has made me so.

My generation of women grew up with the very real and the ever present threats of nuclear war and human extinction hanging over our heads. Our fathers and grandfathers had perfected genocide as a natural progression of a very twisted form of sperm competition. It was in this that the modern Feminist movement was germinated and first began to grow.

It was only natural that we, as mothers, would use our children as test rats in our own personal sociology experiments. We tried to inoculate our male children against the viral thinking of war. Our fathers may have been raised on a steady diet of John Wayne movies and cowboy flicks full of guns and swords, where death was a bloodless thing not unlike little boys playing war in the back yard. Not our children. Toys of war were not allowed in our houses. John Wayne was banned to be replaced by the grimmer and more real fair, where people bled when they were hurt and never healed, and far off  and unseen battles destroyed lives, where mothers had to burying their children because men had created a dance of violence so pervasive it included women and children in its destruction. (The Godfather, A Clockwork Orange, Apocalypse Now, The Deer Hunter, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest … )

Then George Lucas created Star Wars and seduced us all with his light sabers and his laser guns and his bloodless deaths. Curse you, George. We gave up, not because Star Wars was necessarily a great magnum opus but because we had already discovered that nurture could not overwrite nature. That our enormous brains and prodigious intelligence was no match for DNA and hormones. How many mothers watched their toddler sons pick up the dolly or the tinker toy and fashion a gun with which to point at his imaginary opponent while uttering the universal words of destruction.  “Pew pew”, my son said. I knew I had lost.

Having weathered the Feminist Revolution and watched the Equal Rights Amendment die under the heels of men terrified by the very idea of women competeing with them at their own game, and then watched as the whole movement turn into a quasi-lesbian hate fest in which men became our enemies and hard and hateful things were said by women forgetting that their own sons, whom they loved, were sitting in the same room, listening to the words that would emasculate them.

We had fought the war for our own freedom and taken ground from the power brokers. Like old soldiers, we retired from the field of battle, exhausted and forgotten. We waited for our daughters to take up the fight but it was not to be. They were too busy exploring the limits of the new terrain we had freed up for them. This was right and we were content.

There is a new battle cry for gender equality echoing through the youth of today. I am reminded of the slaves that Moses brought out of Egypt. The old rules have been forgotten. All they remember is what the powered elite have told them and they have rightly figured out that most of this was lies. There is no Moses to come down from the mountain to tell them what to do so they are busy trying to chisel out their own rules, new rules, not realizing that it has been done a thousand times before and that as much as the fire of idealism burns in your veins, it cannot overwrite the fire that burns in their loins and sometimes those two forces are in direct opposition.

There can be no such thing as gender equality. It is physically impossible. What we can have, however, is a world in which there are no limits placed upon the minds and bodies of those who would strive towards greatness. Men and women do not want to be equal. We want to be free to be who we are. We don’t want a level playing field. We want our own field. We don’t want to take your ball and try to beat you at your own game. We think your game is dumb and we wish you would stop trying to make us play it.

Further reading:  Here is a brief summary of how the behavior of risk taking in a male brain, while advantageous to a hunter or a warrior, can steer him wrong in modern civilization:  Why women are better (and men are worse) at some things.

Further viewing: Feminism and Male disposability  This is a well thought out treatise about how men are abused and downtrodden by society based on the wrong headed assumption that women invented the laws that keep everyone locked in rigid gender roles.

and under why things are as they are: male sexual aggression disrupts social networks

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