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The Christian ethic of crime and punishment is Bible based. (And if thine eye causeth thee to stumble, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: it is good for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into the hell of fire – Mathew 12:18). 

The muslim belief system is no better. (As to the thief, Male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime: and Allah is Exalted in power. – Quran 5:38)

Religious fanaticism has no place in the logic of law. The social rule of order and the intricacies of the functioning human dynamic inside and outside the hive mind is best left to the intellectuals who have not been seduced into thinking they have been granted divine right to rule through retribution.

Why? Because we are One. This idea of Oneness goes beyond the Buddhist idea of the blurring of boundaries or seeing ourselves mirrored in the eyes of another. If you open up the doors in the place in your brain that perceives the idea and the concepts of god-ness, if you fall out of your mind and touch what lies beyond, if you suck this uber-existence in as an extension of your mind and body and ego, you will perceive the universe and all that it contains as a part of your “body”, as a part of your “I” awareness.

If you got a blister on your toe would you cut the toe off? No. Of course not. You would perceive the injury as a warning that you were doing something too extreme for the limits of your human body and that you needed to alter your behavior. Would you cut out your eye? Never. Self induced blindness is the epitome of Darwinian culling. It is a sign that you are too stupid to procreate.

And in the existential Oneness, can one truly be a thief, if the system is a closed system and all beings are projections of one’s self? Think about that. Trippy, huh? Puts a kink in the idea of ownership.

So why, one wonders, did we embrace the idea of punishment? And why, oh, why did we invent the most vile of human aberrations in self containment, prisons? Was it the projection of a small group of self loathing priests, enmeshed in their death cult religions, their doctrine full of hate and revilement, their books and churches hung with vivisected Christs? Perhaps.

Funny things happen when you stick a human in an empty cell and hand him a whip, telling him he must abase himself before his god and punish his flesh to drive out his animal needs or have him crawl on hands and knees for miles as penitence for an imagined sin. The brain starts producing this incredible soup of chemicals that feels like transcendence. It is just the precursor to death, but we call it nirvana all the same. It would be better we handed out natural hallucinogens instead of bread and wine as our sacramental meals before every religious ceremony.

Imagine if we were to return to sanity as a society and abolish the idea of crime and punishment and prison and retribution. What would it look like? How would we go about maintaining an orderly society?

This is a trick question, of course. A healthy society would have no need for any of that. Why? Because it is hard wired into our nature to live in harmony with the synergy of the One.

But wait, you say. Look about you. We are going to hell in the proverbial hand basket. Things are falling apart. Chaos and mayhem rule the day.

Yes. We have a blister on our collective toe. Well, more than a few blisters, to be truthful. How do we solve our problems? We have to “act as if”.

If there were no prisons, we would have to solve your crime problems in other ways. Instead of demanding retribution, we would have to see crime as a symptom of an illness and heal the illness.

If there were no prisons we would have to see with our eyes and look with our hearts. We would see that the human beings we have shuffled off the stage and swept under the rug cannot be ignored, no matter how high we build the prison walls. Our prison population is like our deranged wife hidden in the attic and just like the cruel and unconscionable husband in Jane Eyre, we pretend she is dead or never really existed at all. Knowing the tragedy of Jane’s life, one can only project that all woman of the era lived tortured lives and that some were not so stalwart as Jane and broke under the burden of their tormented lives. Should we hate the crazy lady? No. There but for the grace of god, as they say.

If there were no laws that required punishment there would be no prisons. But let’s take that idea one step further. If society functioned in a healthy manner, there would be no laws, therefore no need for a government or a political body that ruled by edict. Human existence is a consensus reality, after all. We believe we exist and we teach our children that they exist alongside us, as co-creators of this reality. The first thing we teach any baby is how to see the world. The baby must trust that what you tell it is the truth. All else in this reality well rises from this simple act of faith.

Teaching. If the barbaric, un-evolved practices of crime and punishment ceased to exist, what would replace it? Teachers. Social healers. Shamanic voices standing as sign posts in on the crossroads of human development pointing in the right direction. Cassandra-esque doomsayers standing guard before the gates that lead us down the wrong path, intoning dire things like “Abandon all hope, ye who pass here.” Mentors who would guide those who stray. Compassionate judges who would vet our arguments and listen to our extenuating circumstances with unbiased and loving hearts.

Look about you. What is the thing we have hidden in the darkest part of the highest room in our collective attics? What is being ground into the dust under the boot heels of the ruling elite? It is the Divine Feminine. If you listen hard enough, you can hear her. That’s her, moaning and keening in the dead of night. That is her, haunting the castle, setting fire to the bed curtains.

You best set her free and listen to her wisdom. She is not above burning the house down to get your attention.

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Everyone should practice self medication whenever possible. If one is in-tune with one’s body, consuming anything should be intuitive. Don’t worry. Animals self medicate all the time. Horses, reindeer, etc. When was the last time you saw a wild horse junkie?

Treatment for Alcoholism

Treatment for cluster headaches

Treatment for depression

Treatment for anxiety

Treatment of Alzheimers and chronic pain

How does it work? The scientist seem mystified but I think it is fairly obvious. When you rip away the artificial construct of the ego and the conscious brain and scramble the ability of the frontal cortex to process linear logic, then the rest of the brain comes into play. There, we are connected by this strange and misunderstood ability of the human brain to communicate on a quantum level with all existence, past, present and future. Space and time cease to have meaning.

After that it is just a matter of letting go and allowing your body to do what it does best. Heal itself. Where the mind goes the body will follow. Out in the limitlessness of the universe, we find order in the midst of chaos. Pain is put into perspective and dims in the context of the infinite mind. Things that we have been ignoring come to the forefront and are confronted and moved through.

But most of all, remember that self medication is intuitive. If it feels wrong, don’t do it.

Caution: strong hallucinogens, as the followers of the Grateful Dead will tell you, require a Captain Trips, that sober guy who you trust to keep you safe. In the old days, it was the village shaman or medicine woman.

Also, remember that a little goes a long way. One dose can relieve symptoms for months or heal them all together.

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