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whoa deja vu

If we are all just avatars in a computer simulation set up and run by future humans on some super massive super computer, then one must consider how to play the game.

You could play by the rules, but how boring would that be. Ten million Ground Hog Days later you would be curled up in a little ball talking to yourself.

You could find the cheat codes that gave you all the points, all the power, all the extra lives, all the money, all the stuff, but that would be doubly boring. What do you do with all that stuff? How many gold plated toilets does a person need, after all?

The truly brilliant way to play the game is to get the cheat code that lets you reprogram the Matrix. Imagine how much fun you would have if you could play the game any way you wanted.

Next time you think that things just got all wacked out of kilter and the timeline just went spinning off into the surreal, perhaps you should wonder which one of us has the cheat code that controls the game.



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