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Governments and the taxes they inflict should be like a symbiote  A foreign invader to the body which one tolerates because the benefits outweigh the costs to the individual.

That’s what we had. Oh sure, our tax bite was big but grandma had a place to live and food on the table. We complained about every penny but we did nothing because the poor kids had food on the table and single mothers could stay home and raise their babies. The guys in office from the mayor to the president seemed as crooked as a sidewinder on hot sand but, dude, the roads were paved and the water ran clean out of our taps and the shit went somewhere when we flushed the toilets. And we were safe because that expensive army was keeping the marauders at bay.

When does a symbiote become a parasite?

Was it when grandma’s house became a bug infested tenement apartment and the only food on her table was the bags of Ramen and an occasional can of discount cat food? Was it when the single mom had to make a choice between feeding her children or finding them daycare or going to the doctor? Perhaps it was when the working poor chose not to have children because they truly could not afford them, leaving child bearing to the rich and the teenage children too ignorant and too poor to afford birth control thus creating a chasm between the classes which will never be crossed, no matter how boot strappy one gets. Perhaps it was when you looked back with envy to the days of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson when we actually had a functioning library, post office and public education system.

But things are far worse than that now. We might have dealt with the parasite. At least we understood it. Unfortunately the parasite is long gone.  Now we need to deal with the vile predator chewing our foot off. We do nothing because it seems so illogical. Why kill the thing that feeds you? Once it is dead, the predator will starve as well.

Really. Do you see how nonsensical we are being? Why are we trying to negotiate with the thing with teeth and an infinite appetite?

Listen. These are the words of an insane person: “OK. You can have my toes and all the fingers on my left hand but then after that you must stop eating me.”


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Sand is for building sand castles. That is the answer. You know. The answer to the big question. Life, the Universe, and Everything. The explanation of the number 42. That question.

It is not any more complicated than that.

I know. I know. This will piss you off if you have spent a lifetime dissecting the observable universe down to its last Higgs Bosun particle in search of an explanation.

But any witch worth her salt would tell you that even if you vivisected the Goose who Laid the Golden Egg, slicing with your scalpel down to her last atom, you would never find the spark that created the egg.

The thing you are looking for is inside you. It is inside all of us. It is the thread that runs through everything. You are the Oneverse. Focusing your lenses out or in only leads you back to this beginning.

Have I told you lately that the Oneverse has a wicked sense of humor? She does. I hear her giggling all the time.


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wounded heart

Grief is a terrible thing. Sometimes it is just a little ache. Easy enough to face. Easy enough to deal with. Easy enough to process and move on.

Then there is the opposite kind. The kind that tears you apart and destroys your soul. The kind that leaves you bleeding on the floor, hands clenched around the gaping wound in your heart.

There are ways to survive this. Run. Run hard and fast and never let the grief catch up to you. Until you are ready. Until the agony has turned to a bearable ache. Until you can get yourself into a good place in your heart and mind. Until you can get yourself safe. Then you can stop to weep.

Oh, yeah. That running? That is the obsession of addiction. Do not judge.  Addicts are not sick. They are just trying to stay alive.

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Democracy was a wonderful baby step on the path to sentience but it is a failed system because it is Ego driven and without soul.

Capitalism without divine connection is merely cannibalism, brutal and ugly.

Communism, while seeming like a good idea on paper, was destined to fail because it lacked the unifying concept of the Hive Mind and brutally suppressed any quest to reach such a state of heightened awareness and eventually devolved into cold, hard chaos.

Where do we go from here?

Well, it helps to remember that paradox is the engine that drives the Universe.

How do you achieve the next step of human civilization? You must take the cult of the Individual to its extreme.

The divine theory of unity goes something like this:

The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many. Only then can everyone be happy. (The forms that our groups take are ultimately meaningless if every single unit within that form is absolutely and utterly free to achieve self actualization. A self aware, self actualized human, centered within the state of its own divine connection to the Oneverse, will gravitate to others of like minded thought and this confluence with form its own reality well in which all individuals, while performing in synergy, will be the bright and shiny stars of their own realities.)

The One Rule:

Do as you will but harm none.

Well, you might say, that is all fine and good on an esoteric level but how do you make this happen? You can’t just grant full autonomy to every human upon birth.

No. Sentient humans are not born. They are nurtured, as one would nurture the roses in your garden.

The human body totally replaces itself every seven years. (It is not so dramatic as a snake shedding its skin but it is tantamount to the same thing.) Oddly enough, this seven year cycle has its mirror in the development of the individual human’s quest for sentience.

How to grow a sentient human:

Infant: Years birth to Seven. Discovering the “I am”.

The infant is coddles and held close. Each step is encouraged and nurtured and celebrated. There is always a hand ready to catch you if you stumble. The infant learns vital lesson of survival. Fire burns, wind blows, water drowns.

Mimic: Years seven to fourteen. Discovering empathy.

The infant turned mimic learns that there is more to the Universe than just the “I”. They learn boundaries. Having them and respecting them in others. They are allowed to fail and then learn to accept the consequences and the responsibilities of such failures. They discover group play. They don masks, mimicking adult behavior, and then change the mask for another on almost a daily basis. They discover they better at some things than others.

Explorer: Years fourteen to Twenty One. Discovering Synergy.

The mimic, having discovered their passions, go exploring. They find others of similar passions and form tribes and gangs and teams and clubs. They compete, striving to be the best hence discovering what they excel at. It is only through competition, (resistance) that one learns to shine their brightest.They are encouraged to build and create. They are given free reign to explore the act of creation on all levels.  They practice partnerships and learn that a successful one on one relationship is the hardest endeavor. They learn to keep themselves happy while serving the needs of another. They fall into and out of relationships as easily as changing shirts. They go walkabout and come back.

Specialists: Years twenty-one to twenty eight. Baby steps into adulthood.

The Explorer is done experimenting. They take their passions and manifests them into the world. They goes walkabout and might not return. They create their own nests. They become specialist in things that bring them joy. They become gradually aware that the Universe is a living, breathing thing and that all things are one, thus coming full circle back to the moment of birth. As they once experimented with relationship with others, so now do they experiment with connection to the Oneverse. Shamanic journeys and mind altering drugs are encouraged.

Adults: twenty eight and beyond. Being Sentient.

With learned wisdom and self awareness solidly under their belt they are set free. From this day forward there is just one rule. Do as you will but harm none. Having learned all the lessons of Infant, Mimic, Explorer, and Specialist, the individual takes their passions and manifest them into the world.

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Humans are to their governments as snakes are to their skin. It is needful to shed them on a regular basis to get rid of the ticks and scars and itchy spots. The skin? The skin, once shed, is irrelevant. Just walk away.


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Human life is merely the mission between resting places in the biggest  massively multiplayer Oneverse roleplaying game (MMORPG) in existence  Figure out the Point, the purpose of the mission, complete it, and move on or fail utterly, die, and be doomed to repeat the same mission over and over again until you are successful. There are no cheat codes (well almost none, but we will discuss that at another time.)  After each stage, you, or the you that is the merest sliver of a fingernail of the bigger you that occupies the infinite space/time of the resting places returns, bringing all that you have learned to add to the greater Whole.

What will I bring back to Myself this time? Profound disappointment.

Listen Self. Have no expectations. Depend on nothing but the kindness of strangers. All else is smoke and ash.

If I come back again, I will be something utterly terrifying. Galadriel had it right. She should have kept the One Ring. She would have remade the world, not because it offended her and certainly not because she hated it. The exact opposite is true. She would have remade the world because it disappointed her in the most profound way.

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