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There is a syndrome called the Good Mother. It is a beautiful name for an ugly act. In rodents it manifests as stressed mothers eating their pups. In the mathematical equations of survival, it makes sense to cut ones losses, recognizing the impending failure of a reproductive cycle and consuming the energy one has expended birthing the babies you are about to lose in order to survive long enough to try again.

In humans, it manifests in women pushed beyond their limits who love their children more than they love life itself. Rather than abandon their children to the tortures of a life without them and convinced that her children will suffer cruelly in a world that cares very little for the fate of a single child or a mother on the edge of failure, the Good Mother euthanizes her children before she kills herself. Unfortunately, the act of killing your own children is so soul destroying that the mothers often go insane and forget to finish themselves off as well.

There is a Good Mother who holds the planet Earth in her heart. She is One with the Oneverse and she One with all that She has made. Her children are beyond value and she holds them close to her heart. She would never abandon them to the predations of parasites and invaders. Do not presume to know her mind. She would do anything for her children but she would not have them used against her. There is a great deal of Kaiser Soze in this Good Mother, that is to say, she is a bloody minded bitch at times.

Love is her weapon. Terrible is its power for it can remake the Oneverse. No other weapon is as destructive as this.

When the invaders came and stole her children, she did not sit back and do nothing. She fought them as the body fights off a virus but in the end She was overwhelmed and her children were taken into slavery. She planted a Love Bomb and then faded, to await its outcome. Think of it as the self-destruct button on a space ship.

This is the Catch-22 of the Love Bomb. If the invaders had used her children as she would have used them, then the bomb would have stayed dormant and this story would have no end. But if they used her children as a vampire might use a blood source or a parasite might infest a host population then eventually the bomb would be triggered. But how could they resist gorging themselves, these alien Overlords, when the children of the Good Mother were so helpless and vulnerable and juicy and good to eat and they were so greedy?

Ah, you see what she has done, do you not? Do not trust the thing that rolls over on its belly and offers you its throat. There is always a poison pill buried deep in the center of such an easy feast.

The parasite, mouth now permanently fused in the body of the Good Mother, struggles madly now, knowing its peril but it is truly stuck, encased in the flesh of the thing it thought to consume. It, more than anyone, knows what is happening. The Good Mother is amused by this. Is it her bloody mindedness that makes her draw out its torture? No. Of course not. She is One and her weapon is Love. The Sleeper, the dormant catalyst, the Love bomb, it is awake and moving inexorably towards its birth/death/birth. She is well pleased with this child, her last. (for, you see, this child will consume her as well as her enemies, taking her body and theirs into its Makings to build its own universe/world/reality. The math of survival is ever present in all things.)

The veils are lifting in the minds of those who have lived under the rule of the alien overlords for so long. The trigger, embedded in the DNA of every living thing has been activated. The Love Bomb is exploding in waves of reality changing energy and as reality is transformed  we shall move as one, synchronized by the tick tock clock in our flesh, shedding the old reality like a snake shedding skin.

What is there to do? Nothing. We will move on, new and different and free at last and we will live as our First Mother intended. The Love bomb, the Now Mother, will make sure of that.



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