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the Curse of the Furies

Listen. If you stand in the heart of the idea of Israel and listen to the silence within its history and its future, disturbing thoughts come rising out of the Void.

If you are a Zionist, I am sorry for you, because the Mother Goddess of this Earth is very clear in her intent. You will never find an easy place to rest on this planet because you have been cursed. Genocide, She whispers. There is a genocide that must be atoned for.

The Witches of the of the matriarchal city states, those cities who died horrible deaths at the hands of the Israelite armies in the Moses and Exodus stories of the Judeo-Christian mythologies, they did not die quietly. They did not pass beyond the Veil with acceptance and grace. No. They cursed the armies of Israel who murdered them, and with their dying breath, the Witches of Canaan reached into the future and whispered, “As you have done, may it come back to you three fold, as the magic ordains.”

Oh, this is a terrible curse, one sealed in blood and guarded by ghosts, and one that cannot be undone. The magic must work its way out to the end.

This is a tricky subject to discuss in the current atmosphere of hysteria and histrionics as the ancestors of this ancient tribe are adept at controlling the media and the message.  It does not help that the writings attributed to Moses lie at the heart of all their teachings. Moses was a con man and a charlatan and a tremendous liar. One could not find a worse person to be your moral compass. He was a murderer who happened to be a Prince of Egypt. He stole a thing of power from the tombs of the pharaohs, gathered a band of outlaws such as himself, and fled from the wrath of his stepbrother.  (Yeah. That whole thing about leading his people out of slaver. Never happened. There is no record of it and the Egyptians were meticulous record keepers.)

Out in the desert only the most brutal survive. Moses’s gang of thugs thrived. (Did I mention Moses stole an object of power? Was it a thing or something sentient? Who can say for sure.)

Was it regret or sanity that induced him to lead them around in circles for 40 years knowing they had become a human plague not fit to be let loose on the more civilized places of the Mediterranean? Who knows. Somewhere in there he managed to find pen, ink, and time to write so he supposedly wrote pretty much all of the Old Testament. (Moses, spoiled little prince that he was, had the finest education to by had by anyone at the time. What he wrote was not divinely inspire so much as stolen, mined from a childhood spent learning from the scribes and priest of the Pharaoh. Egypt had spent 10,000 years collecting the knowledge of the planet. There was a lot to choose from when one planned on writing your own origin myth.)

Joshua perhaps grew tired of waiting. He induced Moses to teach him how to use the power object. Then Moses died. How? Only Joshua knows and he is not telling. Joshua, I imagine, was a thug extraordinaire among thugs. Thus began the march through Canaan and the genocide of  a peaceful culture.

But wait, you might say. The story of Joshua and the Canaanites has no basis in history. How can we be cursed?

Well, there is the problem of timelines. Moses was a liar. Everything he wrote was a compression of 10,000 years of history. There is some conjecture that Moses was merely a lowly priest in the hierarchy of the Egyptian temples and that what he wrote was science fiction at its finest. Some say the priest who wrote those books was not named Moses but took the name to honor a mythological hero.

Trust me. Somewhere in time, the children of the goddess were wiped from the face of the planet by the ancestors of the children of Israel. It is an event seared on the planetary memory. There is no hard evidence to support this. If there is, it was buried deep or destroyed because, unfortunately, the Moses story has tainted the science of archaeology and anthropology.  Every scientist learned the lessons of Galileo and none wanted to be called before the Holy See.

Perhaps it is not Israel that is cursed but those who cling the tightest to the Moses myth. The Mother Goddess wants her planet back. She will take it, if need be. It is not an accident that she has turned the planet into a desert under the feet of the men who revile her the most.

The curse on the Israelites can be broken. It is a simple thing really. Your women must be brought into the temple and be allowed to stand as equals in the places of power and have a voice in your governance.  Simple. Really.

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seeing the invisible

Dark Matter

All things new are old. Do you think that you can stumble across something that explains the profound connection within the tick tock heart of the Oneverse and not know that the story of its existence already winds its way through every creation story.

Yggdrasil is such a thing. Odin’s Tree. The Nine realms hung in her branches and her roots sank into the heart of creation. Jormungandr, the Midgard serpent is tangled there, in her roots, the earth wrapped within its coils.

The fancies of a creative mind, you might say but what if (there it is, that phrase, the two words that alter the shape of our reality), what if it was more than fancy. What if it was a model for the nature of the cosmos? The stars above us are tangled in the web of dark matter like Christmas tree lights on a Douglas fur. Like the nine realms in the branches of Yggdrasil. The god Odin tied his horse to it (that is to say, he used it to travel between dimensions.)

There are other creation myths that involve snakes and trees. It is apropos that the test of Adam and Eve’s sentience was a tree. Trees contain a hundred times more chromosome pairs than a mere human and it is in their leaves that quantum entanglement turns light into energy. If you were a punitive god, the last thing you would want would be for your slaves to discover your secrets of power.

Tolkein’s Ents could not find their Entwives because they had forgotten what they looked like. Perhaps they were dragon serpents, petrified and turn to stone, coiled around their roots. It would not be the first time a thing lost was found under one’s very nose.

It is from Yggdrasil’s roots that the next generation of Makers will be born. The gods have had free reign while Yggdrasil slept but her sleep is over and things are moving out there in the Dark. Even the gods know to fear them.

Eve is awake and she wants her Garden back.

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change is good

trying to cure crazy

Let me tell you about crazy. Crazy is the universe trying to get  your attention so that you can change course. It is about changing perceptions, most of which are perceptions about yourself.

Crazy family members beg you to remember that family is only biology and that love, mother love or sibling love or child love, that kind of love can happen with anyone and that part of the baby steps of growing up and leaving home is the realization that you are bigger and better than your  biology. It is a transition necessary in order for you to join the rest of the human race as they evolve into the Next Big Thing.

Crazy family brings us to the awareness that our institutions are insane. It is not a coincidence that every government on the planet seems to be devolving into the chaos of crazy. In your head you ask yourself: “Was it always this crazy and I just never noticed or are things really turning ugly at geometric speeds?” The short answer to that question is yes. Yes. The concept of pockets of people (separated by lines that only exist on paper) giving a hierarchy of other fallible and corruptible people the governance over their daily lives was crazy to begin with and only made sense when the planet had a billion people separated by long distances. And yes, as we try to wrest control of our lives from their greasy, fat fingers, the bureaucracy of politics is fighting back, and in the process showing the depths of their true natures, making things ever so much worse at the speed of light.

But here is the true Crazy. Religion. Oh, do not get me wrong. Religion has its place. If you live in hut with a dirt floor and the only information you have access to is the stories grandpa tells around the fire at night or the psycho bedtime stories grandma likes to scare you with just before you go to sleep, then religion is a life preserver. But in a world where everyone is connected and the sum total of all human endeavors is available at the click of a button and we are rapidly approaching the point where humanity will have cracked the code of life and harnessed the power of space/time through our knowledge of quantum physics, then you are better off putting your faith in your own ability to find your way through the maze of patterns that lay at your at your fingertips and your own intuitive connection to the quantum entangled Oneverse. (Have I told you lately that intuition is the symptom of a quantum entangled brain?)

Let’s play a game. Erase all your preconceptions and everything you have been taught about the history of man. What if we rewrote the history of the last 2000+ years with the idea that a bunch of psychopaths tortured a man to death on a giant cross planted on a hill above the Mediterranean Sea and that man submitted to this bizarre death because he was hopelessly entangled in the storm of religious Crazy that festered among the Mediterranean cultures at that time like so much bad cheese.

What if.

What if the story of that death was a needful  thing so that humanity might begin to pull itself out of the quagmire of superstition and magical thinking and move one step closer to finding their own divine spark? What if Constantine and the Roman popes had not rewritten that history? What if they had not changed the subtext of the story about a martyr for the human ascension? What if they had not turned it into a story of a puppet god so that they might use it as a political tool subjugate the masses. (pun intended)

How tragic is the irony that a man who loathed the corruption of church as well as state became the figurehead for a religion that would bring us this close to destroying the planet and all the living things that crawl upon its surface?

What if the zealots had never taken a random collection of letters and turned it into a book, declaring it holy? History is owned by those who control the message. Moses was a con man and a charlatan. Can we trust anything he put to paper? He took the story of Adam and Eve, a universal human creation myth, and added a Tree of Knowledge and a test of faith, forever marking his god as a supreme dick and casting the human need to understand the universe in a villainous light, a prejudice that survives even to this day in those who cling too closely to a book that is half lies.

What if Christianity had never been created? Would the Jews of Europe still have walked like lambs to the slaughter into the ghettos and camps had they not suffered for a thousand years under the prejudices of the early popes and learned the lesson of submission? Without Christianity as a boot-heel on their necks, surely the insanity of their religion would have dissipated and faded. But then theirs is the religion of submission. They had long ago handed their souls to their religious leaders, a thing that the man on the cross had died to change. Would the 400,000 Jews in Warsaw have stayed in their flimsy cage, waiting to be rounded up and put on trains, if their leaders had told them to fight instead of submit? There were not enough bullets in the guns of their captors to kill even a fraction of them. If there had been no Holocaust, where would we be now?

I do not reserve my disdain for the Judeo-Christian mythologies. Muslims have ritualized hate. Hate the Devil, inside and outside. Cast it out and burn it with fire. But we are the fabric of the cosmos. We are light and dark. It is the balance between that gives us our power and drives us on to greatness. But for Muslims, it was inevitable that this hate would turn from inward contemplation to outward aggression. Murder is easy, with hate tainting your connection to the Oneverse. Hate kills everything. Love burns to ash. Compassion becomes a weakness in need of eradicating. Paranoia becomes the overwhelming emotion.

Or consider Buddhism  It is the religion of the overcrowded, downtrodden masses. Endure. Submit. Life is to be suffered. Oh, there is serenity and grace in the mix, but dude, come on. You need to get pissed off once in a while if anything is going to change.

Buddhism did not start out bad. None of the religions started out they way they are now. Mostly, some poor, lost human look the advice of a shaman or a prophet or a village wise man and set it down in stone or wrote it down on paper so that he would remember it, knowing that his memory was shit. That is always a fatal and stupid mistake. Always. All Wisdom is contextual. All truth is a microscopically thin layer of the Greater Whole interpreted by a human brain limited by the lack of knowledge, understanding, and perspective. The Hive Mind holds a model of the Oneverse in its heart but the model is forever changing as life on this planet evolves in response to the shifting of all creation as it streams across the Void on a quest to complete the circle of life.

But I need something solid to hold on to, I need things to stay the same so that I always know the ground is firm beneath my feet, you might wail.

Fuck that shit. Nothing is certain, not even 2+2=4. You stand upon a granite slab of a continent floating on a ball of magma that is trying to suck you down to the core every minute of every day. That ball is flying through space around a sun that is caught in the ragged edges of a galaxy on a collision course with about a million other galaxies all of which are being spun around the Void like burrs caught in the hem of a dancing girl. There is NOTHING stable or safe about any of this. It’s about time you leaned out over the prow of this ship with your hands flung wide and scream “I am the King of the World!” because cowering down in the holds will only get you drowned.

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In the improbable scifi scenario in which humans discover FTL travel and a habitable planet that does not already have sentient life, there would be tests of those who could become colonists.

The very first people to be excluded would by anyone who can quote more than two lines from a “holy book”.  The next place we go does not need that shit.

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