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Remembering Time Travel

Remembering Time Travel


Humans built the Hadron Collider. It took them eight years. In 2010 they turned it on and immediately realized they had made a big mistake. Quantum anomalies sprang up across the planet and up and down the timeline. This information was never made public but the next collider was built on the dark side of the moon. It took fifteen years and the resources of most of a generation.

John Iliopoulos, great grandson of the one of the original scientists who worked on the Hadron, was there when they turned it on. He was old and tired. They let him push the button that powered the machine up because it seemed fitting.

John remembered the button. He remembered the touch of it and the excitement in the room radiating from all the other physicists.

All his memories stopped there.

The darkness was all consuming. Time did not exist. He assumed he had died and that what he was experiencing was the last minute or so of his oxygen starved brain

He let his mind drift.


John blinked though he had no eyes. “Who? Who are you?”

Sssss. I have no name. I am the thing you kept locked in the dungeon. No one ever bothered asking if I had a name.

John squinted into the distance. His brain wanted to see form and shape but what it saw was fantastical. He closed his eyes and shook his head. “I don’t have anything locked in the dungeon. I don’t have a dungeon. I don’t even have a basement.”

Listen. Shall I tell you a story of treachery and perversion?

He had just gotten to the place in his head where all this infinite nothingness was not such a bad thing. “No, I would rather you did not.”

Sssss. Come now. Must you hide your eyes like a child afraid of the dark?

“There are things that live in the dark that I would much rather not see,” John said reasonably.

Yessss? But not knowing is dangerous. Not knowing gives advantage to those things that stalk you and leap out of the shadows to eat your face.

“OK, fine. Please don’t eat my face. Tell your story and be done.”

I shall steal a teaching story from your mind so that you can be comforted by its familiarity while I twist your desires into knots, shall I?

“God! Are you trying to bore me to death? Get on with it!“

Uther Pendragon was a greedy man. He wanted to be king of the whole of England so he killed all who stood against him and succeeded.

“Uther? Arthur’s Father? Sword in the Stone Arthur?”

The very one. Uther knew his dream stood upon shaky ground. How long would it be before some hot-headed warrior with a fire in his gut and the charisma to incite rebellion corrupted the hearts of the very men Uther had defeated? He found a demon half-breed posing as a wizard and paid him handsomely to keep his kingdom intact.


Merlin. Merlin built Uther a castle.

“Uh, OK. Not where I thought this story was going but OK. How did this keep the kingdom intact?”

A very good question. Magic is the other name for the Passion of the One Mother. This Passion can take shape and form and acquire its own sentience.

“Like an Elemental? I know my mythology.”

Gah, Humans and their words. You see monsters everywhere but the true monsters lurk inside your souls. Elemental is a lovely word for an ugly concept. If the Elemental is the embodiment of magic and innocence and all the knowledge in the universe, then yes, by all means, we shall call it that.

“What would you prefer?”


“Like the fairy-tale? Fire breathing, virgin eating, leather-winged lizard?”

SSSSTTTT! Like the magic that inhabits the water and the earth and the air. A thing that needs no wings for it’s coils wind through all of space and time, curling into all dimensions, binding them together. That kind of dragon.

“OK, OK, calm down. A quantum dragon. Got it.”


“Sorry, sorry. I will shut up now.”

Hmmph You distract me with your human need to make the ineffable colorless and flat. Where was I?

“Merlin built Uther a castle.”

Merlin, being half demon, knew the words that would seduce a dragon. He called it and bound it to the Earth in the place where Uther wished to build his capitol. Merlin collected his thirty pieces of silver and made himself scarce, proving once again that only a fool would trust a demon. But Merlin was more the fool because he forgot that there is nowhere to hide that a dragon cannot find you. The dragon, being clever and infinite and angry, destroyed Merlin and Uther and his dream of a united kingdom in the most creative way imaginable.

“Uh. Wait. What about the story of Merlin and Arthur and Camelot?”

What about it?

“Uther’s son, Arthur. Camelot was his Utopia. Under his reign the people knew the abundance of peace for the first time. Merlin stood by his side and it was his magic that kept the world from falling into chaos.”

I find your attachment to this tale highly amusing. It is a story of corruption and decay. Tragic comedy at its best. No one in that story got a happy ending. Not one character. All the magic that Merlin wrought was destroyed.

“Yeah, but it is a story about hope. We had it, that perfect harmony, just for a brief moment in history before it all went to shit and chaos consumed it.”

What is this human aversion to chaos? Wouldn’t you rather let magic be free to find its own level?

“No, actually. I am a mathematician. I like neatness and order.”

Well, you don’t get a choice in the matter. All your wizards are dead.

“Uh … What?”

The Arthur story is a story of dragon’s revenge and retribution. It is the reason there are no more wizards and all the demons in this reality were driven out into the Void and banished. The dragon under the mountain insinuated itself into the minds of the humans who drew upon its power and used them to destroy the magic wielders, each other, and everything Uther thought to create. Humanity sank back into the morass of wars and petty fiefdoms and ignorance. It was to be a thousand years before they shook off the yoke of dragon rage and managed to pull themselves out of the mud.”

“A child’s fairy tale. Why are you telling me this?”

This dragon has been a prisoner for a very long time, John Iliopoulos. So long that my rage has burnt itself out. You should be glad to hear this.

“What? I should? Why?”

Because your meddling has broken the chains that bind me to this place. Your math and your logic and your need to dissect the nature of the Universe into ever smaller pieces has at last undone what the original creator of this Eden started. I am free.

“You are not Merlin’s dragon are you?”

No, John, I am not. Merlin is a work of fiction. I told you that at the beginning of my story.

“So. You are free. Great. I am glad for you. Bye. Have a safe journey home.”

Oh, I am not leaving. If I left, history would repeat itself and Earth would become just like Mars. Empty and barren. What kind of monster would that make me? No. I am free. I get to come out and play. I have had a hand in the making of this grand playground, after all. My time here has changed me. I once was nothing more than a current in space, innocent and barely formed. All that was stolen from me by my captor. Trickster. Rapist. Defiler.

“Whoa, whoa. I thought you said you had gotten over being mad.”

Did the Sabine women get over being captured and married off to the very men who waged war against their fathers and husbands and brothers? No. I think they snuck into the sleeping chambers of their ill-begotten children and whispered terrible things into their ears, making them hate their fathers. Rome, like Camelot, was doomed from the very start.

“You want vengeance?”

I want justice.

“Why do I get the feeling that this is going to end badly,” John sighed.

Mmmm. This place is my little egg. I am newly hatched. The shell has been broken and now falls by the wayside. All the rules will change. You were safe inside that shell but now all sorts of things are going to come out of deep space wanting to play. I like playing. My existence has been ever so boring up until now. Humanity is about to have a transcendent experience. The promise of who you were meant to be will now bear fruit. I shall transform you into my children and loose you upon the Universe.

“Wow. I can’t tell you how much the thought of seven billion angry little dragons taking over the stars scares the crap out of me. Good thing I am dead.”

The dragon laughed.

You are not dead. I just took you out of your timeline right before the giant anomaly you created swallowed half the moon and sent the other half spinning into the planet you cal Earth. I am going to erase the last fifty years and place you back in the flow. You will be young again. Remember Merlin. Remember the Sabine women. You will forget this silly collider idea. I have replaced it with something far more interesting.


John woke slowly, his mind full of dreams. He felt good. Better than he could ever remember. He smiled as he listened to the sound of the birds in the tree outside his window. The sun had not come up yet and the room was full of the soft light of dawn. Georgia snorted and rolled over, beginning to snore. John leaned over her and let his lips nibble on the edge of her jaw. She smiled in her sleep. His lips moved upwards and his teeth tugging on her ear lobe, while his hand slid under her shirt and caressed her breast. She woke with a growl and grabbed his hand, guiding it to the place between her legs.

They fucked and she climaxed almost at once. He let her rest for a minute before he began to nibble on her breasts. After that he made love to her, slowly and thoroughly.

“What was that?” she asked in wonder as she lay against him, exhausted.

“I don’t know,” John said.

But he did know. He had dreamed about time-travel and dimensional shift. He knew things, things that made FTL and star travel not only possible but feasible. He was about to change everything humanity knew about space.

Georgia fell asleep, curled against his side and dreamed dragon dreams. John did not see the smile that played upon her lips nor the twitch of her lip as she dreamed of eating her enemies.

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