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Guardians at the Portals

Guardians at the Portals

Life is not like a box of choc’lits, as much as we adore that kind of folksy wisdom.

If you want a truer analogy, one could say Life is very much like Harry Potter’s TriWizard Tournament maze. You are on a path with high walls that keep you from seeing the way forward or the way back. The possibility of something nasty jumping out at you around every corner is very real.

So, there are choices to be made.

How do you avoid the traps?

You can refuse to play the game. That is one choice. But you are human. This means you chose to play the game else you would not have walked though the Veil. Or you could stop and refuse to advance any further. Here again, the rules of the game make this an unpleasant choice for there is only two ways out of the maze, death and the big doorway marked “EXIT”. The way is littered with those who stopped and let the life seep out of them until the only thing left was the mummified husks.

Let’s assume you are playing to win. You turn each corner cautiously, your weapons ready in case the next surprise is something that means to eat you. When something jumps out at you, you have choices. Run or Fight. Easy enough. You defeat it and move on or it defeats you and you must find another route through the maze.

Sometimes you come around the corner and there stands a Sphinx. Damn. 

You have three choices, Fight, Flee or solve the Riddle.

I do not recommend fighting a Sphinx. They are magical creatures of a kind that cannot be defeated by even the most powerful wizards.

Going back to the next turn does not appeal since it has taken you so long to get this far and each trap has been progressively harder and more brutal. The maze does not want to be solved and resists you at every turn and eventually there is no going backwards.

OK, we can do this, you think. Just solve the Riddle. But be careful. The Sphinx will eat you and suck you into its alternate reality. But you are clever. How hard can it be, this riddle solving thing?

The Sphinx is an old hand at this game. It wants you to win but it does not want it to be an easy win. It is immortal and bored and ever wishing for a challenge, after all.

It asks the riddle.

It is then that you realize how clever this game is. The riddle is a paradox with no solution. Damn. Double Damn.

That is when you cheat.

Oh, come on. You knew there were cheats. Every game has them.

The Sphinx exists on multiple levels in multiple dimensions. One must merely find an alternate reality and then, standing within this place, you rephrase the the question so that the riddle is solvable.

Der? you might say.

Think about it. In the center of every paradox, at the heart of the reality in which all possibilities exist as truth, simultaneously and in opposition, there is a place perfectly balanced between the thousands and thousands of true answers. Standing in this place you face the Sphinx and deny any version of its truth but that which lives in the Heart of the Oneverse.

The Sphinx will smile and bow, letting you pass. It might even follow you, guarding your back as you finish the game. It is not often that the Sphinx is bested at its own game. It follows you because you are not boring.

Damn. Triple Damn. How the hell do you explain the Sphinx when it follows you home like a stray puppy?

the paradox Riddle

the paradox Riddle


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At times it seems that innocence exist solely for the purpose of rooting out the lesser beings among us.

Sometimes, through accident or misadventure, harm comes to those things who hold nothing but the Oneness of the Universe in their hearts.  Be it animal, insect, or child, these are the beings devoid of the veils that men normally acquire to obfuscate their nature.

How evil does one have to be to intentionally cause harm to those who are without blame?

Perhaps the innocents have intentionally put themselves in harms way so that we might root out the darkness hidden behind the faceless masks, like the sacrificial goat, put out to lure in the predators, that they may be eradicated once and for all.

Would you make their sacrifice be for nothing?

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things that never see the light of day

things that never see the light of day

A whistleblower is like that really annoying relative who gets tired of
listening to you whine about how god has cursed you with weak children
because yours seem to be sick ALL THE TIME, so he gets up and kicks a
hole in the wall, letting a thousand roaches spill out onto the floor
then he rips up the carpet to show you all the black mold underneath.

He was annoying before. Now he is an asshole and you are really mad at him because he ruined your house.

And worse still, now you cannot complain about the conditions in which you live, but are forced to either move or do something about the rotten things behind the walls.

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who can thaw a frozen heart?

who can thaw a frozen heart?


If you have ever wondered about the differences between how men love versus how women love, you need go not further than the pop songs on the radio.

Men right love songs. Women write bitter breakup songs.

If you plotted the emotional quotient on a graph, the bell curves would be opposite and mirrored. The only time men and women coincide is in the middle, as the man begins to loose interest and the woman’s heart, under the heat of his passion, begins to thaw and she decides to risk it all.

Do you wonder that our songs are so bitter?

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Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark

There is no archaeological evidence (like absolutely zero) that Moses and all his Old Testament brethren ever existed. In fact, it is pretty much agreed upon, even by Jewish scholars, that the Old Testament and the Tanakh are fairy tales. Science fiction at its finest. Most of it is, in fact, stolen mythology taken from from the archives of the Egyptian temples (the Pharaohs having spent the better part of 10,000 years gathering all sorts of shit from the four corners of the world) which is why there is a very popular theory that Moses was in fact a disenfranchised Egyptian priest who took the name of Moses (Moshe, the one who draws, as in drawing up the water from the well, a reference to the wisdom of the spiritually pure) and is something akin to the modern day Martin Luther King. The first five books of the bible are then attributed to this political activist.

But what did he write? Was it the history of Judaism? No. The time references do not jibe. The rise of the Jewish tribes in the land Canaan happened long after Moses time. The Jews were never slaves in Egypt. There was no plagues. No Passover. No Exodus.

But… if the stories were a verbal history of humans upon this planet and science is stranger than fiction, one has to take a fresh look at the event in the stories.

The bible then becomes a history of wave after wave of extraterrestrial colonization.

What if the Adam and Eve story was the story of a highly evolved species that teraformed the planet and altered the species that lived there and the snake was the original inhabitant, displaced by the alien invaders. Let’s call this the First Wave of Colonization.

What if Noah and his ark was a story about a starship, a colonist ship, laden with the genetic recipes for all the animals on the planet Earth (like the Titan in Titan A.E.) Let’s call this the Second Wave of Colonization.

What if the Exodus story was actually the story of political refugees seeking a haven after traveling through a wormhole or using FTL flight (the parting of the Red Sea) and the story of spending 40 years in the desert was an analogy for the time spent flying in real time while they hunted for a habitable planet. Let’s call this the Third Wave of Colonization.

Does Genesis 5 and 11 then become the passenger list of a long space flight?

Would those colonists, prey to a weird kind of deep space insanity, not begin to believe they were the Chosen Ones and that the planet they finally find was theirs by right, ripe for the plucking?

What if the Ark of the Covenant was an artifact from the FTL engines, some sort of antimatter power generator or a mini blackhole that could raise up pyramids or destroy the walls of a city or pluck bread from alternate realities.

So are the Jews really the Chosen Ones? Are they the only ones who can trace their lineage to the Third Wave colonists? It is doubtful. I think they needed an origin myth and this one was just lying around, not being used. Plus it gave them a sense remorseless entitlement and a “us against the world” mythology that bound them into a more cohesive group.

Which makes Moses and the Jews almost exactly like L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

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subverting the instinctual

Scratching is not allowed

In the socio-economic universe of humanity, there are the hosts and then there are the feeders.

I cannot imagine anyone thinking that the feeders should be put on the honor system.

It is as crazy as having a conversation with flea infestation in your dog’s fur. “Now fellas,” you say, as you put the cone of shame on the dog’s neck to keep it from scratching, “Now that I have made you safe from being squashed like the bugs you are, I am going to trust you to do the right thing.”

Do you think the fleas are polite? (Oh, I mustn’t be greedy. Watching my weight, you know.)

Do you think they take turns? (After you, my good fellow. No, by all means, after you.)

Do you think they look about and think, Oh dear, this dog’s fur is far too crowded. I think I will just hop off and wait for the next dog?

Do you think the fleas have a moral imperative and a conscience? (My, my,we have nearly drained this dog dry. Let’s stop for a while so that it might recover.)

The need to scratch is hardwired into our brains. The dog, left to its own devices, will bite and scratch and as a last resort, find a good mud hole to roll around in until only a few fleas are left. A few fleas it can live with.

The inherent chaos (i.e. the order inherent in chaos) of healthy systems is that it wants to stay healthy. You have to work very hard to kill a thing that does not want to die.

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deep forest stillness

wolf in the wild

The threat of death does not come easily to the human body nor is your primitive lizard brain intimidated into submission by its proximity.  Humans would have long since gone extinct if that were true. If we were prone to giving up we would have all died in childbirth, our first horrendously overwhelming experience of what it would take to be human and not only survive but thrive long enough to pass our wisdom on to Hive Mind.

So one wonders about the mindset of those who would bully and beat us into submission, when we do not “go quietly” or “follow orders” or “stop resisting”. Their rage is illogical. It would be amusing if it were not so deadly. It is akin to the cat biting its tail because it just won’t stop twitching.

To the last breath we are defiant, not because we are rebels, but because we are survivors.

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