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Twisted Children


is it not the stuff of legend

the twisted, malformed child

allowed to live

through a perhaps misplaced sense of compassion

instead of allowing the midwife to take it away and drown it

grows as twisted in the mind as in the body

hating the thing that gave it birth

because of its own self loathing

but being weak, it cannot kill itself so must kill the source instead


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Outside Looking In

What can I say

that language will not turn flat

crushing my quantum clouds

into its 2D world.

Infinite is a pale word

that cannot describe

what bubbles out of the core of my being

I can taste the universe

it fills my nose

it clings to the back of my throat

what do you seek

you who are

outside looking in

I am inside

there is no outside

all possibilities exist here

that is me, looking over your shoulder

wondering at what you find so fascinating

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