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A back door is a method of bypassing normal authentication, securing non-sanctioned remote access to a computer while trying to remain undetected. In the old movie War Games, Dr. Falken put a back door in his sentient computer, WOPR, using the code name Joshua, the name of his dead son. With it, he could supposedly subvert all the other programming imperatives and get the computer to respond to him as his own creation might thereby averting global thermonuclear war. The premise being that a sentient super computer might have a conscious and a sub-conscious brain function as if the computer hard drive had been partitioned and the sub-conscious part had full access to the conscious but not visa versa.

As a real life scenario that movie was hysterical and silly. As an allegory for the nature of the human brain it is dead on.

The human brain functions not only electrically and chemically but also on a quantum level. We all can sense our surrounding using the quantum harmonics of all reality. Physicists have uncovered the quantum mechanics behind intuition, empathy and even the ability to smell.

What does this mean in the big picture of things?

It means every human alive has a backdoor into his sub-conscious. It is a two way door. You can go out and play but other things can come in and take up residence.

For those who know how to manipulate the quantum universe, this door is the means to control the hive mind. The average human is far too busy for deep introspection and far to frightened of “loosing their mind” if they attempt to journey via the quantum highway. If you are unaware of the doorway, you cannot guard against intruders.

Control the hive mind and you control the unconscious reactions of everyone.

How? We are only 6 degrees apart from every other human on the planet.  As the population of the planet becomes denser and more closely confined, this is more true than ever. Control the local hive and the greater hive soon follows. The mechanics of it is not unlike that of a virus. With no immune system to block it, how soon does the outbreak become epidemic? With no defenses, is not a pandemic inevitable?

There are a whole lot of people with their fingers buried deep in the hive mind. Some of them, a very few, actually mean no harm.

Luckily for us, most of them are light weights.

But what if…

Do we find the movie War Games so entertaining because we have been there, in that moment, when someone tickled the back of our minds and said  “Hello, Joshua. Would you like to play a game?”

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Yoneh Female Vampire Char by dragon blade14

At Samhain we greet the death of the Sun with joyous ceremony and call it Halloween. All Hallows Eve. The night before the Day of the Dead. When the dead walk among the living.

As the veil between the worlds thins and the darkness holds dominion over all Life and we prepare for the ceremonies of Rebirth at the Winter Solstice, it is good to remember that we are human, evolved on a planet that wobbles precariously around its sun and the waning of the light is part and parcel of who we are.


Some things require the seductive kiss of darkness to grow.

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I have seen things you people wouldn’t believe

Who else hears the old stories, the myths and the legends, the bible stories and the explanations of how things became the way they are from the native cultures of North and South America and Africa and thinks they are sanitized versions of a really great scifi potboiler? I am convince that Moses, who purported wrote the first five books of the bible, was a failed scifi writer akin to L. Ron Hubbard.

Take the human origin story. Not nearly so dramatic as Superman’s origin but still, who reads the story of Adam and Eve and not think: Wow, this is actually more like the story of The Secret of NIMH. Adam and Eve were not thrown out of Paradise but were actually escaped lab animals. Far more plausible and much more fun. That, on one level, explains our emotional connection to the dying clones in Blade Runner. Are we not all running around trying to mend our brokenness like Roy Batty on the hunt for his Maker?

What story has been done and re-done more in the scifi genre than Noah’s Ark? Titan AE is a classic. Cut out the cowboy antics in the middle and you have a story of a dying race, (the Flood being an allegory for the self destructive emotions that would lead two space faring species to wage war upon each other,)  landing on a new planet and bringing the remnants of everything, animal and plant, that they will need for a new beginning. What if the planet Earth was like the Hawaiian Islands, a lonely rock in the vast ocean of space being colonized by wave after wave of things drifting in on the space tides? What if not long after Pangaea broke apart, Noah’s ark landed.  It makes Australia’s odd flora and fauna much more understandable if you think that a panoply of invader species took hold on the rest of the continents.

What if every story about gods is actually a story about Earth humans interacting with immortal or near immortal space faring beings who can take advantage of the time differential between space and light speed travel and that of those living in a gravity well? They would be like us in that some of them would be benevolent, some of them not, some of them kind and some of them total dickwads?

Thinking of ourselves as escaped lab rats, much abused and as a result, highly paranoid, we could understand the motivations of the dickwads better than the ones that want to help. Which explains why Christians cling to the god of Abraham when common sense tells us he is a total asshole. Better an abusive asshole we can understand than one who wants to get all up in our shit and make us change because they love us.

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How to Survive a Police State

Rule #4

Become profoundly aware

How do you walk across the killing room floor without getting any of the gore on the hem of your skirts? By being present, in your body, and by being profoundly aware of yourself, the things around you, and the planet under your feet.


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How to Survive a Police State

Rule #3

Live fierce

What does that mean? Does that mean head off into the hills, buy a bunch of guns and hide in a bunker? No. That means figuring out what you love and what you are willing to die to protect. That means being smart. That means staying alert and light on your toes. That means being self reliant.  That means educating yourself about the current situation, staying informed, staying in touch, staying connected.  That means doing things for yourself like establishing a network of people who have your back and visa-versa. That means cleaning up your own messes. That means acting responsibly. That means living without a safety net. That means paying it forward. That means creating your own system of wealth and abundance outside of the loop of popular currency.

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How to Survive in a Police State

Rule #2

Lies are more destructive than bullets.

Joke: How do you know when a member of the (hunter pack, the killer elite, ruling class, overlords) is lying? Answer: Their lips are moving.

The most important lie they tell, the one they invest almost all their energy in, is the lie that keeps every herd mindlessly quiet as they are being led to the killing floor of the slaughter house and it goes something like this: You deserve this.

Calm down, things are just fine, they say, everything is going according to plan, you would not be here if you were not meant to be here, don’t struggle, this is all your fault you know, you make me hurt you, if you would be a good little (inmate, automaton, cog in the wheel, serf, member of the group) I wouldn’t have to do this to you. This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you.  this is for your own good. You deserve this.

With this lie, abusers can make you go fetch the whip, walk calmly into gas chambers, or sit quietly while the pot comes to a boil.  They can make you give them your livelihood, your house, the lives of your children and your grandchildren, your mind and your heart and even force you to smile while you kill yourself slowly, one cut at a time.

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How to Survive in a Police State

Rule #5


If you have followed rules #1-4 but still get picked out of the crowd, there are a few things to remember while they are slapping you around, beating you with batons, or breaking your bones. (sigh. The list is endless. Abuse and torture. There are more names in the English language than any sane species should rightfully be allowed) Screaming loud, hard and full of emotion is really useful and it accomplishes two things.

First, screaming in agony gives the torturers the sexual release they need and want. In the whole S&M roles playing game between master & slave, priest & sinner, guard & inmate, hunter packs & herds, cops & citizens, where pain is an integral part of the interplay between players, it is best to give the abuser what he wants often and early, thereby bringing your sessions to a satisfying conclusion long before permanent damage is inflicted. And they get to go home thinking they have in some way helped you along that path towards … (what? redemption?)

Second, screaming at the top of your lungs oxygenates the blood and gets the endorphins flowing, making it far easier to control the effects of pain and keeping your brain alert to the environment so that you can pick up any hints of change that you need to accommodate.

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