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In the lexicon of iconic images that define a very complex and specific set of emotions and logical argument  Black Rain lies there as the most subtle of thoughts. Taken from the movie of the same name, it refers to the reason given by the Japanese mob boss when asked why he hated the Americans and all they stood for and why he made it his raison d’etre for making revenge against them his life’s work.

In the movie he describes his experience as a child, when, after surviving the bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he watched the cinders of a quarter of a million people fall in the form of black rain. “You made the rain black.”

That is to say, you have committed a sin so heinous that it has put you on the list. The unforgivable list. Not even god can forgive you. That kind of sin.

To call it hatred is a pale comparison. Extreme antipathy? An all consuming aversion? Loathing and disgust?  Hostile enmity?

When I say you have made the rain black, it means I hold a total, complete, irreconcilable loathing for you that splits apart the my connections to the hive mind and cuts off the part that hides you.

Hatred gone cold and hard and black.


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