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We, the people of these United States, are winning. It might not seem that way but listen.

Political spending is at an all time high. In fact, what has been spent on this Presidential election alone is almost obscene. That is just the money from SuperPacs and private individuals trying to influence public opinion and buy your vote. And that is not counting what the individual candidates are pouring into their campaign machines. (I’m looking at you, Mittens.)

You know what they say. A fool and his money is soon parted.

The people who think to derail the American democratic process are furious. They love the numbers. Math says that the more money you put into a thing, the more you influence it. But humans are not mathematical in nature. We are geometric, nay, algorithmic. The money guys are realizing that they have reached the vertical line that defines a bell curve at its limits. (That is to say, in the 1990, you could buy a few newspapers and a half dozen politicians with a cool million dollars, thus buying an election. Now, not even a cool trillion will silence the blogs and news aggregater sights or shift those last few votes to your advantage. It’s 2012. We all get our news from the internet and we all have an opinion and are unafraid to yell it from the mountain tops.) It takes more than money to make us change our minds. Stubborn, pig-headed, blindly loyal, we very seldom alter our core belief systems.

Part of the problem is that those who live far above the unwashed herds of humans, separated from their trials and delights by a mountain of money and a battalion of security personnel, have made a fatal mistake. They assumed that they could take any pig, dress it up in pearls and lipstick, and walk it down the catwalk and we would all buy the illusion.  Sorry, guys. This pig is heinously ugly. Jarringly so. Its like being in a movie and having the main character do something out of sync with the narrative of the story. Your suspension of disbelief shatters and the magic ceases. Those wizards whose job it is to cast a spell of illusion over their client so that we will kiss the pig and take it home to meet Mom can only do so much. There is a magic far greater than lies. It lies in the core goodness of every human. That connection can only be stretched so far before it snaps and the illusion becomes disillusion.

The rich and the powerful are waking up to the fact that their advertising dollar is just so much shiat being flushed down the toilet so it is on to plan B. Disenfranchise vast swaths of voters. Force them to stand in line for nine hours to vote. Throw out mail-in ballots for slight discrepancies in signatures. Pull all sorts of shenanigans like adding programs that discards certain electronic votes. America is pugilistic and divisive but there is one thing we love more than the underdog coming up from behind to win. This is a fair fight. This kind of thing is starting to piss people off. There is a desperation in the vote this year. Everyone is determined to make their vote count. Do you want to see riots in the polling places? Keep it up, Ohio.

The powered elite do themselves no favors. Vast numbers of the sane end of the Republican Party are defecting. Like Governor Chris Cristy of New Jersey who basically told Mitt Romney to go fuck himself on national TV. The walls built by Republicans over the past thirty odd years are rapidly crumbling to dust. If you have any hopes for a future political career, you should be distancing yourself from this pig with the red lips as fast as possible.

The next election will be different. The money thugs are trying to control the internet, thus control free access to information. Hidden behind a veil of copyright law chicanery is an organized effort to disconnect you and I from the hive mind. (Not to worry. This we will never allow. It is vital to the evolution of our species that we connect intimately with all life on the planet. Not everyone understands this on a conscious level, but viscerally, down in the core of our lizard brain, we all know it. Even as we speak, the scouts and forerunners, the genetic sports that have been born, as if by magic, all over the planet, are moving to reinforce the fragile child we call the internet, that we might all connect, sync up, and move in synergy with each other and the cosmos.)


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