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Swarms, that is too say large groups of individuals acting in synergy with each other, fascinate us. Each individual in the swarm moves in a mathematically predictable way ( the math ) yet to watch a flight of birds leap up into the sky, wheel about in a seemingly random way and then light once more, is like watching a liquid ballet. What should be chaotic, instead becomes elegant and serenely surreal. It happens exactly the same, over and over again, no matter the species.

Take birds. From the moment of alarm when the panic of a few individuals explodes through the swarm and triggers the group’s flight, to the seemingly mindless swooping and circling, to the moment when, at least, one individual deems that the threat has passed, that all this flying about is wasting a lot of energy and settles once more, bringing the group with it, the roles of each individual in the group seems random, but is in fact preordained by the synergy of the group.

You are human. What do you care of swarm minds? Are we not all fiercely independent individuals, free to do as we will? Well. Yes and No. Your free will sets your own course and takes you where you please. But many of your decisions are dependent on the proximity and number of individuals around you.

Sometime after World War II when we stopped annihilating ourselves on a massive scale, the population of the planet exploded. Somewhere between then and now, the density of individual humans hit a watershed number. We stepped from a group of gregarious individuals to swarm and did not notice.

We are a swarm in flight. Watch where the human hive mind puts its attention. The alarm of a few sets off the whole human swarm into an adrenaline soaked mind fizz. The focused serenity of just one individual can calm the fizz and help us settle. We consume media events like hungry birds descending on a corn field, gobbling stuff down without thought to the content or the process. We can pick out a single individual from our group and either idolize him or destroy him with our attention, seemingly at random, but with a preordained and mathematical regularity. One is reminded of lemmings headed for a cliff.

How do you control something so massive and seemingly out of control? Actually, it is relatively easy. All it takes is one individual who is self aware, connected to the OnePattern, groks the mathematical language of the swarm mind and is willing to reach out and hold the totality of humanity in its heart.

It is around this being that the swarm will pivot and turn. It is this person that anchors the swarm mind to the OnePattern, no matter how fizzed the communal mind might become. All swarms have an anchor. Think of it as the zero point of the mathematical equation of life.

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Humans are not slime mold although we at times pretend we are and play a very vicious economic game of, not survival of the fittest, but survival of the single spore in one last desperate tactical move to insure against extinction. How that plays out in the current economic system is very easy to see. A very few individuals contain and control all of the abundance. In the primitive thinking of the slime mold mind, which is the mode heavily testosterone poisoned brains seem to function in, everyone puts all their chips in the pot and calls “All In” and only one person walks away with money in their pocket.

This is not a healthy economic system. Nor is it survivable. Intuitively, instinctively we know this. We abhor the obscenely wealthy, not because of jealousy or avarice or covetousness but because we are connected to the human hive mind in which all things are valued in relationship to the health of the whole organism. It is a state of intuitive understanding that is hardwired into every human (and exploited and subverted by the charlatans and the con men). Wealth hoarded by the King Midas-like money barons, locked away in useless objects whose value lays only in the fact that people with money have created a value system for them, is not money that is accessible to the greater whole nor adding to the greater good.

Abundance is a river. It must flow unfettered else it dies a putrid death in the pockets of those who cling to it for unhealthy reasons.

The god of money, the deva of human abundance, does not want to be a bad guy. We just made him that way.

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I find it infinity curious that humans have spent the last ten thousand years building a society where all risk has been erased (truly, the riskiest behavior for the average urban cave dweller is choosing to eat french fries instead of salad at lunch) and Death must come hunting for us in the ICU’s while doctors fight him off with electrodes and syringes, and yet, our play time becomes more and more focused on the playacting of Death. Inventing a Death simulacrum has become high art.  The most successful video games are the ones with the most graphic violence and the highest body count.  There is a whole genre of movies whose only intent is the spilling of gallons of that red goo they use for cinematic blood. The Japanese are masters at vivisecting human shaped props on camera (but then, they live in a society so soul-crushingly rigid, they can perhaps be forgiven their excesses).

So what, you might say. It is not real. No one gets hurt. No one dies. It is good, clean, bloody fun.

Ah, but you are wrong. It is very real. What you see becomes real. The brain is a simple tool. It cannot distinguish between illusion and reality. What you see is added to the vast library of information you use to wend your way through your life. You learn from all experience, real or imagined. What you create on paper or on the screen is just as real as the buildings built by engineers and architects. The more people see what you have created, the more they add their own energy into the warp and weft of your weaving. Do you not wonder at images that make the leap from ordinary to iconic, from the mundane to being integrated into the public consciousness? People do that. The massive pool of the human subconscious mind does that. For the human hive mind, the dividing line between real and imagined is fuzzy, at best.

In the quantum mechanics of the Oneverse, in the physics of wishes, the energy, the particles and vector streams that comprise the fabric of the world move to your wishes and build the things you dream. What you believe comes true. What you imagine is given substance. Your will breathes the spark of life into whatever golem you create and send out into the Oneverse.

If you can believe this then understand my warning: Every death on screen, every tortured scream on paper is a prayer that finds its way to Death’s ears. If you can respect nothing else, respect his power. Ask permission. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. It is his playground and all the balls are his. Whatever else, be prepared to accept the consequences.

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There is a vacuum in modern education. If we have made the left brain into the sole focus of our educational process, then the left frontal cortex is the rock star. Conversely, the right brain has become the retarded second cousin we keep locked up in the attic: throw it a bone once in a while to keep it alive, try to ignore the weird howling noises in the middle of the night, and  pretend with all your might that it does not exist when the neighbors come to visit.

When we do talk about the process of the right brain, it is hard not to fall into the language of the occult and the arcane, for the simple reason that we have ignored our retarded little second cousin for so long, the only language, the only words that exist that can even approximately describe its processes rise from our more primitive and superstitious past.

It is only now, as we begin to understand the mathematics of quantum space and time, that we begin to realize that the seemingly disjointed and ofttimes insane babble coming from the attic was in fact the learned instruction of our Uber Einstein brain, a brain that exists not only in the attic but beyond any physical wall, touching all of space/time. With it, we can turn corners into other dimensions. We can communally share information with all other lifeforms. With just a thought, we can remember all the knowledge that has ever existed and that will ever exist, being limited only by the sophistication of our ever evolving consciousness.

Call this vast extension of the right brain the Uber Library. The first trick to accessing information in this library is not to get overwhelmed by the amount of information that exists there. Do not be fooled by the apparent chaos. All things, even this, have a pattern and a direction, a point and a purpose. The second step is to understand that you already have the tools to navigate here. You just have forgotten how to use them. You were born fully connected to the Uber Library, after all.

Consider how we problem solve with the left brain. Here we find the seat of our perception of Time. A leads to B leads to C, D, E, F, G on down the line until we reach Z. If we were to solve a problem, exclusively using our left brain, we would start at A, form a hypothesis and then investigate that hypothesis, step by step until those steps led us to a conclusion. If we are lucky, that conclusion solves the original problem. Unfortunately, odds are good that the conclusion will have only told you that your original hypothesis is wrong and that you failed to ask the right question at the very beginning of your long and tedious study.

Now, let’s problem solve using our right brain. Here is the seat of our perception of infinite space. Imagine deep space. No atmosphere or gravity wells to hinder motion. Imagine that you stand at point A. All around you, in no particular order, lies a cloud of infinite possibilities, call them B through Z. A is not a problem to be solved. A is the point of existence. A just “is”. To get to point Z, one then merely lets go of all preconceived notions, imagines the existence of Z, thus establishing a link between point A and point Z and simply goes there. Free of constraints, the space between point A and point Z folds to accommodate that wish. Ta da! Problem solved.

The hardest part about the right brain problem solving process is convincing your left brain that the answer is correct. The left brain will still want to investigate all the possibilities of B through Y but the most difficult part of the process has already been done: Knowing the correct answer, one merely reverse engineers the issue to arrive at the right question.

A whole mind, a holistic mind is the perfect balance of left brain and right brain thinking.

Having a holistic mind is part of our acquired skills in the evolutionary arms race of survival. Think of it this way. Our left brain, diamond faceted, linearly logical, and clear sighted,  gives us the ability to perceive change as action or motion along a vector. Unfortunately, there are an infinite number of vectors to choose from. That is where our right brain steps in. It acts as our internal compass by pointing us in the right direction, thereby assuring that all decisions are the correct decisions, and no motion is wasted. As an added bonus it also assures us that every action is in harmony with the OnePattern since it is the OnePattern that allows us to perceive order in chaos.

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