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Embrace the Chaos.  As advice goes, it seems to be counter intuitive. Perhaps we need to explore the ineffable paradox that lies at its core.

On the one hand, this connotes the seemingly foolhardy act of leaping off a cliff into what appears to be an elemental cataract that will surely rip you limb from limb. Embrace your own death, it seems to imply. Do you need to be suicidal or insanely brave to follow this advice? Every gut instinct, every genetically hardwired response, every lesson learned upon the plains of the human landscape where you were pooped out of your mother’s womb ready to run from the lions that had the smell of your birth up their noses tells you that you have to fight, you have to be clever,  you have to be proactive about your own survival. Letting go of all that seems not only silly but down right stupid.


On the other hand, every time you let go (OK, let’s be honest. We don’t willing let go. It usually takes someone standing on the edge of the cliff, beating on our fingers with a blunt object to work our claws out of the lip of the Void), every time we fall into the chaos and learn to cope with the apparently dissonant energies that reach out to rip the fabric of reality from our grasps, every time we fall and survive, every time we walk out of the cataract that tried to eat us,  cheating death and somehow managing to imposing our own order onto our new realities instead of the other way around, when we pause to look back we discover that what we thought as Chaos was really a very well ordered pattern, a pattern that we only can perceive in retrospect and those who played it safe in order to survive, did not survive after all and it was only those who risked everything who won the game.

So, no, embracing the chaos is not an invitation to suicide. It is not for people with a death wish. It is the act of total trust based on the unalterable belief that all that we know and all that we can only guess at and all that exists beyond the limits of even our wildest imaginings is a part of something infinite and well ordered and that that something is in the act of reinventing itself from moment to moment and that if you expect to survive, you have to keep up.  Sorta like dancing on quicksand. You will be fine as long as you don’t stop to rest. Is this not the true definition of life on Planet Earth?

Embrace the Chaos


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