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6 degrees

6 degrees

You are born knowing the truth about yourself but by the time you reach maturity most of that truth has been replaced by the lies that others tell you. My favorite lie the the one that says you are alone.

This is the Truth:

You are born into a network of people who are connected whether it be through family or love or work or shared interests. These are real, visceral connections, measurable on a psychic level through a means that science is only now beginning to understand.

Imagine a long, elastic thread running from your core to the core of everyone who knows you. On the psychic level you would look like a starburst. Some of those threads are strong and bright. Some are tenuously thin. Some have faded to only an after image invisible except if you catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye.

Now imagine all those other people being connected to everyone they know and those people being connected to others in the same way. It is hard for the human brain to imagine the infinite number of souls who are only a thought away along our long elastic thread of connection but the theory that you are only six degrees of separation from every human being on the planet is not far wrong.

We know about this network. It lies in deep in our subconscious, always there, always accessible. It is a comfort and a source of power that sustains us in our time of need. When people tell you that they are praying for you what they actually mean is that they have turned their attention to the long elastic thread that connects you to them and they are putting their attention and their intentions on that link, making it stronger while at the same time they are calling down the energy of the total network, channeling that energy through themselves, and passing it on down the line.

If you believe in your connection then it only takes a thought to open yourself to it and take what it wants to give you. The strongest links, the one that connect you to those who love you the most, these threads hold you in place and sustain you when  you are in deadly peril.

If you can let go of your fear, and trust that this network works as it was designed to work, then you can shift your attention away from the struggle to not die and shift it towards seeking the light that will heal you, body and soul.

When people die, they have to work really, really hard at it. Most of the pain comes from severing the ties that hold you to this place.

That part of what you think you know is true. Dying is very lonely work.

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forgotten stones

forgotten stones


They say there would be no gods if man did not worship them. Where have the deities of the Egyptians and the Greeks and the Romans gone? They are ghosts, forgotten and grown silent in our neglect. This is the nature of sentience in a consensus reality. A thing only has power when we grant it that power by believing in it. The more believers a thing has, the more powerful and autonomous its sentience.

Man has invented, embraced and then discarded more organizing systems in the last ten thousand years than can be counted.

This is the nature of humanity, that he never stagnates. What we believe today is not what we believed yesterday and it will certainly not be what we will think tomorrow.

Some say that if you are unhappy with the current socio-ecomonic-political climate then you should be patient because it is bound to change.

I say your unhappiness is a sign that you have already moved on.

Look around. You are not alone in your unhappiness. No one ever is. We are a social animal with a shared Hive Mind. Someone, somewhere, out of sheer necessity, has invented The Next Thing. One by one, we will discover our new path and change direction. We call this phenomenon the Wave of the Future. It is a tsunami that will wash over all of us, eventually. Change is inevitable.

The temper tantrums of the fading systems become more violent, more bizarre, more laughably, ludicrously insane as their believers stop believing in them. Can you blame them? Even mindless, soulless sentient systems recognize the act of dying. They are living things with no higher self so dying is a terrible and terrifying process. The irony is that their death struggles only drive their believers away faster, thereby speeding their demise.

You know the end is near when the systems begin to rot from the inside out. People like Bradly Manning and Edward Snowden are symptoms of a particular kind of cancer that afflicts organizations that have long since ceased to serve a purpose. How bad can it be when the very people who depend upon a system for their livelihood would much rather take a suicidal leap into the unknown abyss than continue to align themselves with energies so out of sync with reality that they seem to create a vacuum filled dissonance around themselves as a protective barrier.

Soon the Hive Mind will shake itself free of the constraints of the old systems and move on. It has happened thousands of times before and it will happen a thousand more before man is done and gone. Like a snake shedding its old skin, we will scratch the itch until the vacuum between the new us and the old us is broken open and the old us falls away.

Now is not the time to be sleepwalking through life.  The last thing you want is to be caught on the wrong side, clinging to detritus while the rest of the world moves on with Life.

the ruins of history

the ruins of history

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deep forest stillness

wolf in the wild

The threat of death does not come easily to the human body nor is your primitive lizard brain intimidated into submission by its proximity.  Humans would have long since gone extinct if that were true. If we were prone to giving up we would have all died in childbirth, our first horrendously overwhelming experience of what it would take to be human and not only survive but thrive long enough to pass our wisdom on to Hive Mind.

So one wonders about the mindset of those who would bully and beat us into submission, when we do not “go quietly” or “follow orders” or “stop resisting”. Their rage is illogical. It would be amusing if it were not so deadly. It is akin to the cat biting its tail because it just won’t stop twitching.

To the last breath we are defiant, not because we are rebels, but because we are survivors.

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What if an alien came down to earth and wanted you to explain the current divisiveness of the planet. The questions would start out simple enough.

“What are crosses? I see them adorning so many things,” it asks. A long story follows and the alien nods wisely and says, “Ah, an instrument of torture.” Oh, dear, and you were just about to take him into the cathedral and show him the really great antique cross with the tortured Jesus still hanging on it, rendered in all its detailed gore.

You take him to a mosque instead. No icons, so you think you are safe. “Where are the women?” the alien asks. Segregated and hidden under the veils, you answer. “Hidden from what?” the alien asks. From the men around them. “Why?” the alien asks, his confusion complete. Well, it makes that whole denial of the flesh so much easier when there is nothing to tempt you, you reply.

“Denial of the flesh?” it asks. “Is this a form of birth control?”

No, you say, at a loss for words. In order to illustrate your explanation you take the alien to see the monks and zealots, telling the alien about true belief. The alien looks at the extreme denial of the flesh with confusion. “But,” it would say, “the flesh is the extension of Self through which we touch all of the Universe. Denying it makes you effectively deaf, mute and blind.”

You try to explain holiness and saints and martyrdom. “Wouldn’t your civilization be better served if they lived instead of dying?” the alien asks. The alien is obviously not getting it. You take him to see the sufis and the flagellants and the emaciated fasters. The alien shakes its head at the fanatics who torture their flesh to induce paroxysms of mind altering ecstasy. “What are they doing?” the alien asks. They seek enlightenment, you reply. “You know there are drugs,” it says, “that do the same thing in a far gentler way, right?” Oh, well, that is illegal. We lock people into dark airless cages for using them. “Ah, you don’t want anyone numbing down the pain,” the alien nods.

You try to explain prisons. “Really?” the alien says in utter confusion. “And what does this accomplish?” it asks. “Is this not another extreme form of denial of the flesh? Are you trying to convert them to the ways of the Death Cult?” No, no, you say. We just want to teach them to obey the rules. “How is that working for you? Does it make them obey the rules better?” Well, no, you admit. They usually come out of their cages far more angry and uncivilized than when they went in, but they have been punished. The brutality usually strips their humanity away. But the punishment is the thing, you say firmly.

The alien nods wisely. “Death and torture,” it says. “Transformation through pain. It is to be expected of a society ruled by Death Cults. So do you use that to your advantage? Do the strongest and fittest and smartest survive and go on to rule your world?”

Well, no, you admit. You try to explain the permanent taint of criminal records. “So, they become so marginalized by the social system that they end up back in the cages or dying on the street, homeless and alone. Is this another form of birth control?” the alien asks doubtfully. “Isn’t it far easier to not have the babies to begin with? There are ways to control birth cycles. I could help you with that,” the alien suggests gently. Oh, no, you say, we already have that but it is only available to those who can pay for it. Besides, most of the religions think it demonic to deny the randomness of god’s will. “Uh, you know that random chance is another word for chaos, right?” the alien asks, looking at you oddly. “Is not chaos the enemy of a any civilization?”  You stutter on, not wanting to argue. Females, you explain, are kept ignorant. Most are used and treated like cattle, bound with rules and laws and brutality to keep them from using choice as a way of controlling family size.

“Without a strong mother, how can you possibly raise intelligent and strong children?’ the alien asks, a look on its face that tells you it is really afraid of the answer.

Uhhh, you say, searching for an explanation.

“No, no, let me guess,” the alien says, holding up his tentacle to stop you from replying. “I have seen many civilizations controlled by death cults. I know the answer to this one. You are a civilization obsessed with death, dying, and pain induced transformation. You teach through torture. I can only assume your infant mortality rates are quite high and the children that survive pregnancy and infancy in one piece are then forced into a monkish and ascetic lifestyle of deprivation and austerity. Those who survive to adulthood are so transformed by their experiences that they become invested in the system that created them, thinking that this is the only way to make a strong and powerful adult. Let me guess. The young adults confuse ruthlessness with being powerful, thus perpetuating the system.”

It’s called pulling oneself up by your own bootstraps, you say, offended.  The alien looks at you like you have grown your own set of tentacles and they are whipping about uncontrollably. It is quite embarrassed for you. “You know that is physically impossible and denies all the laws of physics, don’t you?” it says.

OK, you concede. Bad choice of words. How about survival of the fittest? Everyone is a shark swimming in a great big ocean of sharks, you say.

“Yes,” the alien says patiently, “but not even sharks cannibalize their mates instead of f*cking them. But be that as it may, you are not solitary hunters swimming in an infinite ocean. You are a social animal who needs the matrix of the social group to survive. How long would an elephant herd last if you culled the elder females over and over again. Would it not effectively lobotomize your ability to survive change? What if you killed off all the elder chimps in a pack? The collective knowledge and wisdom of the group, garnered over generations would be erased and every generation would have to start over from scratch trying to survive in a world full of pitfalls. You are a higher order, thinking,  and intricately complex species. It takes years of teaching to make a successful adult and I am not talking about the knowledge you teach in your so called schools. No species gives birth to a helpless infant and then walks away from it.”

Some of our infants are raised in privilege, you say. “Not every child is an empty and vacuous soldier in the army of the corporate machinery. Really?” the alien says, hope in its voice. “Show me. I would love to see a human unaffected by the culture of pain, torture, and denial of self.”

You take the alien to see the children of the privileged few who have been raised in the proverbial belly of the beast. “I am sorry,” the alien says with a sad shake of its head, “the torture inflicted upon these children is far more subtle and insidious than starvation and neglect. They have been brain washed until the last vestiges of common sense and natural wisdom have been subverted to the system that birthed them. It has left them gutted, empty, and highly addicted to a value system based on ownership of tangible goods, made all the more ironic as the whole system is being continuously degraded by chaos and entropy. Where are the leaders of tomorrow?”

No, no, you say. Statistics say these are the happiest children on the planet. They will be good leaders.

“You know, I think I see the problem here. You have confused the illusion called happiness with tue joy,” the alien said.

Huh, you say. I don’t know what you mean.

“I know,” the aliens says as he puts his space helmet back on, “which is why I am officially posting your planet as quarantined and off limits. I will come back and check  up on you in a century or two but I don’t expect you’ll get too much further up the ladder of civilization than you are now. Maybe in another ten thousand years your ancestors will crawl out of their caves and try again.”

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Rules are made to be broken and laws are made to be randomly enforced so they therefore can be randomly ignored. One can operate outside the rule of law and the bounds of morality with impunity, with only a minor caveat. Don’t get caught. You hear this a lot from the Wall Street tigers, the political lions and the world bankers. Do whatever you can get away with. Why? Because I can.

But there are things out there that you cannot ignore, alter, or lie about. The Proofs of Mathematics. The laws of physics.  The inevitability of karma. The certainty of Death.

If there is one thing that is absolutely true, 100% of the time, it is that all things are connected to all other things. Nothing, absolutely nothing, operates in a vacuum, not even the vacuum itself. Every energy system, every seemingly isolated or self-sustaining organism, exists and functions as part of a greater whole. That you cannot perceive this connection does not mean that it does not exist.

The Ayn Randians, the capitalist purists, the libertarians, the free market advocates all ignore this. They will argue with an idealist’s heart, spouting talking points based on assumptions that are delusional at best and dishonest at their worst. The arguments are replete with buzz words and catch phrases. The Trickle Down theory is one of my all time favorites. An idea laden with all the weight of human emotional baggage but having absolutely no basis in reality.

Humans might be able to run a business, control the world monetary system or run governments if left to their own resources and not subjected to the influence of competitive forces from other humans, (or energy systems, governments, businesses, etc) but the minute competition enters the picture, ugly things happen to humans: greed, pride, pettiness, self-centered egotistical hubris. The seven deadly sins pretty much describe everything that happens around a high-powered conference table.

If everything is connected than how could a handful of men be allowed to single-handedly destroy a planetary economy?

The hive mind allows it because the group think cannot even conceive that an individual WHO IS A PART OF THE HIVE MIND would actually do something as stupidly self destructive as pissing in the drinking water. (It’s like the Jews during WWII, upon being told where all those trains were going and what was happening to the people at the end of the line, refusing to believe it, refusing to pass the word, refusing to organize resistance, the autocratic hierarchy of their own religion going so far as to aid and abet the Germans,  helping to facilitate the genocide of their own people. The hardest thing about saving them was convincing them that they needed saving. They could not believe that another human being could disassociate themselves so far from the common good as to use the ingenuity and creative powers granted them by their gods to industrialize murder on a global scale.)

But individuals can and do become disassociated from the hive mind. They refuse to see the forest for the trees, so to speak. Being blind is very convenient. One can operate, unburdened by conscience or guilt or shame, working under the assumption that no one is being harmed.

So here we are again. History repeating itself. But instead of cattle cars, gas chambers and industrial incinerators, we have governments printing money by the truck load to finance the infinite greed of the few, while convincing the hive mind that a healthy economy can only happen if the few, that top 1%, can operate with impunity and that we might kill the goose who lays the golden eggs if we try to force them into any kind of physical, moral or social responsibility.

How did things get so bad?

Think of it like the human body. Everything works well and efficiently with an almost magical synergy. The heart pumps blood to every part of the body and the brain listens to every nerve message and responds accordingly, while the digestive system supplies the energy and the lymph system is the recycling pump and the liver works like a factory churning out the chemicals that we need, all of it surrounded and protected by the protective armor of the skin and supported by the skeletal system. Oh, sure. things go wrong. The body can get sick. It can get too cold or too hot. But it can handle that. There are systems in place. Contingency plans. Emergency shut down codes that kick in until the system can reset itself.

Except when cancer gets a foothold. All it takes is one cell, thinking it is special, thinking the rules don’t apply to it, refusing to work as a synergistic whole, refusing to see the pattern of its connection to everything else, trying to be immortal, feeling needy and greedy, convinced that there is not enough to go around so ya gotta grab all you can get, taking the resources given to it by the whole commune of cells, taking its fair share, holding on to it, grabbing more, using these resources to build walls and surround itself with moats, creating defenses to keep out the will of the hive mind, the intentions of the whole body, taking more and more, growing larger and larger. The larger it becomes the better it becomes at stealing more of the resources of the hive, sucking the body dry until the whole organism must spend every moment feeding the cancer while starving off the very system that is keeping them all alive.

The hive can do nothing because by its very nature and the definition of communal cooperation, it must offer freely all that it holds to all it contains. To do otherwise would mean death. Gangrene of the soul, perhaps.

The planetary economy is a cancer patient. Emaciated, skin and bones, with an enormous 50 pound tumor sitting in its gut, sucking the system dry and crushing the every organs that are keeping it alive. If you were a doctor, I think the cure would be obvious. It’s either surgery and chemotherapy or we just let the patient die.

It might be fun to let it all collapse and replace it with something more self-sustaining. Hmm, I wonder what it would be like to live in a world without borders or banks or money? If we sit around and do nothing, that is exactly what we will find out.

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Death: Humans need fantasy to *be* human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape.
Susan: With tooth fairies? Hogfathers?
Death: Yes. As practice, you have to start out learning to believe the little lies.
Susan: So we can believe the big ones?
Death: Yes. Justice, mercy, duty. That sort of thing.
Susan: They’re not the same at all.
Death: You think so? Then take the universe and grind it down to the finest powder, and sieve it through the finest sieve, and then show me one atom of justice, one molecule of mercy. And yet, you try to act as if there is some ideal order in the world. As if there is some, some rightness in the universe, by which it may be judged.
Susan: But people have got to believe that, or what’s the point?
Death: You need to believe in things that aren’t true. How else can they become?

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Loki, it is said, mated with the giantess Angrbooa and had three children, the giant wolf Fenrir, the giant snake Jormungandr and a goddess named Hel. It is said that the other gods and goddesses were horrified upon hearing this news, believing that nothing good could come from this mixture of the worst of both bloodlines. It was prophesied that Loki’s children would be the catalysts for the ending of heaven and earth. In a bonehead move that became something of a self-fulfilling prophesy, the gods hunted down Loki’s children and found them hidden in the land of the giants. Loki, it seemed, did not trust his fellow gods to leave his children unmolested. Fenrir was bound, but not without inflicting great bodily harm on the gods who were foolish enough to try. Jormungandr was cast into the deepest part of the oceans where he grew so large, he encircled the earth, biting his own tale. Hel was cast into a parallel universe and given dominion over 9 worlds (mirrors of the 9 world of the gods, perhaps). Hel’s worlds are populated by the people Odin and his brutish ilk had no use for, the dead who died from illness and old age.

It is Loki’s children who initiate Ragnarok, the ending and rebirth of the world. It is Fenrir who kills Odin. Jormungandr lets go of his tail and the world ends but in the timeless perception of gods, this has not yet happened or is a past memory, depending on your point of view.

What of Hel? Well Hel has had a long time to think, there, in the prison constructed by the other gods. Ragnarok has drowned the world and washed away the old gods. The magic that kept her has chained faded and crumbled to dust. Her enemies are all ghosts, a thing that must frustrate, for she surely would have loved to kill them herself, to ease the rage caused by their unjust treatment of her. But one thing is for sure. The magic and the old gods who could have constrained her are long gone. The 9 worlds are hers for the plucking.

This would be frightening if she were anyone else. But she is Hel, half black and half white,  the balanced Yin/Yang, able to hold onto the tail of the dragon of paradox that powers reality. She stands in that knife-thin place halfway between the infinite spiral into the depths of introspective contemplation and the infinite explosion of possibilities, infused with grace, serenity and a ruthless pragmatism that frightens those who are less than honest, less than moral, less than brave.

And she has had a long time to listen to the stories of the dead, from the dead who were wise enough to die of old age, and from those too fragile or too vulnerable to survive in worlds that had forgotten that the heart of any civilization is the sacred communion of mothers and children around the hearth of a home.

Hel is a figure of unhealable tragedy. She is alone. More alone than anything in the Universe. She searches for Fenrir, intent on setting him free, no matter what the consequences, for she feels she owes him at least that.  Jormungandr listens to her night thoughts and writhes in sympathetic agony, shaking the world and spouting his anger in volcanic fury. He would end the world if she spoke the word.

But, she is not ready to end it. She has things to do, things to prove. Injustices need to be adjudicated. Ancient messes need cleaning up. The prayers of a billion dead children need to be answered. Do not discount her resolve. One of her faces is the white light madonna, but the other surely is the black hearted warrior. She carries a sword and its name is Death.

And one more thing. She is intent on solving that ‘alone’ thing. Whether her children are made or born or forged in the fire of her own yearning, she will populate the 9 worlds with gods once more. Once done, she will challenge the authority of Heaven, with Fenrir as her champion and rise to rule from the One Throne. Odin should have left well enough alone.

Julian Assange

And if one were to take this as allegorical teaching tale for current events, one can see Julian Assange as one of Fenrir’s children.  Revenge, after all, is a dish best served cold and blood feuds never die.

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