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I find it infinity curious that humans have spent the last ten thousand years building a society where all risk has been erased (truly, the riskiest behavior for the average urban cave dweller is choosing to eat french fries instead of salad at lunch) and Death must come hunting for us in the ICU’s while doctors fight him off with electrodes and syringes, and yet, our play time becomes more and more focused on the playacting of Death. Inventing a Death simulacrum has become high art.  The most successful video games are the ones with the most graphic violence and the highest body count.  There is a whole genre of movies whose only intent is the spilling of gallons of that red goo they use for cinematic blood. The Japanese are masters at vivisecting human shaped props on camera (but then, they live in a society so soul-crushingly rigid, they can perhaps be forgiven their excesses).

So what, you might say. It is not real. No one gets hurt. No one dies. It is good, clean, bloody fun.

Ah, but you are wrong. It is very real. What you see becomes real. The brain is a simple tool. It cannot distinguish between illusion and reality. What you see is added to the vast library of information you use to wend your way through your life. You learn from all experience, real or imagined. What you create on paper or on the screen is just as real as the buildings built by engineers and architects. The more people see what you have created, the more they add their own energy into the warp and weft of your weaving. Do you not wonder at images that make the leap from ordinary to iconic, from the mundane to being integrated into the public consciousness? People do that. The massive pool of the human subconscious mind does that. For the human hive mind, the dividing line between real and imagined is fuzzy, at best.

In the quantum mechanics of the Oneverse, in the physics of wishes, the energy, the particles and vector streams that comprise the fabric of the world move to your wishes and build the things you dream. What you believe comes true. What you imagine is given substance. Your will breathes the spark of life into whatever golem you create and send out into the Oneverse.

If you can believe this then understand my warning: Every death on screen, every tortured scream on paper is a prayer that finds its way to Death’s ears. If you can respect nothing else, respect his power. Ask permission. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. It is his playground and all the balls are his. Whatever else, be prepared to accept the consequences.

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So, now that you have been accessing the infinite with your right brain (see Quantum Thinking, below) and you learned how to dissolve your boundaries (see The Liquid Fish, below) so that information flows more freely through you, you might have a few questions.

Hey, you might say, I went swimming in the craziness of my right brain, and now I have all this new information, and it feels like memories, and the memories feel like personal experiences, but I am having a hard time keeping it all separate from my physical body’s personal memories. Worse still,  all that right brain stuff is bleeding into my dreams, giving me dreams that seem as powerful as real life memories. To top it all off, I get these flashes from my right brain while I am awake. I am going crazy trying to keep track of what is what. How do you keep the memories separate?

The simple answer is: Why would you want to?

Let me give you an analogy:

There is this scifi novel in which one of the side characters is a shape-shifting  lump of quartz comprised of sentient crystals. It has this awful problem, though. It is not complete. Somewhere in its distant past, it had been shattered, and parts of itself had been stolen and scattered to the four winds. In their travels throughout the book, whenever the protagonists find a pile of crystals of a similar nature, they toss the rock into the pile, wait a few minutes and then pick it up again. The rock would be different; heavier, or lighter or more pristine, depending on what it managed to scrounge from the new crystals. The rock, you see, was always remaking itself. It was making a conscious effort to evolve into the thing it knew it once was and would be again. Being sentient, it recognized the lost pieces of itself and simply took them back.

You must be like that sentient crystal when you explore the infinite chaos with your right brain. In your exploration of the UberLibrary, every rock you discover, every stone you touch will be a a piece of ineffable perfection, but you will only keep those that vibrate to your own personal harmonics. Every trip into the vast sea will change you. Always for the better.

Hey, wait, you might say, I thought you said this safe? Now you’re telling me I will be a different person every time I come back from playing with the Universe?

Yup. Every time.

Oh, come on. What did you think would be the consequences of making and un-making the “I”? You would have to be an awfully shallow person not to be affected by it.

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