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Quantum Thinking: Surviving the Immersion

There you stand, at the edge of yourself, ready to leap out into the infinite space of the Uber Library, using your right brain, when up pops an inner voice. “Hey, wait a minute,” it says, “what if I get lost? What if I step beyond the boundaries of myself and I can’t come back? What if my identity becomes lost out there in all that information? What if I die?

Rest assured, your sense of yourself is far stronger than you think. Just because it has not been tested does not mean it is vulnerable. Trust me. You could not have survived gestation in your mamma’s womb without a solid sense of “I”.

Here is a quick refresher course in identity resolution: Our “I” is like a liquid fish. In a sea of liquid, the liquid fish is only the idea of a fish, since there are no boundaries between the fish and the fluid. It is still a fish with a sense of “I”, that is, a sense of self, but that self is scattered and disconnected, spread throughout the sea. In the forge of the womb, we develop the next level of consciousness, the “I am”. The liquid fish develops a sense of itself separate from the amorphous sea and leaps free. Not long after birth, we go to the next level, the perception of the “I” and the “Not I”, that is to say, there are other “I”s sharing your reality well. Your consciousness continues to evolve and refine itself, forged by your interaction with the world and the beings who populate it, until one day you ask The Question: WTF? What am I doing here and why did I think it was a good idea jumping out of a perfectly nice sea, away from safe arms of the Whole? This is the liquid fish at the apex of its leap, in that moment of weightlessness before gravity takes hold and you must come crashing back into the place from whence you came. It is in this moment, that you have the greatest clarity about who you are. It was for this moment that you made the leap in the first place. As an added bonus, at the culmination of this quest for self discovery comes the moment, just before your liquid fish slides back into its ocean, that you realize that death is just the end of a cycle, a clearing of the slate, in preparation for the next leap.

Ok. Back to Quantum Thinking. How do you explore the infinite? By being fearless. You have to be willing to die. I am not talking about physical death. It is the death of the “I” that we fear the most and it is this fear that we must conquer. You have to be willing to dissolved the “I” of you into the vast sea that is the pool of consciousness I call the UberLibrary. You have to be willing to let the storm of all existence rip the “I” to pieces and spread it thin across the Oneverse. Only then will you realize that the “I” of you is unassailable and that, like a liquid fish in the liquid sea, you can gather the piecies of yourself back together and leap back into the air any time you want.


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