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What is it about humans, that we take something simple like the teachings of a carpenter from Nazareth or an Arab philosopher and build on it until the original simple idea is lost under a super structure of human hubris and control. Even Joseph Smith, for all that he claims to have channeled a very complicated litany of rules from the angels, started a church based on a few simple core beliefs. What exists now for those religions is virtually unrecognizable as having come from those simple beginnings.

Only now, in the rise of the human intimacy given by internet and cloud, do we look back on our dependency on religion and shake our heads in wonder that we were so deluded.

And yet we have so very much further to go.

We have done to law and social order what we did to our religions. A core of simple rules has become a tottering tower of laws that threaten to topple over with the addition of every new law written.

Logic says that this is a cycle. That countries rise and countries fall, brought down by rebellion or coup or monetary collapse caused by the rigid rigor mortis of old age. That we must start over, like a game of Jenga after that last brick was removed and the whole structure fell down. Wipe the slate, rewrite the rules, make a new Constitution.

But in truth, starting over at square one is only a kind of  Groundhog Day pause in the progression of human evolution while we stop to consider the next step that will get us out of the do-loop.

Did we reinvent religion when it no longer served its purpose? No. We abandoned it, dropping the crutch and walking fee. So to will it be with the rigid thing we call the Rule of Law. And we will do it for very much the same reasons.

When you achieve full consciousness and embrace your sentience, do you really need someone else telling you to do the right thing, when the right thing is so patently obvious and ingrained in your core nature that it is insulting that someone thinks they need to tell you what it is?

And would you listen, when it became apparent that everything they told you was so terribly wrong headed that it was reduced to laughable comedy?

Laughter is the final nail in the coffin lid of all useless things, after all. The monsters under the bed, the boogyman in the closet, the humorless, authoritarian god, the ridiculous cops, judges, and politicians;  they all disappear, shattered and shredded when first we laugh at them instead of being angry or outraged. There is a very fine line between tragedy and a full blown farcical comedy.

You know you are free when they can make you laugh.


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This guy is interesting but his ultimate conclusion is flawed. Cut to the last five minutes to get the gist, if you are short on time.

Oh, he is probably right about predicting the future of the green Ikea boxes but his assumptions about the blue Ikea box is short sighted and limited by his Euro-centric life style. Really? Getting on an airplane and going somewhere exotic on vacation is the culmination all human aspiration? Wow. Your Aryan Overlord slip is showing.

No, that is mean. Perhaps all Scandinavians, stuck in a world of perpetual light deprivation for half the year, dream of going somewhere sunny to ease their low-light induced depression. Let’s just assume that his scientific mindset will not allow him to imagine any further than what his logical mind can see and measure and he cannot imagine, with his scientific left frontal cortex, something better.

First of all, the human drive to invent is a means to an end. Look about you and be reassured that what you see in the modern world is not the culmination of human evolution. Technology is not our goal but our tool. All that stuff, all those inventions and patents and gadgets and games and machines are not what we aspire to. They are merely booster rockets that are taking us where we need to go. Think of them as the stalk of the slime mold. A bridge to someplace new.

Perhaps the slime mold analogy is too simple (and a little too ooky). Let’s take an example from science fiction.  After all, it is only in science fiction that we can find the images and ideas of the future our hive mind aspires to.

In the Star Gate television series, the stargates were created by the Ancients, a mysterious group of humanoid creatures who have since morphed into a higher level of energetic existence. Through hard work, self sacrifice and the expenditure of massive amounts of energy and raw materials, a handful of Ancients traveled to millions of planets and installed a stargate on every planet with a viable environment, thus connecting the universe together like strands of pearls. One has to imagine they had to sort through a lot of rocks to find just one pearl, and it took many, many lifetimes to complete the process, and that the endless travel would have seemed excruciatingly tedious after a while, but considering the results, I am sure they thought the effort was worth it.

Why? Because after that, what had been done using the resources of entire solar systems, could be done with a bit of power and one simple step through space/time. Thus, the many benefit from the toil of the few:  Star travel for the masses achieved without trying to do the impossible, IE, having everyone arrive at the goal simultaneously.

So, going back to the analog example of Ikea boxes, the assumption was made that the green boxes are trying to catch up with the blue boxes. This is actually a flawed assumption, as well. The blue boxes have been working diligently to get a green box underneath them to act as a place holder so they can step out of their comfort zone and shift over into the next new place.

What took a massive effort of many generations and much trial and error and the resources of an entire planet (becoming a blue box) now only takes ten years. All the mistakes have already been made, for any green box to see and avoid, and the winner will be the green box who learns from that history. The wasteful technologies have fallen by the wayside, having served their purpose. Our tiny little planet can now support 8 billion people using the same resources once used by half that many.

So, where is the blue Ikea box headed? What are the aspirations of the humans of the next level of evolution. One need only look at what our current toys do for us.

Here are a few examples: We can are one touch away from any human on the planet. For the first time in history, all of human history is available to anyone with an internet connection and a reader. Distance means nothing. We travel to get away from our toys but the toys follow us. We are loosing our penchant for games of war and arenas of conflict through our constant immersion in the virtual realities of on-line video games. (We have reduced to 80 hours of game time a hundred lifetimes of effort. Think of another iconic scifi moment: the computer in Wargames frenetically playing itself to arrive at the inevitable conclusion.) The walls have come down and the borders are dissolving between countries and people. Language is no longer a barrier. (yes, I am waiting for the invention of the babel fish, by the way)

Eventually, the gadgets will get smaller and more efficient. Perhaps, eventually, we will begin to view them as crutches, and they will fall by the wayside, as the booster rocket drops away from the space vessel. Then, true harmony will descend upon the human species, as we embrace our hive mind and become at peace with our new nature.

Because the point of all this effort, is taking us to one inevitable conclusion. We, the planet, the stars, all the Universe and everything we can imagine beyond that, we are all part and parcel of the same system. We are all one. This is our core belief, the engine that drives all invention, and the place we are going, despite every effort to the contrary.

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