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Spirit Mother

Spirit Mother

Every woman knows one.  You get them in a group and get them drunk enough and women will regale you with the horror stories. Stories of past lovers, the ones without skill, the ones that were dismal failures, the ones that make you hate men for their utter uselessness. The worst lovers are the ones who make you hate yourself for being a woman. Those lovers.

Here is a riddle. What do the financial meltdown, coal mining, fracking, Chinese herbal medicine and rape have in common?

There is a story making the rounds on the internet about the mother bear, held in a small cage, tortured endlessly by humans who harvested the bile from her living body, who went mad as she listened to the cries of her cub being surgically prepared for the same procedure. She broke free, killed her cub and then bashed her brains out on the bars of her cage.

True or not, this horrific story is a cautionary tale. It tells us many things about mankind. Like how far humans have sunk. Like how much of their traditions have been lost in time. Like how tradition, meant to keep you safe, can kill the unwary.

There was a time, long, long ago, when man lived intimately upon the land, in a deep abiding relationship with all other living things. This is not an allegory. It is literal truth. Man and Earth were lovers. It was a mutual affair. The Earth was Mother/ Lover/ Wife/ Daughter to mankind’s role as Father/ Lover/Husband/ Son. All living things were mankind’s Brother/Sister.

As Mother, the Earth provided what was necessary. What one needed to survive was there for the picking.

As Lover, she played the Seductress, enticing mankind beyond the limits of himself with choice morsels and sparklies, playing upon our sensual nature.

As Wife, she pointed the way towards the future and the evolution of the species, exploiting our natural curiosity, making us explorers of both the physical and the metaphysical.

Man loved his Mother, lived in harmony with his Brothers, and thrived. Oh, do not mistake me. It was no Bambi movie. Bears and wolves and puma’s ate you if you acted like food but that was only fair, since they were high order predators just like man. It was an even playing field. Mankind took a few Brothers in return, using their bodies to the last scrap. The skins warmed their bodies. The meat fed their children, that they might grow healthy, in mind as well as body. But there was better meat in deer and rabbit and grouse. Brother Bear and Brother Wolf were rarely killed and when He was, it was done with great ritual. One did not murder your kin without deep consideration and much preparation and one valued the gift from the Mother that the Brother’s bodies contained.

Once, long, long ago, the essence of the Power of Brother Bear actually could be consumed. It is the basis of all traditional folk remedies. This is how it worked: Mother loved Bear and Wolf and Man equally. Her love was like the veins of gold found deep under the mountain; ethereal, effervescent and everywhere.

For those who went in search of it, Mother’s love was returned in kind and this granted her Lovers (both man and animal) an unprecedented level of intelligence and power if they lived long enough. You see, animals were not always the dumb beasts you see now. (One of the rules of the Oneverse is that there is a quasi sentience in any large organized group and when animals were the dominant creatures upon the planet, they contained within them a Hive Mind of great power). In those days, if you ate any body with a reverence not unlike communion, the power of the Mother’s love for that creature became yours. (and yes, the Roman Catholics stole this as well as everything else for their religious practices.)

Ten thousand years or more have passed since that time. Now, Man is like a slime mold overrunning its petri dish. Instead of hunting an occasional male of any species, we now take anything, male, female or cub, that falls within our sights. For the sake of a bit of powdered animal essence, extinction threatens everything from turtles, to rhinos, to crocodiles, tiger, and bears.

Sadly, we have forgotten why we consume them. And even if we suddenly remembered and learned to revive the old traditions and the old prayers, it would not work anymore because Mother has moved on. Man has spoiled the game for her.

The Wife, your Bitch Mother, has changed the rules of the game. Her logic runs something like this: You have lost the right to call any animal Brother. She has shifted the Spirit of Bear and Wolf and Puma across the veil. What lingers here, on this side of the veil is a ghost of the former levels of power. She has become a subtler Lover, our Mother. “What?” She says, “Are you children that you need to consume my essence? Gone is that time. The time of knives and blood. It is over. Reach out with your mind. Touch me with a thought and a prayer. It will be enough. Are you not my Lover/Husband? Are you not made in my image? Subtle is the hand of All-God. The only pain and death to be found on this playground will be your own, so do not seek my Love lightly.”

Conscious or unconscious. Believer or apostate. It does not matter. You cannot hide, not even in the highest tower in the center of the largest city. The Mother/Lover is in your mind. She slips her chaos into your thoughts when you are not wary. She owns your dreams.

I will tell you this for free. What bodily fluids taken from that mother bear and her cub will not be medicine but poison. What they seek cannot be taken without permission. You can rip open the bodies of a million bears. You can force your drill bits into the heart of the planet. You can frack until the cows come home. You can shave off the tops of mountains and tumble them into the streams. You can aquire all the money on the planet. You can rape a hundred virgins. You can jerk off to endless porn. It will do you no good. You will never find what you seek and your harvest will be a bitter poison that will block your throat and leave you maddened by the hunger that you cannot assuage.

Rapists, no matter what their crime, are the saddest of creatures ever to walk creation. Their need drives them on and yet they cannot remember the most basic rules of existence. Lovers ask. Lovers come to the holy altar of power with bowed heads and bended knee. Lovers adore their partners, holding them precious. Lovers are an empty vessel waiting to be filled and they wait in exquisite anticipation for the bounty of the Oneverse to flow into their souls.

Lovers say please and thank you because they understand the promise.

The promise is this. Love, the water in the well at the heart of the Oneverse that is deep and cool and pure is infinite. You cannot take too much for the supply is limited only by the amount of love you return in kind.

This is another universal rule that applies to all things. You get what you give.

Mother Lover

Mother Lover

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I have met Death

Held a child in my arms

as he walked through the door

to collect his bounty

he is terrible in his beauty

so I understand

the seduction

that ensnares those

who worship at his feet

but trust me

there is more power in living

and more bravery in facing the Light.

Death, though powerful in his own right

comes only to consume the failed.

the truly powerful

take him as an occasional lover

to remind themselves of the consequences

of risking life

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