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subverting the instinctual

Scratching is not allowed

In the socio-economic universe of humanity, there are the hosts and then there are the feeders.

I cannot imagine anyone thinking that the feeders should be put on the honor system.

It is as crazy as having a conversation with flea infestation in your dog’s fur. “Now fellas,” you say, as you put the cone of shame on the dog’s neck to keep it from scratching, “Now that I have made you safe from being squashed like the bugs you are, I am going to trust you to do the right thing.”

Do you think the fleas are polite? (Oh, I mustn’t be greedy. Watching my weight, you know.)

Do you think they take turns? (After you, my good fellow. No, by all means, after you.)

Do you think they look about and think, Oh dear, this dog’s fur is far too crowded. I think I will just hop off and wait for the next dog?

Do you think the fleas have a moral imperative and a conscience? (My, my,we have nearly drained this dog dry. Let’s stop for a while so that it might recover.)

The need to scratch is hardwired into our brains. The dog, left to its own devices, will bite and scratch and as a last resort, find a good mud hole to roll around in until only a few fleas are left. A few fleas it can live with.

The inherent chaos (i.e. the order inherent in chaos) of healthy systems is that it wants to stay healthy. You have to work very hard to kill a thing that does not want to die.


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