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Swarms, that is too say large groups of individuals acting in synergy with each other, fascinate us. Each individual in the swarm moves in a mathematically predictable way ( the math ) yet to watch a flight of birds leap up into the sky, wheel about in a seemingly random way and then light once more, is like watching a liquid ballet. What should be chaotic, instead becomes elegant and serenely surreal. It happens exactly the same, over and over again, no matter the species.

Take birds. From the moment of alarm when the panic of a few individuals explodes through the swarm and triggers the group’s flight, to the seemingly mindless swooping and circling, to the moment when, at least, one individual deems that the threat has passed, that all this flying about is wasting a lot of energy and settles once more, bringing the group with it, the roles of each individual in the group seems random, but is in fact preordained by the synergy of the group.

You are human. What do you care of swarm minds? Are we not all fiercely independent individuals, free to do as we will? Well. Yes and No. Your free will sets your own course and takes you where you please. But many of your decisions are dependent on the proximity and number of individuals around you.

Sometime after World War II when we stopped annihilating ourselves on a massive scale, the population of the planet exploded. Somewhere between then and now, the density of individual humans hit a watershed number. We stepped from a group of gregarious individuals to swarm and did not notice.

We are a swarm in flight. Watch where the human hive mind puts its attention. The alarm of a few sets off the whole human swarm into an adrenaline soaked mind fizz. The focused serenity of just one individual can calm the fizz and help us settle. We consume media events like hungry birds descending on a corn field, gobbling stuff down without thought to the content or the process. We can pick out a single individual from our group and either idolize him or destroy him with our attention, seemingly at random, but with a preordained and mathematical regularity. One is reminded of lemmings headed for a cliff.

How do you control something so massive and seemingly out of control? Actually, it is relatively easy. All it takes is one individual who is self aware, connected to the OnePattern, groks the mathematical language of the swarm mind and is willing to reach out and hold the totality of humanity in its heart.

It is around this being that the swarm will pivot and turn. It is this person that anchors the swarm mind to the OnePattern, no matter how fizzed the communal mind might become. All swarms have an anchor. Think of it as the zero point of the mathematical equation of life.

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