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“Magic, Magic, do as you will,” Schmendrik, The Last Unicorn

The first mistake made by the novice witch is to expect magic to do what you tell it to do.  Magic, by that I mean the Etheric Potential Energy that lies waiting, expectantly, behind the walls and doors we built to protect ourselves while we were children, is like water. It flows downhill into the low spots, fills them up and then rushes away, back to the sea from which it came and from which it will rise again. You can neither push the river nor shove magic into spaces that do not need filling.

The second most common mistake made by a young witch is not recognizing the magic when it manifests itself in the corporeal world. You may have opened the door, you may have felt the energies rush out but it is sometimes unclear what hole the magic found to fill. A witch must become an acute observer of the minutia around her.

The third mistake made by those who like to play with power is to think they are powerful. Magic is ephemeral. The minute you try to capture it, bottle it, hold it in your hands, consume it to the point of gluttony, fill yourself up with it without letting it flow out, it ceases to be magic and turns to dust. It is good to remember that the first place the magic goes when you open the door is into you, into your empty vessel and it is from that empty vessel that all your good intentions flow.

Intention is everything.

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I have met Death

Held a child in my arms

as he walked through the door

to collect his bounty

he is terrible in his beauty

so I understand

the seduction

that ensnares those

who worship at his feet

but trust me

there is more power in living

and more bravery in facing the Light.

Death, though powerful in his own right

comes only to consume the failed.

the truly powerful

take him as an occasional lover

to remind themselves of the consequences

of risking life

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