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A back door is a method of bypassing normal authentication, securing non-sanctioned remote access to a computer while trying to remain undetected. In the old movie War Games, Dr. Falken put a back door in his sentient computer, WOPR, using the code name Joshua, the name of his dead son. With it, he could supposedly subvert all the other programming imperatives and get the computer to respond to him as his own creation might thereby averting global thermonuclear war. The premise being that a sentient super computer might have a conscious and a sub-conscious brain function as if the computer hard drive had been partitioned and the sub-conscious part had full access to the conscious but not visa versa.

As a real life scenario that movie was hysterical and silly. As an allegory for the nature of the human brain it is dead on.

The human brain functions not only electrically and chemically but also on a quantum level. We all can sense our surrounding using the quantum harmonics of all reality. Physicists have uncovered the quantum mechanics behind intuition, empathy and even the ability to smell.

What does this mean in the big picture of things?

It means every human alive has a backdoor into his sub-conscious. It is a two way door. You can go out and play but other things can come in and take up residence.

For those who know how to manipulate the quantum universe, this door is the means to control the hive mind. The average human is far too busy for deep introspection and far to frightened of “loosing their mind” if they attempt to journey via the quantum highway. If you are unaware of the doorway, you cannot guard against intruders.

Control the hive mind and you control the unconscious reactions of everyone.

How? We are only 6 degrees apart from every other human on the planet.  As the population of the planet becomes denser and more closely confined, this is more true than ever. Control the local hive and the greater hive soon follows. The mechanics of it is not unlike that of a virus. With no immune system to block it, how soon does the outbreak become epidemic? With no defenses, is not a pandemic inevitable?

There are a whole lot of people with their fingers buried deep in the hive mind. Some of them, a very few, actually mean no harm.

Luckily for us, most of them are light weights.

But what if…

Do we find the movie War Games so entertaining because we have been there, in that moment, when someone tickled the back of our minds and said  “Hello, Joshua. Would you like to play a game?”


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There is a concept out there called technological singularity or Singularity for short. (The big ‘S’ is not mine. This concept is raging through the geek networks being hailed as the religion of the new millennium. No. Really. Sigh…) Too much of its flawed attempt at fortune telling is based on Paul R. Ehrlich’s theory that the basic intelligence of the human brain has not changed significantly for millennia. Erlich studies bugs for a living so I can only assume his sweeping statement is based on the studies of other scientists, scientist who are very careful to steer clear of the religious and political hot potato of human mental, physical and social evolution. (Grant money is now almost exclusively the domain of the federal government controlled by a bunch of semi literate politicians whose only goal in life is to get Average Joe America to vote them back into office, which means they have to cater to the lowest common element of the media feeding frenzy.)

Ehrlich is wrong about human intelligence because he assumes intelligence is a function of the amount of gray matter inside the human skull. Anyone who studies brain injury and intelligence knows this to be wrong. Anyone who does any amount of quantum thinking, knows with absolute certainty that this assumption is wrong.

We have reached a Singularity. Not a Technological Singularity with all its dire predictions of humans controlled by their AI machines but a human singularity. Like locusts, proximity and density have triggered the human swarm. The Hive Mind now controls the technology, not the other way around. Our machines have always been a means to an end, after all.

We have set ourselves apart from our animal cousins not by the fact that we make and use tools. It is that our tools are creative, inventive, and evolving more and more rapidly to meet our ever changing needs.  The tools will never control us. We never cling to them long enough for that. It is the human hive mind, leap frogging itself into the future that controls this reality well.

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If we were to abandon the ordinary everyday style of thought that isolates us inside our skulls, if we were to divorce ourselves from our current love affair with the left frontal cortex and all its linear thought,  if we were to flee from the razor sharp corners of the logic of the diamond faceted left brain, escaping down the corpus callosum to find refuge in our right brain, we would find a room with no walls that looks out over the infinite universe. Most people are content to stand, teetering on the brink, unwilling or unable to let go of the surety and the safely of the physical dimension defined by their body’s five senses.

The right brain is not a bad place to be. We have lost our connection to it because society and modern civilization undervalues and even denigrates the wisdom garnered here. It is our right brain that allows us to bend space/time, making intuitive leaps that bypass the linear processes of our left brain. It is here, also, that we are connected emphatically to those around us. The right brain access the communal mind and turns the human species from an amalgam of separate individuals to a hive which operates with its own sentience.

Futurists, the forerunners of civilization, the scouts of the hive that lead us to the next place that we need to be, do not stop on the lip of the abyss. Futurists leap out into the void without a parachute, let down all their barriers, abandon the limits of ego and expand the limits of self to include everything and then go where the universe wants to take them. Then they come back, crawl into their body, share the  knowledge and perception with the left brain and complete the circle, forcing the connection of body and mind into a unified whole in which the infinite universe and all the dimensions therein become an integrated part of their existence.  This is the definition of Quantum Thinking.

All possibilities exist simultaneously inside the mind of a quantum thinker. It is as if your skull is the box and you are Schrödinger’s cat.

It takes a very unique type of personality to become a successful quantum thinker. The mental wards are full of those who fail. Skilled quantum thinkers must have a profoundly unassailable belief in themselves: call this the über ego. The über ego is akin to Archimedes’s theoretical fulcrum. Archimedes, who surely must have been a quantum thinker,  thought that it would be possible to move the world, given the right place to stand. Quantum thinkers believe that given the right point of view, a pattern can be found in all things. Chaos does not frighten them. It is this fearlessness that allows them to leap beyond the limits of self, expand their perception of space/time and let go of everything the status quo defines as sane.

Thus proving once again that all power lies within the heart paradox. Only those who have über ego can afford to leave it behind.

History is full of the stories of civilization’s forerunners. Leonardo Da Vinci, H. G. Wells, Albert Einstein to name a few. Da Vinci was a futurist so far ahead of his time, it took technology 400 years to catch up with him. The hive mind has become a little more immediate of late. Wells only had to wait 20 years to see cars and trains and world war become a reality. Einstein’s gratification was nearly instantaneous, with almost disastrous consequences. The glory days of Da Vinci and Einstein are over. The hive learns as any sentient creature might and what the hive knows is that it stands upon shaky ground and that one misstep can take us to the brink of extinction.

If Da Vinci were born today, he would be writing science fiction. The futurists and the ‘quantum thinkers in training’ can be found in the world of scifi, fantasy and games. They are the ones asking the questions that start with “what if….”. They are the ones imagining future technologies. They are the ones creating worlds and characters to inhabit those worlds, setting events in motion to see how it all works out in the end. It is here that the future of the human species is being decided, as we try one scenario after another, working through all possible problems,  discarding the failures, building on the success stories, testing each step into the future a thousand times before we take it in reality.

The future is here. It is being shaped by the hive mind and the hive mind listens to the quantum thinkers. It is these relatively few individuals who are determining what the future might look like

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So, now that you have been accessing the infinite with your right brain (see Quantum Thinking, below) and you learned how to dissolve your boundaries (see The Liquid Fish, below) so that information flows more freely through you, you might have a few questions.

Hey, you might say, I went swimming in the craziness of my right brain, and now I have all this new information, and it feels like memories, and the memories feel like personal experiences, but I am having a hard time keeping it all separate from my physical body’s personal memories. Worse still,  all that right brain stuff is bleeding into my dreams, giving me dreams that seem as powerful as real life memories. To top it all off, I get these flashes from my right brain while I am awake. I am going crazy trying to keep track of what is what. How do you keep the memories separate?

The simple answer is: Why would you want to?

Let me give you an analogy:

There is this scifi novel in which one of the side characters is a shape-shifting  lump of quartz comprised of sentient crystals. It has this awful problem, though. It is not complete. Somewhere in its distant past, it had been shattered, and parts of itself had been stolen and scattered to the four winds. In their travels throughout the book, whenever the protagonists find a pile of crystals of a similar nature, they toss the rock into the pile, wait a few minutes and then pick it up again. The rock would be different; heavier, or lighter or more pristine, depending on what it managed to scrounge from the new crystals. The rock, you see, was always remaking itself. It was making a conscious effort to evolve into the thing it knew it once was and would be again. Being sentient, it recognized the lost pieces of itself and simply took them back.

You must be like that sentient crystal when you explore the infinite chaos with your right brain. In your exploration of the UberLibrary, every rock you discover, every stone you touch will be a a piece of ineffable perfection, but you will only keep those that vibrate to your own personal harmonics. Every trip into the vast sea will change you. Always for the better.

Hey, wait, you might say, I thought you said this safe? Now you’re telling me I will be a different person every time I come back from playing with the Universe?

Yup. Every time.

Oh, come on. What did you think would be the consequences of making and un-making the “I”? You would have to be an awfully shallow person not to be affected by it.

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Quantum Thinking: Surviving the Immersion

There you stand, at the edge of yourself, ready to leap out into the infinite space of the Uber Library, using your right brain, when up pops an inner voice. “Hey, wait a minute,” it says, “what if I get lost? What if I step beyond the boundaries of myself and I can’t come back? What if my identity becomes lost out there in all that information? What if I die?

Rest assured, your sense of yourself is far stronger than you think. Just because it has not been tested does not mean it is vulnerable. Trust me. You could not have survived gestation in your mamma’s womb without a solid sense of “I”.

Here is a quick refresher course in identity resolution: Our “I” is like a liquid fish. In a sea of liquid, the liquid fish is only the idea of a fish, since there are no boundaries between the fish and the fluid. It is still a fish with a sense of “I”, that is, a sense of self, but that self is scattered and disconnected, spread throughout the sea. In the forge of the womb, we develop the next level of consciousness, the “I am”. The liquid fish develops a sense of itself separate from the amorphous sea and leaps free. Not long after birth, we go to the next level, the perception of the “I” and the “Not I”, that is to say, there are other “I”s sharing your reality well. Your consciousness continues to evolve and refine itself, forged by your interaction with the world and the beings who populate it, until one day you ask The Question: WTF? What am I doing here and why did I think it was a good idea jumping out of a perfectly nice sea, away from safe arms of the Whole? This is the liquid fish at the apex of its leap, in that moment of weightlessness before gravity takes hold and you must come crashing back into the place from whence you came. It is in this moment, that you have the greatest clarity about who you are. It was for this moment that you made the leap in the first place. As an added bonus, at the culmination of this quest for self discovery comes the moment, just before your liquid fish slides back into its ocean, that you realize that death is just the end of a cycle, a clearing of the slate, in preparation for the next leap.

Ok. Back to Quantum Thinking. How do you explore the infinite? By being fearless. You have to be willing to die. I am not talking about physical death. It is the death of the “I” that we fear the most and it is this fear that we must conquer. You have to be willing to dissolved the “I” of you into the vast sea that is the pool of consciousness I call the UberLibrary. You have to be willing to let the storm of all existence rip the “I” to pieces and spread it thin across the Oneverse. Only then will you realize that the “I” of you is unassailable and that, like a liquid fish in the liquid sea, you can gather the piecies of yourself back together and leap back into the air any time you want.

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There is a vacuum in modern education. If we have made the left brain into the sole focus of our educational process, then the left frontal cortex is the rock star. Conversely, the right brain has become the retarded second cousin we keep locked up in the attic: throw it a bone once in a while to keep it alive, try to ignore the weird howling noises in the middle of the night, and  pretend with all your might that it does not exist when the neighbors come to visit.

When we do talk about the process of the right brain, it is hard not to fall into the language of the occult and the arcane, for the simple reason that we have ignored our retarded little second cousin for so long, the only language, the only words that exist that can even approximately describe its processes rise from our more primitive and superstitious past.

It is only now, as we begin to understand the mathematics of quantum space and time, that we begin to realize that the seemingly disjointed and ofttimes insane babble coming from the attic was in fact the learned instruction of our Uber Einstein brain, a brain that exists not only in the attic but beyond any physical wall, touching all of space/time. With it, we can turn corners into other dimensions. We can communally share information with all other lifeforms. With just a thought, we can remember all the knowledge that has ever existed and that will ever exist, being limited only by the sophistication of our ever evolving consciousness.

Call this vast extension of the right brain the Uber Library. The first trick to accessing information in this library is not to get overwhelmed by the amount of information that exists there. Do not be fooled by the apparent chaos. All things, even this, have a pattern and a direction, a point and a purpose. The second step is to understand that you already have the tools to navigate here. You just have forgotten how to use them. You were born fully connected to the Uber Library, after all.

Consider how we problem solve with the left brain. Here we find the seat of our perception of Time. A leads to B leads to C, D, E, F, G on down the line until we reach Z. If we were to solve a problem, exclusively using our left brain, we would start at A, form a hypothesis and then investigate that hypothesis, step by step until those steps led us to a conclusion. If we are lucky, that conclusion solves the original problem. Unfortunately, odds are good that the conclusion will have only told you that your original hypothesis is wrong and that you failed to ask the right question at the very beginning of your long and tedious study.

Now, let’s problem solve using our right brain. Here is the seat of our perception of infinite space. Imagine deep space. No atmosphere or gravity wells to hinder motion. Imagine that you stand at point A. All around you, in no particular order, lies a cloud of infinite possibilities, call them B through Z. A is not a problem to be solved. A is the point of existence. A just “is”. To get to point Z, one then merely lets go of all preconceived notions, imagines the existence of Z, thus establishing a link between point A and point Z and simply goes there. Free of constraints, the space between point A and point Z folds to accommodate that wish. Ta da! Problem solved.

The hardest part about the right brain problem solving process is convincing your left brain that the answer is correct. The left brain will still want to investigate all the possibilities of B through Y but the most difficult part of the process has already been done: Knowing the correct answer, one merely reverse engineers the issue to arrive at the right question.

A whole mind, a holistic mind is the perfect balance of left brain and right brain thinking.

Having a holistic mind is part of our acquired skills in the evolutionary arms race of survival. Think of it this way. Our left brain, diamond faceted, linearly logical, and clear sighted,  gives us the ability to perceive change as action or motion along a vector. Unfortunately, there are an infinite number of vectors to choose from. That is where our right brain steps in. It acts as our internal compass by pointing us in the right direction, thereby assuring that all decisions are the correct decisions, and no motion is wasted. As an added bonus it also assures us that every action is in harmony with the OnePattern since it is the OnePattern that allows us to perceive order in chaos.

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