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deep forest stillness

wolf in the wild

The threat of death does not come easily to the human body nor is your primitive lizard brain intimidated into submission by its proximity.  Humans would have long since gone extinct if that were true. If we were prone to giving up we would have all died in childbirth, our first horrendously overwhelming experience of what it would take to be human and not only survive but thrive long enough to pass our wisdom on to Hive Mind.

So one wonders about the mindset of those who would bully and beat us into submission, when we do not “go quietly” or “follow orders” or “stop resisting”. Their rage is illogical. It would be amusing if it were not so deadly. It is akin to the cat biting its tail because it just won’t stop twitching.

To the last breath we are defiant, not because we are rebels, but because we are survivors.


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