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Another Tibetan has set himself on fire. That makes 11 in 11 months and 16 since 2009.

So what, the rabid atheists say. Another fool seduced by another foolish religion. Thousands of people die everyday in far more horrific ways. Why should we care? (I cannot tell you how sad that makes me, knowing that anyone could become so casually indifferent to death and suffering.)

Of course, the protest in Tibet is not just about religious freedom. It is about the genocide of a people. It is about wiping a unique culture off the face of the planet and out of the minds of men. Oh, but then, those who have been Bible born and raised would not be shocked by this. It is no different than the Israelite armies, led by Moses, then Joshua, then Judah, marching through the Middle East and killing every man, woman and child that dared to be different from them, putting Genghis Khan to shame and making him seem a slacker. Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers is a proud recounting of a ruthless and bloodthirsty mob and all the societies they wiped from the planet forever. (Have I not said before that The Lord of the Flies was just a retelling of the story of Moses in the desert?)

Why should we care about Tibet? If Tibet were an animal it would be the tiger. (Few left in the wild, most in zoos.) There are Tibetans free to dress and act like Tibetans but they do not live in Tibet. What would we lose, if we allowed Tibet die? It might be a good question to ask BEFORE Tibet disappears under China’s bulldozers.

Actually Kurt Vonnegut explained it the best. In Slaughterhouse Five, the Tralfamadorians explain to Billy Pilgrim that they have five sexes but that humans have many more and that it takes all the sexes to make a baby. Humans don’t realize this because most of the sexual energy exists in other dimensions.

Too ironic?

Perhaps a study of the social dynamic of the Sioux horse culture would be better suited. Even the smallest of bands had a chief and a medicine woman and a shaman along with all the warriors and maidens and wives and wise old men. These leaders were not elected, nor were they self appointed. They were leaders because of all the members of the tribe, these were the ones best suited for the role. Nor were they autocratic and dictatorial. The people, having integrated their spirituality into their everyday life, only came to them in times of need. The leaders and holy people were not a drain on their society because they served a very real and valuable purpose. Like Tibet of the old days, the Sioux encouraged their people to regularly leave their rational, logic mind and explore the universe with the right brain.

The brain is like a house. The frontal cortex is the place where we build walls that keep the rest of the world out. There is no blurring of boundaries. The “I” of us is very clear. But the closer you get to the central core of the brain, the closer you get to the “back door” that is open to the pan-dimensional universe, the more you realize you are hanging bare-arsed and naked in the infinite void for all to see. The right brain seems to be the place we use most when we go “traveling”. It is the place where we connect to the rest of our “self” that we left behind when we crossed the veil into human birth.

All the knowledge of the infinite is available to you if you are willing to find that open door and fall out of your mind.

Vonnegut knew this. The Sioux knew this. Most of the ancient peoples knew this.  Tibet was one of those places where that idea was integrated into everyday life. Maybe because they were so far up into the sky, that much further away from the chaos of the fecundity of  life at sea level, that much closer to the stars, where the air is thinner and life is harder and the pattern of the circle of life was etched ever so much more deeply into every act and motion. Up at the top of the world where the air is thinner and gravity does not drag you down as much, they developed a way of life that acknowledged and celebrated the Patterning of the Oneverse. It was reflected in every aspect of the way they lived, right down to the color and pattern of their clothing. Mao knew this. The first thing he did when his men blitzkrieged their way into Tibet was ban the outward trappings of being a native Tibetan. (A devastating blow, as the Sioux will tell you, having had their children taken from them, long hair cut off, dressed in white man’s clothes and taught in white man’s schools, effectively wiping out a culture by erasing a language. Genocide is not just about body count.)

Why is Tibet important? Because mankind needed them to do what they did best, unnoticed yet important, like Vonnegut’s pan-dimensional sex.

Because, just by waking up and walking through their day, they were keeping the Patterning of the Oneverse alive in the universe.

What do they say about freedom? That you have to fight for it everyday otherwise it will be taken from you. Holding back the chaos is very much like that. It nibbles at the edges of your life, eroding it, day by day, minute by minute, until nothing is left. You keep it at bay with the little things you do every day. Wake up, brush your teeth, wash your face, eat, do the dishes, dust and sweep and mop and do the laundry, water the plants, mow the lawn, weed the flower beds, call your mom, read a bedtime story to your children before you kiss them goodnight. You mark you place in the universe with your intentions and your actions and your wishes. The cancer of the unending nothingness that is chaos cannot break this pattern, not easily anyway.

It has been over fifty years since China walked into Tibet and destroyed the Pattern Keepers. The magic was thousands of years in the making. It would take more than a little bit of genocide to wipe it away. But China has been diligent and everyone else has turned a blind eye to the destruction of something irreplaceable. It is only now, half a century later, that we look around and begin to notice that chaos is winning.

Who will beat back the chaos now?

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Robert A. Heinlein had a cat that would go from door to door to door, meowing to be let out but refusing to go out any door that had snow.  His wife said the cat was looking for the door into summer. The comment triggered a fugue in Heinlein’s brain and not long after he wrote one of his best stories. It was pulp fiction at its finest, full of time travel and paradox and post apoclolyptic worlds, where the hero gets the girl, the cat, wealth, fame and revenge. Very male. Very left brained.

In truth, human’s are much like Heinlein’s cat. Half our brain functions outside space/time, able to turn the corner into other dimensions with just a thought. It is how we test all the possibilities of our choices without consequence. It’s our “Get out of Jail Free” card. We do not jump blind. We have never jumped blind. As individuals and as a species, we always look before we make the leap. We are very, very good at the art of projecting ourselves into the future. We are so good at making the right choices, we have turned less than 5000 humans into 7 billion in the blink of the eye, in earth time.

But, you say, look around. We are on a train with a one way ticket with “extinction” written on the back in fine print. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are just gathering ourselves for the leap across the Void to the next place. At long last, everything we need is in place. Earth is a flower billions of years in the blooming. All that work just to produce one crop of seeds humans to establish a foothold in the next place. Think of yourself as the human equivalent of exploding wisteria seed pods. The ill wind blows, hot as an oven, dry as the desert, triggers the release, sending seeds out into the universe.

But we are not a mindless seed, victim to the forces that work to cast us out. We are sentient beings playing house with our own godhood. We know what we are looking for and we know what we want and we will keep opening doors until we find it. It is not summer that we are looking for, but the halcyon days of our existence .

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If we were to abandon the ordinary everyday style of thought that isolates us inside our skulls, if we were to divorce ourselves from our current love affair with the left frontal cortex and all its linear thought,  if we were to flee from the razor sharp corners of the logic of the diamond faceted left brain, escaping down the corpus callosum to find refuge in our right brain, we would find a room with no walls that looks out over the infinite universe. Most people are content to stand, teetering on the brink, unwilling or unable to let go of the surety and the safely of the physical dimension defined by their body’s five senses.

The right brain is not a bad place to be. We have lost our connection to it because society and modern civilization undervalues and even denigrates the wisdom garnered here. It is our right brain that allows us to bend space/time, making intuitive leaps that bypass the linear processes of our left brain. It is here, also, that we are connected emphatically to those around us. The right brain access the communal mind and turns the human species from an amalgam of separate individuals to a hive which operates with its own sentience.

Futurists, the forerunners of civilization, the scouts of the hive that lead us to the next place that we need to be, do not stop on the lip of the abyss. Futurists leap out into the void without a parachute, let down all their barriers, abandon the limits of ego and expand the limits of self to include everything and then go where the universe wants to take them. Then they come back, crawl into their body, share the  knowledge and perception with the left brain and complete the circle, forcing the connection of body and mind into a unified whole in which the infinite universe and all the dimensions therein become an integrated part of their existence.  This is the definition of Quantum Thinking.

All possibilities exist simultaneously inside the mind of a quantum thinker. It is as if your skull is the box and you are Schrödinger’s cat.

It takes a very unique type of personality to become a successful quantum thinker. The mental wards are full of those who fail. Skilled quantum thinkers must have a profoundly unassailable belief in themselves: call this the über ego. The über ego is akin to Archimedes’s theoretical fulcrum. Archimedes, who surely must have been a quantum thinker,  thought that it would be possible to move the world, given the right place to stand. Quantum thinkers believe that given the right point of view, a pattern can be found in all things. Chaos does not frighten them. It is this fearlessness that allows them to leap beyond the limits of self, expand their perception of space/time and let go of everything the status quo defines as sane.

Thus proving once again that all power lies within the heart paradox. Only those who have über ego can afford to leave it behind.

History is full of the stories of civilization’s forerunners. Leonardo Da Vinci, H. G. Wells, Albert Einstein to name a few. Da Vinci was a futurist so far ahead of his time, it took technology 400 years to catch up with him. The hive mind has become a little more immediate of late. Wells only had to wait 20 years to see cars and trains and world war become a reality. Einstein’s gratification was nearly instantaneous, with almost disastrous consequences. The glory days of Da Vinci and Einstein are over. The hive learns as any sentient creature might and what the hive knows is that it stands upon shaky ground and that one misstep can take us to the brink of extinction.

If Da Vinci were born today, he would be writing science fiction. The futurists and the ‘quantum thinkers in training’ can be found in the world of scifi, fantasy and games. They are the ones asking the questions that start with “what if….”. They are the ones imagining future technologies. They are the ones creating worlds and characters to inhabit those worlds, setting events in motion to see how it all works out in the end. It is here that the future of the human species is being decided, as we try one scenario after another, working through all possible problems,  discarding the failures, building on the success stories, testing each step into the future a thousand times before we take it in reality.

The future is here. It is being shaped by the hive mind and the hive mind listens to the quantum thinkers. It is these relatively few individuals who are determining what the future might look like

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In the realm of “what if”, as we reach out beyond the mundane and ordinary of our everyday lives with our ever curious mind, we secretly worry about encountering other life forms and what those encounters might be like.

First contact stories are the meat and potatoes of science fiction writers. The scenarios are endlessly creative and the outcomes range from the comedic to the tragic. The lazy writers make their aliens humanoid and able to speak human language. (sigh. really? never mind that it is infinitely improbably for such a thing to happen but bipedal humanoid is not even the most dominant life form on Earth. Why would we expect to find ourselves out there?) Critics and fans have written entire books on this subject.

The truth is, it is more likely that any alien sentience encountered in the human exploration of space will not only not speak our language, but will likely not even have the ability to create human like sounds.

Scifi has some very creative deux ex machina work-arounds for language barriers. Douglas Adam’s babel fish in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Translator microbes in the TV series Farscape. The Speaking in Tongues from the bible.

All very clever and funny, these ideas, but the truth of the matter lies more down the road of Area 51 and alien dissections videos. I fear that if we met something that was truly alien, we would scream at the top of our lungs while we tried to stomp it into jelly under our boots.

What a relief that our first contact did not go that route.

In the realm of the right brain, in our connection to the Universal mind, we have gone places our bodies could not possibly go. We are not constrained by distance or time or the need to support our fragile human forms outside of the thin veneer of life that clings to our home planet.

We did not think of these encounters as “first contact” because most of the encounters seemed dreamlike, and the beings we met seemed as familiar to us as our family or the neighbors down the street. Why? Because the Universal mind has a built in babel fish effect. The “I” of you meets another “I” in this place without form or time and both of you perceive the other as being “I”-like. There is no visceral revulsion for all things alien, because sentience is a universal quality recognized within the Universal mind. It is our own internal babel fish that translates all that we encounter into a visual and auditory language that our human mind can understand.

The long and short of it is, if you long to travel the stars and meet other races and you are adept at accessing all that lies beyond the thin veil of your right brain, the odds are very high that you have already done so.

It is only as you progress in your exploration of the infinite Universal mind, as you become less attached to your bipedal human form, as you let go of your egocentric prejudices, that the true nature of the beings you meet will bleed across in your mind to mind communications. Only when you can let go of your species instinct to squash bugs will the truly alien beings venture out of the mist to talk to you.

You cannot know the meaning of alien life form until you have walked the Universal mind and had conversations with giant spider like creatures or danced across the backs of alien one horned beasts on a planet so far away the light from its sun has not yet reached your eyes.

The phreaky part will come later on, when, in the midst of an encounter with something profoundly alien, you look down and realize your form is no longer human.

You see, you hold within your subconscious a catalog of all lifeforms on this planet in all its splendid diversity, which on the surface seems to be a useless thing, but in our quest across the heavens, becomes a lexicon of alternate states of consciousness, a sort of Rosetta stone for communicating with the stars. Think of it as being an adjustable antennae. You stretch and contract, twist and morph, until you have the right set of ears with which to hear.

Happy traveling and don’t forget your tea towel……..

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I true dream. It is one of the tools I use to problem solve. Whenever I encounter an illogical, crazy and/or destructive behavior or situation in my studies of the universe, the planet or the human condition my brain goes into a delighted fugue. Yay, Another puzzle! When I discover a puzzle, I do the right brain equivalent of getting out of the car and walking around it to kick the tires and look under the hood. Then I sleep on it. I have amazing dreams.

The problem with trying to understand the human condition is that we are one big ball of convoluted, obfuscated, and just plain wrong headed beliefs that are based on an incomplete understanding of the nature of life, death, and creation and for the most part, very few of us have figured out where we fit in the big picture. In the world of puzzle solving, trying to understand the nature of being human is the equivalent of trying to untie the Gorgon Knot.

Oh, I did not start out with such a lofty goal. Who was I to solve the problems of humanity? I couldn’t even balance my check book. No, I started out small. I wanted what everyone wants when they first begin to understand that something about their life might be irreparable broken. I tried to solve the puzzle of me. I walked into the heart of my chaos and dared the universe and the powers that be to show me what I needed to know. (Do not try this at home, children. It’s akin to sticking your finger in a light socket: a whole lot of information blasts through your brain looking for someplace to call home.) Pandora, upon opening her box, could not have been any more surprised than I. After I managed to control the crazy, I began the almost insurmountable task of translating that information into language.

My life, like every other living thing on this planet and in this reality well, is part of the greater whole and if I am to solve the puzzle of my life, I must solve the greater puzzle. Using the Gorgon Knot analogy: every life is a rope that stretches from the beginning of time to the end of time; the Present, the moment in time that you perceive with your left brain as being Now, is the Knot into which all space/time is compressed; trying to untangle one rope means you must untangle all of them. (Alexander the Great supposedly solved his knotty problem by hacking the knot apart with his sword, a clever cheat if one is not above total annihilation as a means of problem solving. I would hope our mental acumen has become a little more subtle in 2300 years.)

My quest to unravel my relationships with my family had morphed into something bigger and was now somehow directly linked to the inception of life on this planet. Der? Imagine coming out of a meditation with that answer. It made as much sense as the Ultimate Answer in Douglas Adam’s ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’. Oh, great, I thought, phreakin 42. Now, what was the Ultimate Question?

Not long after this, I had my dream about the Cow-eared Boy.

A farmer was giving me a tour of his calf barn. He wanted to show me his newest calves, products of his intensive breeding program to better the species for milk production. But instead of bottle feeding calves, he fed things that were half human, baby cows with arms and hands. The babies wanted to reach out and help hold the bottle but the farmer kept slapping their hands away. The farmer wanted his calves to act like calves, but the calves had become something else, something more, and they were as equally intent on exploring the limits of their new bodies as the farmer was in preventing it.

I questioned his brutal methods. He took me out into the pasture where he kept the mothers and fathers and older calves. Imagine cows with sharp teeth and sharp hooves. The cattle were locked in pitch battles, male against male, mother against father, waging mindless violence against themselves, a life and death struggle that ravaged their numbers and crushed their children to death under its weight.

One could not fault the farmer for wanting to breed out the violence. Neither could one fault his belief that no matter what the breeding, the cows came from wild stock and would always be a brutal and vicious species and that one should not encourage human like skills in the herd.

What was the solution? I could not return the mutated herd to the wild. The farmer had altered them too much. They would never survive, being half human and half cow.

In the dream, I took one of the calves into the farmhouse and gave it a bottle, rocking it in my arms like a real child. It became a human baby…except for those pesky ears. We would to have to do something about those cow ears eventually.

In all the debate about evolution, human evolution in particular, no one bothers to interview the farmers and the breeders who have been practicing the art of selective breeding for ten thousand years. They will tell you that in the space of two generations you can irrevocably alter the nature of any species, including the human species. Humans do not perceive the change in themselves because we have created intricate civilizations to insulated our physical selves from the forces of nature, thus relieving our bodies of the exhausting need to accommodate environmental change. That does not mean we are protected from change. As any anthropologist will tell you, we have changed radically since the dawn of history. What are the forces that alter us? We have always been our own worst enemy. The history of human violence can also be a road map of the subtle shift in human awareness. It is not our bodies that are evolving, after all, it is our brains. We are all reaching for that brass ring called sentience.

The question is, will we be able to make the final leap into full sentience or will our cow ears betray us in the end, taking us down the path of the dodo, the mammoth and every other species who ultimately failed to change enough to survive?

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In the evolutionary arms race, in the violent dynamic of the soup of life here on Planet Earth, in the ever present dance between hunter and hunted, the human body has developed an extraordinary ability to listen. The hyper-awareness of being a predator and the hyper-vigilance of being prey has combined after a billion plus years of evolution into an organism that is first and foremost an antennae. As the human dynamic of predator and prey has become more subtle, the size of our brains has swollen to accommodate the complexities of our society, our civilization, our very lives.

There have been cursory studies in the field of music that are beginning to support the idea of the human antennae. When we are in the presence of live music, the brain not only listens to what is happening with the ear and the auditory cortex, it listens with all the nerve endings, internal and external, and conveys all that information back to the entire brain, thereby giving the listener a sensual, almost sexual enjoyment of mathematically complex sound. Music uses all the brain, even the 90% everyone likes to claim lies dormant, (an antiquated and simplistic result of early brain studies, embraced wholeheartedly by the proponents of lobotomy and electroshock therapy and still embraced by the pharmaceutical companies who produce drugs that deaden and dumb down the constant flow of information our brain gives us at any one moment. Trust me. A billion plus years of evolution does not produce disposable body parts. Even the appendix has a purpose, according to recent studies. Doctors who are quick to rip out organs and cut off pieces of your body have not progressed much beyond the barbers of old who would cut your hair, pull out a tooth or drain your blood to get rid of the bad humors.)

Listening to music is similar to what we do when we listen to the song of the Oneverse only better and more. The right brain is in constant connection with the Universal Mind and when we turn off the busy chatter of the left brain we can hear it. We hear it in our guts. When we open ourselves to it, we feel the energy of it spiraling inward and outward simultaneously through the core of our bodies. All that stimulus travels back to our holistic brain and every synapse in your brain becomes active. Your brain gets lit up like a Christmas tree.

Better than sex. Better than drugs. Bliss distilled down to its purest form.

When we engage our left brain in the process and begin to play with this energy, our left hand, an extension of our holistic right brain, reaches out to touch the invisible, channeling energy in while our left brain interprets the song and sends it on, sending it rushing out our right hand. And if you get really good, you can stay connected no matter what you do. It is like walking around with the song of the Oneverse playing in your head, as if you were the star of your own movie and this was the song that was playing on the soundtrack every time you were on screen.

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Humanism. There are a thousand definitions from a thousand groups who claim to embrace the philosophy, yet the one thing about humanism that is perfectly clear is not what they believe in but what they don’t believe in. They reject the idea of God. What god, I am not sure. Is it the ancient animistic gods? Is it the pantheon of Mount Olympus? Is it the gods defined by the various and sundry bibles? Is it theism? If so, then every twenty something is a temporary humanist, while they reject the religious beliefs of their parents and endeavor to establish a belief system of their own. Is it deism, itself? Do they reject the idea of things more complex than themselves? Do they assume that human’s are the culmination of evolution and that the only thing that need be admired is that which they can perceive with their five senses? Ah, I wish that this lay at the heart of most modern humanists. I fear they have rejected even the evidence of their senses and now rely almost exclusively on those 6 square inches of brain matter we call the left frontal cortex.

Poor little humanists, stuck in their sterile little boxes while the rest of us are out gallivanting across the universes and making mischief around corners into other dimensions.

Humanists profess that they embrace the art of being human but I do not think they know what that word means.

Human: 1. of or consisting of the species to which men and women belong. 2. having the qualities that distinguish mankind, not divine or animal or mechanical.

Definition 1 is troublesomely vague. If we are talking about the genetic make up, the DNA, of the current pool of bipedal humans who walk about on planet Earth, of the physical bodies we animate, then to be human is to be animated meat. What exists now has suffered under the attention of this planet. The species has been on the brink of extinction at least once, perhaps more. The genome that survived is flawed and broken and subject to mutation. We have systematically culled certain DNA pools from our collective group using genocide and war. The body that we call human, now, is not the same as the thing we inhabited 10,000 years ago, nor will it be the same as that which we will be using 10,000 years in the future. Evolutionary forces insist that all things must change to survive. Using that logic, one could say that, per Definition 1, to be human is to be in a state of constant flux. I am human, therefore I inhabit the current breed of human meat. In terms of quantum physics, if one can only study the particle or the motion, but never both simultaneously, the meat is the particle. It’s the dead thing pressed between slides under the glare of the microscope of our attention.

But, humans are more than the physical body, one might argue. The amputee or the paraplegic is not any less human for having less body function. Is it our minds? But, there are functioning humans walking about with only a fraction of the healthy brain mandated by our genome. What of the mentally impaired? Can we exclude them from our human club? What then? Emotions? Laughter? Tool creation? Logic and puzzle solving? Art? We share all of these things with other members of the animal kingdom? What then, defines us as human? Our complex DNA sequence? Plants have us beat by a factor of 3.

Definition 2 defines us by what we are not. Animal, machine or supernatural. But we have blurred the boundaries between us and animals in our study of the human genome. Machines have become extensions of our conscious cognitive brain and have become so integral to our modern existence that one could argue the species would fail without them.

Is it that we are self aware? Oh, oh. Be careful.  If we must define being human by defining awareness, the “I am” of each of us, then you begin to walk dangerously close to the edge of deism, because the act of perceiving the “I am” is the act of understanding your own godhood in the face of a greater and more complex awareness that inhabits the energy system of the greater whole of existence. There is godhood and then there is the greater collective Godhood. The universe is a gloriously subtle thing.

Perhaps the philosophical dissoluteness of our present times can be laid at the feet of our current conundrum, the conundrum of defining what it is to be human. We stand in front of the mirror and strip away all our false masks one by one until we get to the true face of our collective being, but, alas, if we refuse to acknowledge the supernatural, then when the final mask comes down, we of course, will see Nothing.

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